Senate of the Commonwealth of England
15th English Parliament
Type Upper house of the Parliament of England
President Norman Fowler
since 1 September 2016
Leader of the Senate Natalie Evans, Conservative
since 14 July 2016
Leader of the Opposition Angela Smith, Labour
since 27 May 2015
Established 1946
Preceded by House of Commons of Britannia
British House of Lords
Members 144
English Senate 2015 JoW.svg
Political groups
     Labour Party (57)
Other opposition parties
     Liberal Democrats (15)
     Independent (1)
Voting system First-past-the-post
Last election 8 June 2017
Next election On or before 5 May 2022
Meeting place
Senate chamber
Palace of Westminster
City of Westminster

The Senate of the Commonwealth of England is the upper house of the Parliament of England. Like the House of Commons, it meets in the Palace of Westminster. Officially, the full name of the house is: The Right Honourable the Senators of the Commonwealth of England in Parliament assembled.

The 144 Senators represent 12-member constituencies known as regions, of which there are also twelve. For each general election, a third of the Senate is dissolved and is up for election.

The Senate scrutinises bills that have been approved by the House of Commons. It regularly reviews and amends bills from the Commons. It possesses the constitutional power to reject bills, preventing them from becoming law; this power can however be overcome by a supermajority vote in the Commons. In this capacity, the Senate acts as a check on the House of Commons. Bills can be introduced into either the Senate or the House of Commons. Senators may also take on roles as government ministers. The Senate has its own support services, separate from those of the Commons, including the Senate Library.

The State of the Commonwealth address is each year delivered by the President of England in the Senate chamber. The Senate is also responsible for the trial of national officials during impeachment proceedings.

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