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The Welsh rebellion under Owain Glyndwr has been raging for the past three years. Allied with Edmund Mortimer, a prominent English noble with a strong claim to the throne of England and Henry "Hotspur" Percy," heir to the Earldom of Northumberland.

The Point of Divergence occurred on the 21st of July, 1403. Henry Percy leads ten thousand men to attack the English army at Shrewsbury, led by the heir to the English throne, Prince Henry. After hours of vicious fighting, the rebels are victorious and Prince Henry is killed in battle.

Driven half-mad at the death of his eldest son, King Henry IV of England surrenders to the rebel's demands and gives up Wales and some areas of West England to Glyndwr and his allies. The rebels accept their demands and Glyndwr is officially crowned as Prince Owain IV of the Principality of Cymru. Edmund Mortimer is made Lord of the newly acquired county of Shropshire (re-named Amwythig), while Henry Percy claims Cheshire as his own.

Effects on the Modern World

  • The British Empire never comes into being. Harsh wars rage between England, Scotland and Cymru for decades and, too busy fighting amongst themselves, none of these three ever becomes a major superpower.
  • As a result of this, the United States of America finds itself under Spanish rather than British rule. America's history sees little major change as a result of this, with the exception that (a) the States did not receive independence until twenty four years later and (b) the vast majority of the population are of Hispanic race and Spanish is the de facto language.
  • The Hundred Years War fizzled out earlier than it would have done as Henry V never invaded France. Agincourt etc. never occurs.


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