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Southern Indiana - Richard Manfield (D)
Southern Indiana - Richard Manfield (D)
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Southern Indiana is a sub-division of the The Commonwealth of Kentucky .


Southern Indiana consists of the 33 counties located in the southernmost part of the state. The region's history and geography has led to a blend of Northern and Southern culture distinct from the remainder of Indiana. It is often considered to be part of the Upland South. Southern Indiana was the first area of the state to be settled, and Indiana's first state capital was located in Corydon in Harrison County near the Ohio River. The city of Vincennes, located in the region, is the oldest continually inhabited European settlement in Indiana and was the first capital of the Indiana Territory.


While Southern Indiana's major cities were not directly hit, cities around Louisville were destroyed, or as the case of New Albany was partly damaged. During Kentucky's formative years, local leader and Congressman Baron Hill kept the string of southern Indiana's surviving communities cohesive 1984-onwards, eventually uniting with the Commonwealth of Kentucky government based out of Fort Knox.

Current Times

Evansville has became a boom-town in Kentucky and is steadily creeping up on Elizabethtown's population rate and is slowly becoming a more industrial city. The remains of New Albany have begun to resettle in the Jeffersonville and Clarksville areas. Holiday World, in Santa Claus, Indiana is now the largest amusement park in Kentucky. Indiana's limestone has become a major export for the area, as well as with corn & oil.


Indiana is a strong area for Democrats, with IU being a very liberal school. The state capital is in Evansville.


Constituency of Evansville - John Hostettler (R)

Constituency of Bloomington - Rebecca Shad (D)

Constituency of Southern Indiana - Baron Hill (D)


Southern Indiana - Richard Manfield (D)