Siege of Nicopsia
Part of Imeretian-Circassian War
Date 1639
Location Nicopsia
Result Imeretian Victory
House of Machavariani gains a strip of land east of Nicopsia
Imereti CoA tr Kingdom of Imereti Flag of Adygea Chiefdom of Adygea

Flag of the Crimean Tatar people Crimean Khanate

Flag of the Ottoman Empire Ottoman Empire (Support)
Commanders and leaders
Imereti CoA tr Alexander III

Imereti CoA tr Constantine I Machavariani

Flag of Adygea Janok of Adygea

Flag of the Crimean Tatar people Selim Giray

Units involved
Elite Cavalry and Infantry ~5,000

Auxiliaries ~2,000

Constantine's Army- ~4,000 Nicopsia Garrison ~1,500

20,000 Circassian Warriors

15,00 Tatar Light Cavalry

11,000 (Excluding Garrison) 35,000
Siege of Nicopsia - (Geo. ნიკოფსიის ალყა) also known as Battle of Nicopsia was fought in 1639 between Imeretian Army and Combined Tataro-Circassian Forces. Battle ended in Decisive Imeretian Victory.


Conflict Between Imeretians and Circassians had been on the rise since annexion of Black sea coast by King Giorgi III in 1620. Aside from occasional raids and skirmished, thing were pretty peaceful between 1622-1638 but Tensions began to escalate during ambitious Chief Janok's reign, who wanted to unite all Circassian tribes into a unified state. He Received Support from Ottoman Empire, who feared that Imeretia would become too powerful and unruly, But they were too busy with their own affairs, so they ordered Crimean Khan Bahadir to assist Circassians in their war. Bahadir Khan Sent 15,000 Light Cavalry (Horse Archers) Under the command of his son Selim Giray. in August of 1639 Selim's Army met with Janok's 20,000 men army and advanced towards Imereti. Vakhtang Machavariani, Duke of Jiqetia Assumed that it was a petty raid and gathered 500 Knights to attack them. While Pursuing a Decoy Army he was ambushed by Tatars and killed. Now Tataro-Circassians laid siege to Castle of Nicopsia.

Imeretian Response

Constantine Machavariani was in Sochi when he was informed of his father murder. Constantine began assembling an army immediately as well as dispatching messengers to the king requesting aid. King Giorgi Passes Away without deciding how to act, but his Ambitious Son Alexander realized that he had to deal with the enemy, so he gathered a small army and is march toward Nicopsia, on the way there he was joined by Auxiliary forces provided by Duke Shervashidze of Abkhazia. He reached Sochi in Early September of 1639, where he was met by Constantine and His Army. Alexander III confirmed Constantine's Position as Duke of Jiqetia and they marched towards Nicopsia almost immediately.


Imeretian Army arrived at Nicopsia late around dawn and enemy was not aware of their presence. King Alexander Began Positioning his army, Firstly he Placed his Musketeers on a hill, and placed his pikeman so that tatars wouldn't spot them while charging. He Gave Half of his Heavy Cavalry to Constantine, and ordered him not to attack until the moment was right. Peaceful Dawn was ended by the rapid Imeretian gunfire, Tataro-Circassians quickly awoke. Crimeans assumes that imeretian army had no cavalry and no pikemen(Since they were well hidden) so they charged confidently. Soon Crimeans ran into Georgian Pikemen and Elite Infantry. At this point king Alexander Appeared from a nearby forest and charged into Crimean rear, forcing them to panic. Janok attempted to intervene but was cut off by sallying Garrison. Circassian Vanguard Fiercely engaged the the Garrison, pushing them back, Constantine noticed that Garrison was about to lose so he valiantly charged straight downhill. Janok Began to retreat with his 200 men guard while rest of his army held off The Imeretian Cavalry. Selim Giray got wounded and was captured, out of his 15,000 Army only 70 made it out alive. By the late Afternoon Circassians had been defeated as well, but janok managed to escape to adygea where he began preparing for defence of his capital.


King Alexander held a feast at Nicopsia, where he announced his intention to Invade Circassia. He secured Constantine's support and began assembling an army for his future campaign.

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