The Soviet Union collapsed in 1991. What would happen if the Soviet Union had collapsed in 1943 during Operation Barbarossa? This timeline shows what could've happened if the Germans had taken down the Soviets in 1943.

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Hitler Was in a bad situation. He needed oil. So he thought of a way to get oil quickly and easily. He called the plan Operation Barbarossa. It used the German war strategy blitzkrieg. It was used quickly and easily to tear apart countries like The Netherlands, Poland and France. So, Hitler presented the plan to his generals and executed his plan.


Hitlers Plan of how to get oil

Japan, however, has taken over all of the territories in a 1000 mile radius within the empire. In this timeline, the Japanese didn't attack Pearl Harbor at all. They were conserving their troops for an all out attack on China. The Japanese were afraid that Stalin would attack Japan though Vladivostok. So with the German attack on the Soviet Union the Japanese decided to invade them.


The Soviet Union, being attacked on two fronts had no idea of how to handle the situation. They decided that they would surrender and try to defend Krasnoyarsk territory and try to keep their country there. So on March 14, 1944 the Soviet Union collapsed and signed a treaty to keep Japan and Germans away.

With the Soviets down, the Germans decided to execute Operation Sealion. Next year when the V-1 and V-2 missiles came out the Germans set the missiles up next to the English Channel and set Navy Warships up to attack The United Kingdom.

The United Kingdom, terrified, asked Germany if they could become a part of the country as a territory of the country. The people were outraged and a rebel group called AFGE (Anti-Fascist Group of England) formed and were fighting a war in the country while PM Winston Churchill went into exile in the dominion of South Africa.


The United States were now really afraid of Germany and Japan. So the United States signed a treaty on December 19th 1945 to end WW-2. The United States has been keeping in contact with organizations (like AFGE) and countries to see if Japan and Germany are in check to see if the countries are still cowering on the other side of the globe.


India declares war on Japan to stop them from invading and taking over Asia. India sends an ambassador to China and asks for an alliance. China accepts the alliance. The military of India sends troops to Japanese territory to stop them. The India-Japan war has started. China sets up a border control team to not let the Japanese into China. The rebels of Vietnam attack the Japanese by bombing the government buildings of Vietnam. Thailand declares war on Japan. Troops are sent from Thailand to Vietnam to help the rebels. 

The British civil war hasn't been improving, with Adolf Hitlers statement saying, "we will co-operate with the British government to establish them as an independent, functioning state of Germany." This doesn't help and makes the AFGE movement grow.


An uprising in Egypt is starting as AFGE is trying to make contact with the Egyptian rebels. Benito Mussolini states if the uprising starts to get worse then the Italian government will take action.

The United States tested the first Atomic bomb on the Sonoran Desert in Nevada. The bomb test was a complete success as it was televised on international television. Germany reacts with a speech from Adolf Hitler about how we need to catch up with those "stars and stripes". Japan reacts with a code red alert, afraid that the United States would fire this strong weapon at them.

The Indian-Chinese-Japanese War hasn't been improving for the Chinese, as they are already from the already continuing war. The Vietnam rebels try to establish contact with the Indians asking if they could help them get the Japanese out of their country. The Indians say they would send some troops, but not many to help with the rebels. The war continues to get worse


The rebels of Egypt kill the leader of Egypt. Italian troops move into Egypt. Saudi Arabian troops move into Egypt. Italian-Arabian war over Egypt starts. Most of the Egyptian rebels flee to Sudan and take over there government. 

China attacks Hawaii to try to have a war on two fronts when attacking Japan. The USA-China war over Hawaii starts. China sets up a naval base on Hawaii. China sends ships to Japan to attack them from behind. The USA base in Hawaii is destroyed by the Chinese. The Americans send ships to retake Hawaii back. The Philippines declare war on Thailand. Australia declares war on the USA. Australian-USA war starts with Australia bombing New Zealand. New Zealand sends ships to Tasmania to take it over and to make a naval base to be closer to Australia.

The Nationalists of Spain, Portugal and Ireland send troops to the rebels of England to help them take the Germans out of England. Greece, Turkey and other Balkan nations help out the Soviet Union from Germany invading them. France, The Netherlands, Switzerland and Italy ally together and invade Germany. Finland, Norway, Denmark, and Scotland side with Germany. Austria, Poland, Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania join sides with the Soviet Union.

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