Free Territory of the South Pole
Timeline: Great White South

OTL equivalent: Southern Antarctica
Flag of the South Pole (Great White South)
Flag of the South Pole
Location of the South Pole (Great White South)
Location of the South Pole
Capital Amundsen–Scott
English, German, Norwegian, Ognian, Russian
  others French, Maori
Legislature Antarctic Assembly
Established 1954
Time Zone (UTC±0)
Internet TLD .sp

The Free Territory of the South Pole, informally known as the South Pole, and abbreviated as the FTSP; is an independent territory in Antarctica which controls the regions south of the 87th parallel. The FTSP was officially established in 1954 between the United Nations and the Antarctic nations of Bellinsgauzenia, Eduarda (United Kingdom), Maudland (Norway) New Devon (United Kingdom), New Swabia, and the United Ognian Chiefdom (all of which had claims to the South Pole). The main goal of the FTSP was to prevent conflict from emerging over the various claims to the South Pole, as well as to establish a preservation of the inhospitable region from contamination and allow it to be open to all.

The FTSP is not an sovereign state like its neighbors, yet no nation formally lays claim to the area. The main political body is the Antarctic Assembly, whose members are appointed by the Antarctic nations and the Security Council member states.

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