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This is my first ever made timeline, and I'm trying to do my best. The point of it is - Soviets invading the American sector of the West Berlin in 1949. I'm going to work on it in my free time, so it's not inactive and not super-active.

Allied-Soviet-Occupied Berlin.png
Berlin in 1949 September 1st. 1 - Mitte 2 - Tiergarten 3 - Wedding 4 - Prenzlauer Berg 5 - Friedrichshain 6 - Kreuzberg 7 - Charlottenburg 8 - Spandau 9 - Wilmersdorf 10 - Zehlendorf 11 - Schöneberg 12 - Steglitz 13 - Tempelhof 14 - Neukölln 15 - Treptow 16 - Köpenick 17 - Lichtenberg 18 - Weißensee 19 - Pankow 20 - Reinickendorf


Central Europe in 1949, September 1.


  1. Vladimir Grozarev is appointed new Military Minister of Soviet Union.
  2. Soviet Union demands Berlin given to them. United States , France and United Kingdom denies it.
  3. Soviet Union issues an embargo on United States, France and United Kingdom. Vladimir Grozarev begins forming the plans of Encirclement of Berlin and Invasion of Allies.
  4. Soviet Union begins deploying their units, as stated in V.Grozarev's plans.
  5. Soviet Union sets portable Anti-AA's on their border, and begins shooting down all allied planes. Two hours later, the war begins, and Vladimir's two plans of Encirclement of Berlin and Invasion of Allies have begun. First battle: Battle of Neukölln.
  6. Battle of American-Russian Berlin.
  7. Air Battle of Allied-Soviet Wall.
  8. Allied-Soviet Wall is crushed by Panda 37 tanks - the newly soviet-designed war machines, light tanks.
  9. Coastal Battle of Danzig.
  10. Battle of Schleswig-Holsten Region begins.
  11. Battle of Schleswig-Holsten Region ends.
  12. Map of Soviet-Allied Germany after Scheswig-Holsten Region's Battle is made:
  13. After understanding, that Soviet Union is stronger, Allies ask for peace, because, as they stated, it harms not only for soldiers, but for the peaceful civilians. The Soviet Union accepts the peace treaty, but keeps the occupied sectors to themselves.
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