Alternative History
Socialist Republic of Serbia
Socijalistička Republika Srbija
Timeline: Central Victory
Preceded by 1933-1943 Succeeded by
Kingdom of Serbia Federal Socialist Republic of Yugoslavia
Flag Seal
Flag Seal
Brotherhood and Unity
(and largest city)
Language Serbian
Ethnic Groups
  others Macedonians
Government Single-party socialist state
Currency Serbian dinar

Role in the First World War[]

Serbia was, in the opinions of many, the main cause of the First World War. A Serbian nationalist went to Austria-Hungary and asassinated the heir to the Austro-Hungarian throne. The Austro-Hungarians sent Serbia an altimatum, Serbia refused and Austria-Hungary requested support from Germany, who agreed, following this war a declaration of war on Serbia by Austria-Hungary.

At first the Serbs performed well against the Austro-Hungarians, but then Austia-Hungary fell under feild command of German officers and they became more coordinated and organized.

The Central Powers had driven the Serbian Army out of Serbia in 1915. With the army in full retreat Serbia declared surrender when they reached Albania were an Ottoman Army waited for them.

Serbia was forced to give up all of her southern territory and it seemed like the hope of creating Yugoslavia was lost cause.

Interwar Years[]

Serbia suffered heavy economic depression in the 1920’s. And under a communist movement aided by the Soviet Union Serbia became a Socialist Republic.

Serbia went to war with Bulgaria in the early 1930’s and won when Bulgaria’s economy nearly collapsed. Another reason was that Germany was nearly entered the conflict, but the Reichstag voted against the war bill.

Now Serbia is backed by the Soviet Union and other Red Power members and has her eyes set on Austria-Hungary for revenge.

Serbia later

Location of Serbia in 1938

Serbia before

Serbia from 1918-1934