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South America is the OTL version of Ard Marjhoola, "the unknown territory". While Christian Europe claims Ard Marjhoola as "South America" later on, the continent remains named "the unknown territory" until it was considered too silly to be continued; it was then renamed "al-Isha'a", in reference to the Maghreb (North Western Africa).

It was first colonised by the Caliphate of Córdoba in 933, which held a monopoly of the continents colonies until after the 10th century, by which time it had up to a dozen separate colonies installed.

In 1024, Córdoba's monopoly was broken with the introduction of the Fatimid Caliphate's first colony, New Cairo.

Córdobian Colonies[]

New Córdoba - Colonised in 933. As the first, it developed into a town before the others and acted as the regional Capital.

Umm Qasr - Colonised in 942. Meaning "Mother of Castles", Umm Qasr was designed to be the first fortified town to display Córdoba's influence and to be a functional base when its claims in Ard Marjhoola was threatened.

Rafh - Colonised in 950. Was close to areas with an abundance of fish, and was designed to expand the food sources of the people living in Ard Marjhoola, while providing a quantity too for further expansion.

Ronda - Colonised in 956. Was the first in-land Colony, building material had to be moved from the docks of New Córdoba.

Fatimid Colonies[]

New Cairo - Colonised in 1024. Was the first colony built from a nation other than Córdoba. Copied New Córdoba's naming not only as a capital but also in its meaning: "the Victorious".

Other Colonies[]

After New Cairo, the Abbasids also formed a colony in Ard Marjhoola. In the Third Crusade, Christian Kingdoms also formed a Crusader State in the new world to combat further Caliphate land gains.

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