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Socialist Party
Socialistische Partij
Chairperson Sam Ronan
Deputy Chair Jehmu Greene
Secretary Jakob Rae
Senate leader Karl Schumer
House leader Nancy Pelosi
Founded 12 May 1986; 34 years ago
Preceded by Democratic Party
Headquarters 430 South St SE
New Amsterdam
Youth wing Young Socialists of New Netherland
Women's wing National Federation of Socialist Women
Ideology Social democracy
Modern liberalism
Social liberalism
International affiliation Socialist International
Official colours      Gold
House of Representatives
128 / 285
14 / 30
4 / 15

The Socialist Party (Dutch: Socialistische Partij) is one of the two major contemporary political parties in New Netherland, the other being the right-wing Democratic Nationalist Party. It is the successor to the Democratic Party, from which it split in 1985, gradually taking over its place in New Netherlander politics. The Socialist Party was founded by liberal and socialist elements of the Democratic Party on 12 May 1986 after the Democrats' massive loss in the 1985 presidential election.

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