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Senatus Populusque Nova Britannia
Republic of Nova Britannia
Timeline: Days After Chaos
OTL equivalent: Historical regions of North England
SPQB Spell Checked.png
(and largest city)
Novum Castrum
Official languages Latin, English
Regional Languages English, Pict, Latin
Ethnic groups  North Romano-British
Demonym Romano-British
Government Elective Republic
 -  First Senator Romulus Everington
 -  Upper house Desensorium
 -  Lower house Plebius
 -   estimate 790,000 

The Senatus Populusque Britannia, also known as simply Britannia, is a nation formed post Chaos in the ancient area of England called Northumbia (North England). Britannia is a Romanesque Republic with a loose collection of landowners called the Desensorium (literally landers) which leads the Senate.



Before the Great Cataclysm, The area of the Senate was once several districts of a nation called England in the United Kingdom. The areas of North West England, was one of nine official regions of England, and consisted of the counties of Cheshire, Cumbria, Greater Manchester, Lancashire and Merseyside. The region was one of the more populous areas of England, though actual statistics are long gone. The other areas under the control of the people consisted of the much less populated area of North East England.


During the onset of the Chaos, the regional elders of the city of Newcastle upon Tyne and the concerned citizens of Lancashire and Cumbria began to collaborate to protect the North from the chaos and destruction that was occurring further south. It was believed that the Southern reaches of England were decimated with riots and bandits. This was proven true in February 1 1849 when the large scale riots from the south spilled into the north. The Articles of Emergency were passed in all the areas of the North and a provisional militia raised to defend citizens. After the initial onset of violence, things fell to a lull. Many citizens were lost and many more dead or dying due to a strange new illness that doctors were unable to cure. Romulus Everington, the then elected mayor of Newcastle upon Tyne, spurred the citizens into following him as a leader for a new nation. After several failed attempts at local leadership, he was eventually met with success and in 1852 was officially elected as First Senator for the newly formed Senatus Populusque Britannia, the name so taken after the most admired Roman Empire. Currently many are unaware of Britannia's namesake as public schooling as fallen out of favour as the elite continue to hold power. Roman culture has begun to fuse with even older traditions forming a very unique culture different from anything found in Britain. There is no known contact with any nations from what many now consider a mythical land, The Americas.

The Wild Pict hordes of the north began assaulting the People of the SPBQ shortly after the founding of the nation. The skirmishes between the wild hordes and the Romano Army eventually led to a lull that lasted just long enough for a large group of impressed soldiers to rebuild parts of Hadrian's Wall and began to man posts. The Outposts, considered the edge of the world by many citizens of the Republic, are often manned by the "chaff" or the scraps of the Republic's soldiers. Nonetheless, the Border guards are among some of the most fierce fighters against the Picts. The Order of the Eagle was established in the North for the soul purpose of turning the undesirable soldiers into soldiers that struck fear into the hearts of the Pict savages. The war has often resulted in numerous stalemates, with the Republic gaining lands while losing others against the bitter rivals.


The official religion is called the Holy Patrimony and is a fused version of Christianity and and older, more Druidic influences.

The Holy Patrimony

The Church of the Holy Patrimony is a church located in the Senatus Populusque Britannia. The Church views Christ as God. The Church holds to the doctrine that Christ was displeased with the world and rendered it back to its primeval form as a form of punishment. The First Senator is also the ceremonial head of the Church, though the real authority goes to the Patriarch Preferati. The doctrines and beliefs of the Church mirror heavily the influences of the Ancient Roman Catholic Church with many dogmas held very close. The Church is a part of every citizens life. The Patrimony also teaches that the Populusque Britannia was raised from the ashes of civilization to guide the world into a new era of enlightenment and understanding. Heretics are not tolerated and are often used in the Games that are held annually in various provincial capitals. The Patrimony treats certain Saints as "demi-gods" and responsisble for certain things on Earth. The Arch-angel Gabriel is believed to be in charge of civilization and warfare and is the most worshiped of the Gods besides the One God, the Christ himself, whom is above all things. 

The Church uses old celtic imagery mixed with Roman symbols of pagan gods in its liturgy. Baptism is a core tenet of becoming a member of the church and involves a full submersion in blood (usually lamb, but rarely other livestock, never human though) and a week long fast in observance of Christ's bloody death and weakness toward the end of his walk on earth. The Holy Patriarch Preferati hold a considerable amount of control over Britannia's daily affairs as the church is seen as second only to God. Every Senator including the Powerful First Senator, must be vetted by the Church before placed in a leadership role.


The SPQB is located in the geographic middle region of the Isle of Britain. it is bordered by the Scottish Realms to the north and the lesser states of the South. The region of the SPQB is a largely stable area weather wise, leading to healthy crops with only the occasional severe weather in the Provinciae Cumbria. The areas that border the Scottish Realms to the north is a more mountainous region where shepherding and herding is more beneficial then farming. The Capital Provinciae is headed by the city of Novum Castrum and experiences fair weather and generally comfortable temperatures that are relatively conducive to farming. 


The economy of the SPQB is largely agrarian centered around sheep herding and farming, but due to the unrest to the south, Has made the SPQB quite wealthy. The Republic has desires to trade to further expand its influence into the surrounding areas.


The Culture of the SPQB is largely centered around the Holy Patrimony, as the church is infused into most daily rites, no marriages or housing are done without the permission of the Church. The culture is so dependent upon the Church that even Senators must be vetted by the Church. Apart from that society is divided into three classes, the Patricians, the Plebians and the Proletariats. The lowest of these are the Proles ( the working class, often slave labour or extremely impoverished members of society). The highest are the Patricians, which include the Senate and the members of the Church of the Holy Patrimony. The middle class, or Plebians are usually farmers and soldiers, basically any individual that is not in the other two classes. However, unlike ancient cultures, it is common for those born in lower rings of society to make it to a higher ring, though it is rare. Most architecture follows closely both the ancient Roman designs and the more prevalent Gothic designs found in several abandoned cathedrals from the old world that are now a part of the Church.

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