Kingdom of Skitswishmark
Timeline: The Kalmar Union
Flag of Skitswiskmark (The Kalmar Union) No coa
Flag Coat of Arms
(and largest city)
Language Skitswish
King Masselow
Prime Minister Kulispel Benewa
Population 215,420 
Independence 1713
Currency ZYW

The Kingdom of Skitswishmark, Skitswishmark, is a small constitutional monarchy in Western Leifia. It is bordered by Ichshkiinmark, Kalispu Republic, Niimiipu Republic and Cayusia. The population is around 215,000 and the capital is Manito.

The Head of State is King Masselow.

The official language is Skitswish.

It is currency union with Cayusia and Niimiipi and uses the Hezeyi Weyílet (ZYW).


The Skitswish people's early history appears to be marked by an endless conflict with the Ichshkiin to the west. The causes of the conflict are lost to history but the 'eternal war' would only die down following the original spread of the Black Death in the 14th century. By good fortune the Ichshkiin escaped the worst of the plague and would dominate the humbled Skitswish until the late 1600s.

During this time the Skitswish became well-known for horse breeding, whilst timber was exported southwards to the rolling and otherwise treeless hillsides of Cayusia. Ichshkiin dominance would wane as armed revolts made much of the country off limits. This seems to have been promoted by Aniyunwiyan traders who had recently found gold and desired to capture the area's wealth for themselves. These interlopers were soon pushed out however the revolt gathered momentum and by the 1713 Treaty of Manito, which was sponsored by Klallam and Vinland, Skitswishmark was made a sovereign nation with a monarchy.

It would attempt a similar resistance during the Second Mexic-Leifian War whilst occupied by Mexica but its relatively poorly equipped irregular army proved no match for the large Mexic forces and much of its people would be forcibly exiled. Historians believe the population effectively halved during the course of the war. Like much of the region, its recovery would prove extremely slow.

Skitswishmark adopted a constitution based on Vinland's in 1965 to placate increasing calls for reform however the economy remained sluggish. This led in turn to a currency union with its neighbours Cayusia and Niimiipi with potential further political union to come in the future if the three partners wish it.


Skitswishmark is a constitutional monarchy governed by a single-chambered Diet. There are elections held every four years though women's suffrage has not yet been enacted.

The current Head of State is King Masselow and his Prime Minister is Kulispel Benewa.

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