Alternative History
Smedley Darlington Butler

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Vice President: Alf Landon
Preceded by: Herbert C Hoover
Succeeded by: Harry S Truman
Born: July 21 1888, West Chester, Pensylvania
died: May 7 1958, Honolulu, Hawaii
Political Party: Republican
Spouse: Ethel Peters
religion: Quaker

1932 Elections[]

Butler ran for president as a Republican. He defeated Herbert Hoover at the nomination stage, with a unanimous percentage at the RNC. He ran on a platform of supporting France, China and Russia should war break out. He barely scraped the presidency against Isolationist Adlai Stevenson

1936 elections[]

Involvement in World War II[]

Butler finally got the declaration of war he sought when a US destroyer was sunk by a Japanese warship. Mexico and Spain promptly declared war on America, as well as Germany, Italy and Britain.


The USA began by a lightning strike against Mexico in a textbook application of War Plan Cyan. General Eisenhower began with a massive blitzkrieg of Sherman Tanks and P-47 Broncos. Mexico fell within months.


George Marshall and Omar Bradley were assigned to the fall of Canada.

Atomic Bomb[]

Continuing the war department's plans, Butler pre-authorized the Atomic Bomb's use on Berlin and Tokyo. He also gave pre-authorization to George Marshall for the bomb's use should the war in Canada take too long.

Third Term[]