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Declaration of Independence

The Battle of Brandywine between American forces led by General George Washington and British forces led by General William Howe took place on September 11, 1777 during the American Revolutionary War. In OTL, although the British forced the Americans to retreat and allowed Howe to capture Philadelphia two weeks later, the American army retained its morale and willingness to fight. Thus, the Americans continued to fight against the British until ultimately winning the independence they had declared in 1776.

However, both Howe and Washington made many mistakes during the Battle of Brandywine. Washington left his right flank open, allowing the British to flank the American defenses. He came very close to being captured, saved from that fate by Howe's cautious nature, which caused him to hesitate for two hours after flanking Washington's army. This timeline will explore what would have happened had Howe committed to his attack immediately, rather than waiting for two hours. September 11, 1777 will demonstrate that one minor edit to history can have significant ramifications over the course of history itself.


Notable Persons of September 11, 1777[]

Notable Conflicts and Battles[]

  • American Revolutionary War (1775-1786)
  • First British-Carolinian War (1798-1801)
  • Napoleonic Wars (1805-1817)

Nations of the September 11, 1777 World[]

North America[]


  • United Kingdom
  • Kingdom of France
  • Spain

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