Alternative History

POD: In the Great Terror, the Russian General Georgy Zhukov becomes a victim of Stalin's paranoia shortly after the Nomonhan Campaign despite his victory over the Imperial Japanese. This leads to a world in which the Soviet Union loses in WW-II and the now aggrandized Nazi Germany and the United States of America face off in a cold war for World Supremacy.

The World today is very from OTL as we see new Alliances, adversaries, Politics and Technology. Enter the world of Soviet Defeat, where China is a Three Party Republic, India is a flourishing superpower with a far more prosperous Latin America and a Neutral Oceania. Witness the events of the Salvadoran Civil War, the Nazi Occupation of Siberia, the superpowers in their struggle for world domination as one false move can lead to the annihilation of more than Earth.

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Main content[]

Soviet Defeat Map

The World of Soviet Defeat

Differences from OTL[]


  • Technology became a much bigger issue as the US and Germany competed for dominance on all fronts.
    • Von Braun never defected to the US and remained as a leader of the German Space Program.
    • There is an even greater space programme than OTL, with Lunar settlements being constructed
    • Sergey Korolyov became the Von Braun of America after fleeing the Soviet Union as the Nazis conquered it. This was the case for many Soviet Scientists and is what lead to the US still being competitive in the space race.
    • With Germany retaining much of their computer scientists, a Computer Race emerges in the 1970s. The first desktop computer is developed in 1978 in the US.
    • The US makes the M-47 (AK-47) the standard issue rifle of the US military in 1949. Germany (much like the US in OTL) tries, but is never able to match the sure genius of the M-47. Instead, Germany develops high-tech assault rifles, culminating in the STG-88, a caseless assault rifle firing 33mm bullets.

      The US M-47 Assault Rifle, famed for its reliability.


The German STG-88, the world's most advanced Assault Rifle.

Cultural differences from OTL[]

  • There was never a second Red Scare, instead, a brown scare about fascism was and still is prevalent.
  • A new form of music arose in America: Russian Rap. This originated in California, where Russian refugees in the diaspora settled.
  • Computers were used earlier due to the scientific race between the Germans and the Americans, and by the mid-70s, a primitive form of Usenet was prevalent and by the 90s, broadband was commonplace across the FWA
  • Sci-fi also had a great boost. Star Trek lasted into the 70s, with the Next Generation Lasting from 1986 to 1996. Voyager and Deep Space Nine were merged and ran until 2004. Enterprise is still running.
  • There is a greater concern for the environment in the US, with the Americans and Canadians initiating Project Eden as a massive reserve for endangered species in the world in 1987.

Political differences from OTL[]

  • The Democrats and Republicans became more hawkish, with Nazi Germany and the NSF being more belligerent in the Atlantic. This is mainly due to the large Russian communities in the US.
  • Amy Goodman never founded Democracy Now. Instead, she founded The Republic Today, which is a right wing radio show.
  • With Cuba annexed into the US and the infusion of Caribbean culture, there is a more liberal attitude towards Marijuana in the United States.

WWCRI - your news from across the world[]

  • 'August 8 2009 - German troops are moving into the Siberian remnant on the pretext of stabilizing the region. It comes after What was left of the Old Soviet Union began to disintegrate due to the mass expulsions of Slavs into Siberia. President Hartman had this to say while in Montana:

"I absolutely condemn this act of aggression by the Reich. This shows they intend to complete the final solution laid down in Wannsee over 65 years ago. They attempted to kill my Mother. Please do not befall the same fate as your ancestors. I urge the people in Siberia: If you are listening to this, resist. Resist in any way possible, I urge you to emulate Gandhi. he got the British to leave via nonviolence. If that is not an option, then Flee! To China! to America! Just get out of the NSF as fast as you can".

That was President Hartman. In other news, the Dow fell by 8% today in light of the recent economic turmoil. Saigon Share Index reported that the Diem bank made a ₫20 bn profit. The Dollar was steady with the Mark, the Pound, the Yen, Rupee, Yuan and the Peso rising by five, six, two, nine, eight and three points respectively.

