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South African Antarctic Territories
Suid-Afrikaanse Antarktiese Gebiede
Imimandla ye-Antatika yaseMzantsi Afrika

Timeline: 1983: Doomsday
External territory of Dominion of South Africa
Flag Coat of Arms
Flag Coat of Arms
Location of South African Antarctic Territories
S.A.A.T. shown in red
Research and discovery (English)
(and largest city)
Commissioner Colin Roberts
Administrator Dai Thomas
Area 1,709,400 km²
Population 150-450 
Established 1991

The South African Antarctic Territories lie in a sector of Antarctica claimed by the Dominion of South Africa. The full claim extends from the South Pole to 60°S latitude and between longitudes 38°E and 80°W, though the Dominion's actual control is limited to a few small stations.

The Dominion's claim to the territory dates to 1990. During that year, all British naval units still based in South Africa were incorporated into the Royal South African Navy. On the basis of this, the DSA also laid claim to all British territories in the South Atlantic. In 1991 this claim was extended to include the British Antarctic Territory, a territory organized in 1962 but dating to claims made in 1908. In 1993, the Dominion extended its claim to the Prince Edward Islands and Antarctic land directly south of it, adding this sector to the large British claim.

The Antarctic Treaty is now defunct. Most of the British claim overlapped with the sectors claimed by Chile and Argentina, which have a far greater ability to control and exploit the Antarctic Peninsula and other lands near South America. The main South African station and official capital of the territory is Halley, a refurbished British base on the Weddell Sea.