In the 80´s democracy back in South America, and near 90´s Operation Condor become real knowledge for South American Government, for that José Sarney organized a reunion in Brasilia. That became in 1991 "Mercosur" a economic-democratic alliance in the up, and a not strong defense alliance in the behind, where every country for herself say "i don't support Iraq War, and our republic is working for the peace in the world", that position become the position of Non-Aligned Movement. The Non-Aligned movement would later be called into disrepute after the September 11 2001 attacks on America and Russia, which further polarizes the world, Middle east members of the NAM are implicated in supporting Al-Qaeda. What further reduces the power of the NAM is when Hugo Chavez, then head of Mercosur and president for life of Venezuela, is accused by president Uribe of Colombia of supporting drug cartels and FARC.

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