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The Sons of De Montfort
Active 2012-2019
Ideology Leicestershire independence
Left-wing nationalism
Leaders Oliver Khatri
Headquarters Unknown, possibly Northern Charnwood
Opponents Newolland
Organisation of British Nations

The Sons of De Montfort was a separatist militia based in the East Midlands, specifically around former Leicestershire. They succeeded in staging a separatist coup, fighting back Newolland's forces and setting up a small left-wing republic known as the Republic of Leicester in 2018, with its seat of government in Loughborough. which was unrecognized by the rest of the world and the Organisation of British Nations.

During the lifetime of the Leicestershire Republic they serve as the first line of defence in the country's military.

Their namesake was Simon de Montfort, 6th Earl of Leicester (1208-1265).


The Sons of De Montfort likely surged after the final defeat of the True British Army in 2011 at the end of the Great Rutland War. It is unknown exactly when they came to be, but approximately sometime around 2012. For the most part they remained in hibernation, keeping a very low profile, preparing and waiting for the right time to strike.

Proclamation of the Republic of Leicester

On the 10th of February 2018, the Sons of De Montfort succeeded in gaining the creation of a nation-state separate from Newolland by forcefully taking over East Leicestershire and Rutland and also occupying small chunks of land from southern Cleveland, fighting back their weak resistance and establishing a socialist republic paying homage to the former English ceremonial county of Leicestershire, known as the Republic of Leicester. They selected Peter Soulsby, a former Leicesterian Labour Party councillor and a strong supporter of the Sons of De Montfort, to be the new country's Premier, and Sean Sheahan as President. Both of these men, who had more political knowledge and experience than these armed rebels, would take charge of the newly created republican government seated in Loughborough, and created the different political parties that currently occupy Loughborough's old Town Hall.

2019. The collapse of the Republic and ceasefire agreement.

When the OBN coalition arrived in Loughborough on the 5th of October 2019 to put an end to the Republic of Leicester, the Sons of De Montfort publicly announced their one condition of surrender to the OBN: that Together for Leicester, the governing faction in the republic, be legalized and accepted into the People's Assembly of Newolland. The deal was successful, and the Republic of Leicester's flag was lowered from the Loughborough Town Hall.