Union of South Africa
Unie van Suid-Afrika
Timeline: Joan of What?

OTL equivalent: Union of South Africa
Flag Coat of Arms
Flag Coat of Arms
Location South Africa
Location South Africa

Ex Uniate Vires (latin)

Anthem "The Call of South Africa"
Capital Pretoria
Largest city Cape Town
Other cities Johannesburg, Bleomfontein, East Amsterdam, Bothastaad
Language Dutch, Afrikaans
Protestant Christian
  others Atheist, Catholic Christian, folk religion
Ethnic Group Caucasian, sub Saharan African
Demonym South African
Government Dominion
  legislature South African Parliament
Prime Minister Pieter Mulder
Deputy Prime Minister Pik Botha
Population 40,102,038 est. 2016 
Established 1880
Independence 1903
Currency South African Rand
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