Kingdom of Serbia
Kraljevina Srbija
Timeline: From Austria with Love
State Flag of Serbia (1882-1918) Coat of arms of Serbia
Flag Coat of Arms
Kingdom of Serbia (1914)
Location of Serbia
(and largest city)
  others Serbo-Croatian
Government absolute monarchy
  legislature National Assembly
King George I
Prime Minister Ljubomir Davidović
Area 88,361 km²
Population 4,781,446 
Independence from Ottoman Empire
  declared 8 March 1882
  recognized 1892
Currency Danubian Krone

Serbia (officially The Kingdom of Serbia) is a absolute monarchy located on the balkan peninsula,The kingdom of Serbia Borders Bulgaria to the south, the danubian Federation to the north and west. It is a de jure sovereign state but is de facto a client state of The Danubian Federation.


1280px-Austro-Hungarian troops sent across Sarajevo for Serbia2C 1914

Mobilized Danubian troops sent to Serbia over the Sarajevo

After the German and Danubian declaration of war against Russia,Serbia as a slavic nation immidietly declared war on the Danubian Federation.The first battle of the Serbian campaign was the battle of Cer,in which elements of the Serbian First division encountered Danubian ouposts,which had been established earlier on.The situation eventuelly escalated into a fight for controll of several towns including the Serbian city of Sabec.On the 20 August,the morale of the Serbian forces collapses and several thousands were killed and captured.On the 27 August the Danubians entered the city which marked the end of the battle.

After the disasterous loss of the city of Srem following the Srem offensive,the Serbian first army was in general rereat.After several decisvie defeats against the Danubians,The capital of Belgrade finally fell to the Danubian forces on the 24 august,1915.The fall of Belgrade marked the end of the Serbian campaign and on the 3 september,the armistice of Cer was signed.

Post war situation and rebuilding

In the first three years after the Great war,the situation for ordinary Serbian citizens remained dire.Citizens felt the effects of the food shortage,with most of the food produced by farmers being sent to the Danubian Federation as war reparations.The food shortage was finnaly solved in 1923,when the war reparations was paid off,the ecconomic crisis was still felt all over would be untill 1926 untill the economy showed its first signs of growth.

Political Situation


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