Alternative History

This is the timeline for Shattered Steel.


  • Germany and Italy do N O T declare war on the United States after Pearl Harbor. This sours relations within the Axis.


  • MacArthur holds out until June 6 on the Philippines. He vows to return. He meets up with Eisenhower to discuss a landing on Leyte Gulf. With the full power of the United States behind this war on Japan, Operation Magellan is approved.


  • The Philippines are liberated by Christmas Eve.


  • The USA land on Mainland China to help the KMT. Mao and the CCP go into hiding and begin guerrilla warfare.
  • The United States face off with the deadly Kwangtung Army at Shanghai.
  • Stalin accepts a ceasefire from Hitler which is basically as Carthaginian as Brest Litovsk. Germany annexes massive swaths of Ukraine, Byelorussia and the Baltic states.
  • Britain continues bombing of Germany.
  • Germany resumes total submarine warfare against Britain with the new Elektroboote submarines.


  • Operation downfall begins. American casualties are 10,000 within a month.
  • Kim Il Sung is killed by U.S Soldiers after leading a communist uprising.
  • Mao Zedong eludes KMT/U.S forces after a dawn raid on his hideout.
  • Britain surrenders unconditionally to Nazi Germany after the starvation level reaches critical. Ireland joins the Axis.


  • The USA completes an Atomic bomb in January 9. The bomb in used on January 13 against Osaka. It takes three more bombs to finally bring the Japanese to surrender.
  • The United States takes up administrative duties in India to prevent civil war. Truman begins co-operation with Gandhi and Nehru, whom he promises that America will be merciful in contrast to Britain and that the occupation is temporary. George Marshall takes command of the US forces there.


  • Secretary of state Hull oversees talks that ensure the prevention of Pakistan's secession from India.
  • The OSS stops an assassination attempt by a Hindu fanatic on Gandhi who was meeting a US committee to discuss a parliament in India.
  • Chinese terrorists led by Mao Zedong massacre 200 people in Shanghai.
  • There is a massive intelligence failure when Sri Lankan terrorists plant a bomb in Patton's car. This incident leads to a senatorial committee on intelligence. Among its recommendations are the replacement of the OSS with a new intelligence and counter terrorism agency.


  • Douglas MacArthur wins the election against Harry S Truman.
  • Omar Bradley wins a congressional seat in Missouri.
  • The CIA is set up to replace the wartime OSS, but unlike OTL, it is more of a counter terrorism branch. Richard Nixon is appointed as director.
  • John Maynard Keynes (in exile in Canada) proposes the Keynes Plan to help the South East Asian economies recover.


  • The CIA catch Mao Zedong. There is some debate between Peking and Washington on what to do with him. President MacArthur approves a bill kick-starting the space programme. But terrorists in China would be a thorn in America's side to the present day.
  • Left-wing terrorists in China would be a thorn in Peking's side for decades to come.
  • The Allies ends their occupation of eastern Europe.
  • The Indian Parliament is set up. With the first elections, the first withdrawal of US forces begins.
  • The Nazis send the first satellite into space.


  • The United Nations is set up. Their security council is as follows:
  • United States of America
  • United Mexican States
  • Republic of India
  • Republic of China
  • Republic of Korea
  • Federative Republic of Brazil
  • Second tier members:
  • Republic of Colombia
  • Republic of Canada
  • Kingdom of Siam
  • Federation of Indochina and Laos
  • Kingdom of Cambodia
  • Central American Union (Nicaragua, Honduras, El Salvador, Guatemala, Panama)
  • Republic of Haiti
  • Dominican Republic
  • Third tier members:
  • Republic of New Zealand
  • Republic of Australia
  • Indonesia
  • Singapore
  • New Guinea
  • Papua New Guinea
  • Myanmar
  • Republic of Venezuela
  • Ecuador
  • Iceland
  • Guyana
  • Suriname
  • East Guyana
  • Liberia

Members awaiting admission:

  • Empire of Japan
  • Republic of Afghanistan
  • Persian Empire
  • Kingdom of Nepal
  • Bhutan


  • While Washington and Peking are debating on his fate, Mao uses the disunity to escape. But he is caught and killed. In response, the CCP detonates several bombs in Peking.


  • MacArthur wins a second term against Adlai Stevenson by a landslide.
  • America sends Goddard into space.


