Alternative History

Socialist Federation of Russia
1993 –
Socialist federation of russia flag
Glory, Honor, and Socialism
God save the Czar
Map of Socialist federation of russia

The Federation at its greatest extent 1996.
Capital Moscow (renamed New St. Petersburg)
Official language Russian
Religion Roman Catholic
Government Communist-Mafia state and Imperial-Socialist Republic
Head of state
"Boskkov Bomoski"
Legislature National Assembly
Population 18,600,000
Historical era
March 3rd, 1993

The Socialist Federation of Russia is a socialist republic under the Bomoski Mafia bordering the Scandinavian Kingdom the Imperial Union of Japan, the Greater Germanian Empire, the East Romanian Republic, Socialist Moldova, the Republic of Rivine, the Kingdom of Sorbia, the Middle East, the West Romanian Republic, and the Chinese Federation. It is claimed to be the first Post Apocalyptic state to ever be converted into communism. Due to huge amounts of socialist activity, the nation is also responsible for the Second Russian Revolution. The government is run by the Mafia, selling drugs and terrorist weaponry in order to keep the nation's economy alive to build more better military equipment. Unfortunately, selling such things has only led to economic disaster an more anti-mafia crime.

Since 1993, Russia has removed nuclear weapons, like all other countries, but has yet failed to halt its military expansion after the Russian-Kazakhstani War in 1994 and its occupation in Georgia by 1991. By 1996, the Russian government had annexed the Magadan Union after the Magadan Wars, a series of wars to beat the clock between Russia and Japan, which ultimately brought Russian victory over the region before the Japanese would catch up and forced Japan to sign a Non-Aggression treaty. However, Russia failed to re-occupy the Amur region when the Chinese Federation had made a swift blitzkrieg upon Amur just as the Greater Germanian Empire had regained former East Prussia. By 2001, Russia had formed an alliance with the Alaskan Kingdom and the Duchy of Pontus.


In 1985, after the Nuclear Holocaust, there only 2000 Ukrainians and 100,000,000 Russians left on the planet. They've escaped to Kiev, one of the surviving cities on the planet, and then built a refugee there, creating the nation of Kingdom of Kiev, hoping to restore Russia's former glory. In result, the young monarchy had made trade with Greece, hoping to keep their lands from dying while fighting against the mutants,