Smedley Darlington Butler

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Vice President: Alf Landon
Preceded by: Herbert C Hoover
Succeeded by: Harry S Truman
Born: July 21 1888, West Chester, Pensylvania
died: May 7 1958, Honolulu, Hawaii
Political Party: Republican
Spouse: Ethel Peters
religion: Quaker

1932 Elections

Butler ran for president as a Republican. He defeated Herbert Hoover at the nomination stage, with a unanimous percentage at the RNC. He ran on a platform of supporting France, China and Russia should war break out. He barely scraped the presidency against Isolationist Adlai Stevenson

1936 elections

Involvement in World War II

Butler finally got the declaration of war he sought when a US destroyer was sunk by a Japanese warship. Mexico and Spain promptly declared war on America, as well as Germany, Italy and Britain.


The USA began by a lightning strike against Mexico in a textbook application of War Plan Cyan. General Eisenhower began with a massive blitzkrieg of Sherman Tanks and P-47 Broncos. Mexico fell within months.


George Marshall and Omar Bradley were assigned to the fall of Canada.

Atomic Bomb

Continuing the war department's plans, Butler pre-authorized the Atomic Bomb's use on Berlin and Tokyo. He also gave pre-authorization to George Marshall for the bomb's use should the war in Canada take too long.

Third Term

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