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This timeline explores a world where the Soviet Union and their Communist allies defeat the United States and NATO in the Cold War; a world most people, especially in the modern-day West can't even imagine.

The Soviet Union came out on top due to a variety of better military and economic choices. For example, the United States lost both Korea and Vietnam. The Union would also never denounce the Sino-Soviet Treaty of Friendship; with the Russians ending the Soviet-Afghan War and removing troops from Cambodia; ultimately ending the war with a Sino-Khmer victory. Another minor PoD is Konstatin Chernenko never getting into smoking; making him live longer and rule the Soviet Union until his death in 1993. Gorbachev would never rule the USSR, but instead would be a major Soviet politician.

The United States would fall into a similar situation to that of the USSR; due to economic collapse the nation would break up into many different countries. The ex-USA nations would be a lot more feudal than the ex-USSR countries were; with many states declaring independence and shortly after declaring war on surrounding weaker states. There are currently 21 ex-state nations.

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