The Beginning

During WW-II, the Soviets were warned of Operation Barbarossa by spies. Joseph Stalin decides to invade Nazi Germany first. In a the lightning invasion, or Operation Chetvyorty, the Nazis try to fight back but are overwhelmed. With the German army severley damaged, the Allies and the French Resistance manage to seize all of France and begin to march on Germany. After a two month battle, Soviet troops enter Berlin and kill members of the German government, including Hitler. Germany then surrenders. Only a day after Germany surrenders, Italy launches a bombing campaign on France, and soon Italian boots are heard in Marseille. The Allies soon invade Italy from France, Britain, Germany, the USA, and the USSR from the north, and North Africa and Australia from the south. As a result of this, Italy was in ruins and was divided up -Turin and Milan going to Italy and the south to Britain.

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