South Carolina (Federalist Failure)

State of South Carolina
South Carolina Flag (Federalist Failure).gif
Official language English
Capital Columbia
King Thomas X
Independence 1776 (declared)
1783 (recognized)
Currency South Carolinan Dollar

The Kingdom of South Carolina was one of the founding members of the United States of America. It was the last state to abolish slavery, in 189?, and even today, is dominated by an unofficial aristocracy, primarily descended from the old slave-holders.

The right to vote is more restricted in South Carolina than in any other US state. Women only received the vote in the late 20th century, and strict property requirements are still in place (with restrictions on the sale of property preserving the power of the old aristocracy). Severe racial restrictions are still in place.

Georgia pressured South Carolina into selling the Mississippi Strip, a narrow 12-mile strip extending to the Mississippi, in the 1850's.

South Carolina supported Jefferson Davis during the Virginian Civil War

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