  • 'August 9 2009 - A terrorist attack took place in Delhi with the bombing of the Ganges Hotel. There have been 30 confirmed dead and hundreds injured. No-one has claimed responsibility for the attacks of yet. Indian Prime minister Indira Piyush was due to be at the hotel, but was ill with the flu.
  • 'August 10 2009 - The Free World Alliance was in closed session yesterday regarding the Von Braun Mark III's capabilities. American President Hartman and Indian Premier Rajesh Adani have pledged to increase their respective countries' military budgets. Meanwhile, Korea's president Lee Jing Dan has declared his country has emerged from the recession.
  • 'August 11 2009 - The Mexican military has deployed a Tactical nuclear warhead in the Medellin Cartel's stronghold. Reports indicate that 5000 people are dead in the bloody crescendo to the cartel wars. Mexican General Fox explained to the Mexican Senate that the bomb's use was necessary because of the siege.
  • 'August 12 2009 - The Costa Rican Military have reportedly killed the notorious terrorist Juan Levez, who ran a campaign of terror since 1991. Levez had famously arranged the terror attacks of 2006 in Austin Texas which left 300 dead. President Hartman has congratulated the Costa Rican military on taking him out, despite the ongoing Tensions between Costa Rica and the FWA.
  • n other news, the Oceanian Prime Minister has lodged a Formal complaint with the FWA over the use of an Atomic weapon in Mexico.
  • 'August 20 2009 - The Germans have reached Chukotka, with the Slavic population reduced by 60% with the emigration to the United States. There is significant debate in Berlin whether Germany will annex the remnant.
  • 'August 21 2009 - There have been riots in Quebec over the independence referendum results. Recent reports show the Oui vote had lost by 90000 votes to the Non side. Canadian Prime Minister is considering declaring martial law. In Other news, the Canadian Liberal party has won elections in British Columbia by a landslide.
  • 'August 22 2009 - In Xinjiang, there was ethnic violence, with the Uighurs demanding more autonomy from Nanjing. There were also terrorist attacks in Shanghai and Peking, with the Uighur Liberation Army claiming responsibility. President Janbao has said he will not tolerate the terrorists actions, and the Mandarin Council has declared Martial law in the Xinjiang Province.
  • 'August 28 2009 - In Saigon, the Dong had fallen three cents against the dollar. Indochinese president Nh Diengh has urged his country to be careful with their money.
  • 'October 14 2009 - President Hartman speaks at Eden with the announcement that he will push for more funding for the reserve. He spoke about preserving the environment for future generations. In other news, Germany has declared the Siberian territories open for settlement by the Germans as it was fully integrated with the Reich. What this means for America and the world, will be decided in the next few weeks
  • 'October 16 2009 - The University of Toronto has reported that their Quantum Computer project has initiated. Quantum computers work using quantum physics for computer calculations rather than zeros and ones.
  • 'October 17 2009 - Nicaragua's presidential elections have become clear, with the United Party winning 67% of the popular vote in one of the biggest landslides in Nicaraguan history.
  • 'October 24 2009 - Honduras suffered two major terror attacks which the OSS believe came from the Maoist People's Front of Liberation which is based in El Salvador and is engaged in a civil war with the Fascist Brotherhood of El Salvador and the Moderate El Salvadoran Government. The PFL launched two Dragonfire missiles into the capital of Tegucigalpa. One hit the parliament building killing 235 people while the other hit the stock exchange killing thousands. President Hartman had this to say from the white house:

"I totally deplore these acts of terrorism. They are signs of cowardice if one has to murder civilians in cold blood to achieve their aims. But they aren't going to achieve their aims. They're finished. As of now, I am approaching the Free World Alliance in San Francisco about this situation. For the terrorists, I have this to say. Your days are numbered. If you think you have destabilized Central America for your petty gains, you are wrong. Dead wrong" President Hartman

The Stock Markets are collapsing beginning the Second Great Depression".

  • October 24 2009- A two billion economic stimulus is signed into law by President Hartman to save the free falling economy, while facing some protest from her own party this benefits the U.S, thus the depression only being a recession
  • 'October 27 2009 - the FWA has agreed to send a multinational force to end the Salvadoran Civil War. Mexico, America and Honduras will send force of circa 8,000 to support the Salvadoran government.
  • 'November 10 2009 - The coalition has managed to destroy the FBES in the jungles today, bringing an end to the Civil war that has killed according to some estimates 40 thousand people. There are plans for new elections in 2010.
  • 'November 11 2009 - The Nazi leadership in Berlin declared that the Nazis will head for Jupiter by 2014 as part of a five year plan. President Hartman has decided to step up to the plate and begin the Second Space race.
  • 'November 14 2009 - The FWA has approved the construction of Eden 2 in Alaska, with a budget of 50 billion dollars.
  • 'November 30 2009' - The Oceanian Prime Minister has announced plans to cut Oceania's CO2 Emissions by 25% by 2020. he has urged other nations to do the same, as "Global warming affects us all, from the Nazis, to the Yanks, to the Chinese. everyone should do their part, or the whole earth will suffer."
  • 'December 9 2009 - A recent article in the German party magazine 'Volk and Reich' has an excerpt of an executive order, halting all Siberian expansion just short of the Chinese border. The reasons for this are not listed, but believed to be a reluctance to come into contact with the experienced Chinese army.
  • 'December 27 2009 - Guatemala has reportedly received growth in its economy, the first nation to do so.
  • 'January 12th 2010 - A 7.0 M earthquake has struck Haiti, causing the collapse of a hospital and several other buildings in Port-au-Prince.
  • 'January 21st 2010 - The FWA has begun a major relief effort in Haiti, to aid the stricken country. President Hartman said this:
  • Haiti's cause is the cause of the entire FWA."
  • 'January 30th 2010 - the Prime Minister of Oceania has been caught referring to the American Republican Party as 'Democratic Fascists' and referring to President Hartman as 'an American Speer'. President Hartman has yet to comment.
  • 'February 17th 2010 - a five point proposal has been drafted for the goals of the Haiti relief.

1. An increase in developmentalist policies, including: investment in public services, a nationalisation of industry, protections for national industry, trade barriers and land reform (including environmentalist policies) all geared at producing a self-sustaining local economy.

  • 2. Measures to require multinationals to reinvest a portion of profits into the Haitian economy.
  • 3. Increased protections for workers and a focus on workers’ rights.
  • 4. Price controls on essential items.
  • 5. Cancellation of debt.

They are expected to be approved by the FWA in next month's meeting.

  • 'April 10 2010' - the Gauleiter of Poland, Gunther Focke, is killed when his plane crashes while on a flight to Moscow.