This timeline has a rather modern POD; Democrat Vincent Sheheen wins the Governorship of South Carolina during the 2010 Gubernatorial Election narrowly winning against Nikki Haley, the Republican candidate (in OTL the vote was 51% for Haley to 47% for Sheheen). This has an impact on the 2010s due to the influence Nikki Haley has had in politics and the world stage along with her role as governor. With Vincent in charge Nikki's career is altered along with his; in this timeline we speculate on what impact this single change has on the world we know; will Nikki run again in 2014? Will Nikki have her time to shine in this timeline? Will South Carolina vote Democrat again in 2014? For all this we'll have to examine details deeply, and look back- and forward asking; what if....

Vincent becomes the first Governor of South Carolina to be of Lebanese decent, much like Haley in our timeline was the first of Indian decent. Vincent's 2010 Campaign focused on Education and his governorship would revolve around that field along with other matters discussed in his book; "The Right Way: Getting the Palmetto State on the Right Track".

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