Union of South Africa and the Netherlands
Timeline: Night of the Living Alternate History (Map Game)
Flag of South Africa (NotLAH) No coa
Flag Coat of Arms
South Africa NotLAH (orthographic projection)
Areas of Control - Dark Green

Areas of Influence - Light Green

English, Afrikaans/Dutch and Zulu
  others Xhosa, other indigenous languages
  others Orthodox, Hinduism, Islam
Demonym South Africa
Government Technocratic Democracy
  legislature The Council
Population 49,905,103 (1991 Census)

85,214,537 (1995 Estimate) 

The Union of South Africa and the Netherlands is one of the most powerful nations in the World. Having humbling origins, and a rough post-colonial past, it has come to be known as something of a major power in the world. Originating from the multiple colonies of the Orange Free State, Trasvaal and Nadal, the nation was united into a Union in the 30s. Since then it has grown to ecompass former Botswana, Zimbabwe, Swaziland and Lesotho and as established itself into a Union with the Netherlands.



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The Government of the Union is a Technocratic Council, for which members are handpicked. The Council, as they are refered to, control most aspects of the nation - from war and expansion to education and infrastructure. All members have equal say in matters, and control specific aspects of importance.


The Union of South Africa and the Netherlands is made of two nations in a Federation-type Union. Having control over personal affairs such as education and infrastructure, but acting in unison over matters of war and higher diplomacy.

The Union is home to over 104 Million people of diverse origins, cultures, languages and to some aspects, religion. The nation categorises people in three racial categories - black, white and mixed/other. Out of this, it is estimated 47% are White, 45% are Black and 8% are Mixed and or Other. It is predicted that the mixed number will grow as immigrants from India arrive and more mixed families emerge, while the Black and White numbers decrease as this takes place. The first census in 1911 showed whites to make up 22% of the population. By 1991, this had more than doubled to 47% of the population.

White South Africans are mainly descendants of Dutch, German, English and other European settlers. 

International Relations

The Union shares relations with most nations which have been made contact with all around the world. It is a powerful member of CSTO and shares close relations with the United Republics and the Commonwealth of AnZac. It also shares very good relations with nations like Russia, which it supports in its actions around the world.

Nation Relationship Status
Flag of United Republic 1973 United Republics Excellent
ANZ Union Flag with the golden ratio Commonwealth of AnZac Good
Flag of Russia (neon) Russia Excellent
NotLAHfourth Reich Germany Weary
Flag of the United States Unites States Good
Flag of South Vietnam Vietnam Weary
Flag of Wu NotLAH Wu Very Weary
Merchant flag of Japan (1870) Japan Very Good
Korea Good
East Africa Excellent

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