Alternative History
Althist Iran flag

After Iran got nuked it merged with what was left of Afghanistan and changed its government to a Communist rule


On the 11 of September, terrorist attacks were made on D.C. and a nuke was put off on the United States Capitol building and this shocked the U.S. Leaders who blamed Osama Bin Laden and Afghanistan (Afghan had failed revolutions) but Afghan had done nothing to damage the U.S. but lucky to Afghan. the United Nations and Iran thought so too. The United Nations told the U.S. that Afghan had done nothing wrong and warned the U.S. while Iran said that if the U.S. dared to declare war on Afghan that it would support and go with Afghan no matter what the cost and the U.S. responded by saying "its your death" and launched nukes at both nations leaving only the coasts of both Afghan and Iran habitable. This epidemic led to a breakup of the United Nations and leading to smaller Alliances in all the continents.