The Second Treaty of Cairo was an agreement between the Ethiopian Empire, Rashidun Caliphate, and Jaffarid Arabia to end the conflict known as the 3rd Arab-Ethiopian War. It was convened in 1742 in the Cairo citidel. 

Terms of the treaty


The First Treaty of Cairo, which established peace between the successor states of the Caliphate Empire, was broken by the coalition of Arabia, Persia, and Morocco by their invasion of Ethiopia in 1739. At that point, the treaty became null and void, leading to the conflict known as the Third Arab-Ethiopian War. With the conflict reaching a critical point, a new peace agreement is settled. As such, all the previous provisions of the Treaty of Cairo are re-initiated. 

Territorial changes

  • Solace comprimise

    Dark Red indicates the annexed territory of the Jaffarids. Green indicates the new orders of the Caliphate.

    The Suez peninsula is ceded to the Jaffarid Sultanate
  • The new border between Ethiopia and Arabia is split down the middle of the Gulf of Suez. 
  • The Rashidun Caliphate is expanded to control the entire metropolitan area of Cairo and surrounding villages. 

Political changes

  • The NAP between the successor states of the Caliphate, including Ethiopia, is extended
  • The Rashidun Caliph is given more direct supervision over Muslims in Egypt
  • Any economic development on the border of Ethiopia and Arabia must require the consent of both nations

Terms proposed by Arabia

Political changes

  • A buffer state to be created in the entire northern region of Ethiopia, as a means to improve relations between the Arab Alliance and Ethiopia, as well as to please the disgruntled Muslim plurality in the region.
    • The region will primarily be ruled by the Rashidun Caliph.
    • Ethiopia: We decline this term, although we are willing to expand the political authority of the Caliph if necessary 

Terms proposed by Persia

Territorial Changes

  • A new Arab state will be set up in the Egypt region (map will be up later)
    • This state will not be a vassal of any state.
    • This state will have normal relationships with all bordering nations
    • The Rashidun Caliphate will not be annexed into this state

Political Changes

  • The Rashidun Caliphate is giving direct control over Muslims in Ethiopia


Participants in the War

  • Ethiopia - Emperor Theodore 2, patriarch of the House of Solomon and David, Emperor of Ethiopia, King of Egypt, the Eternal Lion of Judah -
  • Arabia - Sultan Umar ibn Al-Jaffar, Emir of Basra and Mosul, and Procurator of the Two Holy Mosques -  
  • Caliphate (mod sig) - 
  • Persia (I was in the damn war) - 

Other signatures

Maghreb - Lord Regent Muhammad bin Omar al Fez, Chairman of the Overseas Vizierates, Executive of the Islamic Colonial Company, Protector of the Fulo Empire, Servant of Sultan Amin bin Ayo Zayidi, Leader of the Zayidi Dynasty, Protector of the Mosque of Fez, Grand Vizier of the Overseas Vizierates, Dictator of the Parliament.

Cyprus - Sultan Jalil ibn Sabaah abn al-Aziz, head of the Abbasid Dynasty/Rafeed Mu'sad Sarraf, First Regent in the name of the legitimate Sultan of Cyprus/ Umaar Taysid, Grand Vizier of Cyprus, servant of his Majesty Sultan Jalil on the Regency Council

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