  • Peron considers joining the Anti-Comintern Pact. The CIA sends a black ops team to assassinate him.




  • JPK, Hero of the Pacific War wins against Thomas Dewey in the elections.


  • JPK wins a second term.
  • Using "Plan Delta" US forces invade and occupy Batista-held Cuba to avoid it from being used as a launch pad for



  • Russia comes a dismal last in the space race with Sputnik.


  • Mexico tests its first Atomic bomb.
  • Plans for the Von Braun stations are finalised. This causes panic in the CIA and Nixon is seen to lose a lot of sleep over this.


  • On March 6 The unthinkable happens: Maoist terrorists plant a bomb on JPK's motorcade at Los Angeles, killing the president along with countless civilians. Lyndon B Johnson is sworn in (he was not there as he was recovering from a heart attack).
  • In his inaugural address LBJ condemns the "cowards who murder innocent civilians for nothing more than petty revenge and I call upon all decent people to help us find and bring to justice the surviving terrorists who are at large." The CIA director Richard Nixon resigns in light of this failure.
  • Congress passes the Counter terrorism act in response to the assassination of JPK. This streamlines the intelligence agencies and makes them more efficient. The powers of the CIA and FBI directors are also limited as Nixon became an equivalent of J Edgar Hoover. The directors are also limited to two terms in office, with the Senate deciding on renewal.
  • The surviving plotters are found in an FBI raid. They are linked with a group called Fifth Revolution, which is a mixture of Maoist and Juche and believe in World revolution.


  • LBJ wins the election against Barry Goldwater.
  • CIA raids on Fifth Revolution hideouts in India smash the terrorist network. Fifth revolution fractures into factions, namely the Khmer Rouge in Cambodia, the Naxalites in India and Nepal, the Vietcong in Vietnam and the Sixth Revolution and some go into hiding.
  • NKVD agents in the Nazi programme sabotage a rocket carrying vital components for the station.


  • The von Braun Station is 50% complete.
  • Canada moves closer to the USA.


  • Barry Goldwater wins the election against RFK.


  • Goldwater passes a bill restoring the Gold standard to the US economy and Douglas MacArthur is put on the $50 dollar bill.
  • Evidence of the Holocaust is leaked to Goldwater on February 28 in a series of CIA dispatches. He incorporates them into his State of the Union, after which February 28 is remembered as Holocaust Memorial Day.


  • Terrorists in the Viet Cong detonate several car bombs in Saigon during the Tet celebrations.


  • Goldwater wins against George McGovern in a landslide.
  • Cambodian terrorists called the Khmer Rouge assassinate the Crown Prince.


  • Public opinion turns against the Khmer Rouge after they attempt a hijacking of a civilian airline.
  • South East Asia begins to undergo the highest growth rate in decades.


  • The last Khmer Rouge hideout is routed and Saloth Sar (Nom de Guerre "Pol Pot" or "Brother Number One") is caught and stands trial for murder and terrorism among other offenses.
  • A major security failure in Nazi Germany takes place when a bomb is shipped onto the VBS causing it to explode.
  • Latin America undergoes a major economic boom, with Chile receiving the largest surplus in its history.


  • Ronald Reagan wins the election against Jimmy Carter of Georgia. He suggests an ABM shield that would protect America and Asia from attack. This gets support from China, Korea and Japan.


  • Soviet Russia collapses after economic troubles. Reagan warns Führer Ulbricht that Germany will be nuked if they attempt to attack Russia.
  • Germany finds a way to circumnavigate the US warnings by encouraging Russian people to demand 'the protection of the Reich' using this pretext, Germany annexes parts of the Caucasus and Byelorussia. The new states of Armenia and Kurdistan are created by Nazi Germany, which are puppets in all but name.




  • Reagan is re-elected in a landslide



  • The Third Reich collapses and the USA is supreme in the world.
  • The Canadian Parliament votes to allow US dollars to be used in Canadian shops.


  • Michael Dukakis wins the election against his rival Dick Cheney.


  • George H W Bush wins the election against Michael Dukakis.


  • Canada votes to switch to the US Dollar.


  • Quebec votes to leave the Canadian Union, citing mounting American Influence as its reason to secede.


  • George Bush defeats Al Gore of Tennessee.


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