A Bolshevik Analysis of the German Dictatorship of Finance Capital by Comrade MB Mitin

Like Lenin's forced peace with the German Imperialists in 1917, we Bolsheviks have once again have had no choice but to make peace with Imperialism, in order to preserve the Soviet State. Nonetheless the Molotov-Schmitt Non-Aggression Pact, should in no way be interpreted as an endorsement of the Fascistic policies of the so-called Socialist Workers Reich. German under Führer Heidegger remains under the dictatorship of Finance Monopoly Capital.

In 1934, the Plebian section of the NDSAP was concerned with Adolf Hitler's open reconciliation with Finance Capital. They realized this would lead to an immediate Worker's Revolution, and that Hitler's phony slogans of 'National Socialism' would be exposed to the German working class. They therefore acted preemptively and overthrew the Hitler cliche in a party coup. Hitler was declared to be a lifelong enemy of Nazism, and a secret agent of Zionist Finance Capital (sic!). The Revolutionary Regime established a Economics Reich Ministry under Werner Sombart which proceeded to wage war against so-called "Jewish Finance Capital".

The Strasser coup also marked the rise of Martin Heidegger. He was appointed Reichbishop of the Evangelical Church. He proceeded to reorganize Lutheranism along Phenomenological Ontotheological lines. The goal of the Socialist Reich became the preservation of Western Dasein. The Nordic Race, was administered as the guardians of Being.

The irrationalist ontological philosophy by which Heidegger misleads the German people, is but an ideological figleaf for his finance interests! Dasein destroys all materialistic science and is nothing but mysticism. This is truly the philosophy of the Bourgeoisie in their desperate death throes!

Following the start of the Second Imperialist War in 1939, Field Marshal Ernst Junger's Panzer armies rolled across Western Europe. Paul de Man was appointed as head of the new Frankish State. Meanwhile in Romania, Emil Cioran was installed with the Iron Guard.

Heidegger was clearly putting his insane ideas about Dasein into practice. The Nordic Race were his guardians of Being. He had mad dreams of World Conquest, and an entirely Blonde Race. This was masked with his demagogic use of pseudo-socialist rhetoric. Nonetheless armed with the powers of Heidegger's Dasein, no ground army has been able to stop Reich forces. All Western Capitalist powers have been crushed into dust. In Occupied America, Heidegger is organizing a New Nordic State, based on the Anglo-Saxon, German and Scandinavian native populations. He has also made links to the settler colonies in Argentia and South Africa. Now Heidegger rattles the saber at his former ally the Japanese Empire. He refers to them as Yellow Mongol Hordes and the greatest danger to Western Dasein. We estimate that Junger's Panzers could storm across Asia in 6 months.

We believe that Heidegger will eventually turn on his Latin Allies. They are incompatible with the restoration of Nordic Being, he advocates. Comrade Molotov has raised the possibility of a Soviet-Latin-Asian Axis against the Reich. The Soviet worker will not be fooled by the faux-socialist rhetoric of the Heidegger Regime! Unlike the bourgeouis states, he will defend his motherland to the last!

In the mean time, Molotov will meet with the Foreign Minister Carl Schmitt to renegotiate Soviet interests.

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