Alternative History

Soviet aggression

1980 Senator Ted Kennedy was still criticised for the 1969 Chappaquiddick incident but he still ran for president. He beat Jimmy Carter in a narrow victory.

1980 With Ted Kennedy president with being a socialist democrat he aided the labor unions improved foreign relations and signed a peace treaty with the soviet union he really improved America but things soon turned sour

1980 Ted Kennedy was a socialist liberal and a traitor he soon cracked under cold war pressure only 36 days into his presidency he surrendered to the soviet union and handed complete control and sovereignty of America over to the soviets

1980 soon after the invasion started and the Soviet military landed on the west of America even though the government folded there was still much resistance the soviets conquered Alaska, Hawaii, California, Oregon, Washington, Nevada, Idaho, Arizona and other states

1981 soon they had conquered the whole of America but freedom fighters in occupied states attacked Soviet troops but already the soviets put their plan into affect they committed acts of genocide and forced the rest of the Americans to leave they were repopulating America with Slavic Russian people and making it a Soviet protectorate.

1981 Meanwhile, they also attacked Europe, Mexico and Canada. With America out of the way they were expanding their territories and wanted world domination they attacked Finland, Austria, West Germany, Italy, France, Sweden, Greece and other nations. They were victorious in all of these places and moving on to other countries.

1982 by now they had attacked and conquered japan, annihilated Europe and invaded the middle east they then moved on to africa, asia, south africa, the oriental peoples and the british empire the soviet union would stop at nothing until they controlled the world

1982 In America the resistance was of the former rulers of the world the illuminati who had declared war on the soviet union the soviets were having trouble dealing with the spanish, french and swiss armies illuminati bombers had attacked moscow so in retaliation the soviets nuked washington D.C., new york city, arlington, los angeles, las vegas, philadelphia and brad pittsburgh. America was devastated and Rosie O' Donell was pretty annoyed to

1983 the soviets control the world and all resistance has been crushed all states are communist the world is the soviet union all nations have been dissolved into the soviet union and there is a one world government which is the soviet council but there is some good new the crap movie godfather 3 was never made they stopped at goodfather 2 stroke of luck anyway and also a new resistance was rising while all secret societies were destroyed there was one very secret small clan of freedom fighters still left the rosicrucians they were hidden away from the soviets planning in secret

1984 the rosicrucians launch an attack on a soviet base and they join up with another resistance group the jesuits who want to bring the christian religion back to the world resistance wants a revolution against the communist occupiers

1985 the rosicrucians grow in strength and numbers they retake the northeastern states and declare war on the soviet union Mexican rebels have defeated there soviet occupiers and are now free in order to beat the soviets in America the rosicrucians made a pact with Mexico of trade, alliance and the southwest of America to be returned to Mexico they accept

1986 Mexico and the rosicrucians attack the soviet occupiers while the rosicrucians attack south east and north west the Mexicans attack the south west to invade and conquer it Mexico and Mexico City is nuked and it surrenders back to the soviets meanwhile the rosicrucians have no allies and the soviets control every country in the world but these few small states have claimed independence in the name of the rose cross.

1987 The Rosicrucians have taken back the eastern part of America and, using guerrilla warfare, have destroyed the soviets in these territories while the soviets prepare a attacks on the rosicrucian half of America they also prepare for another nuclear strike as the war is still going on.

1988 the rosicrucians make a huge push into the soviet west of America and both sides are involved in fierce fighting this continues for a whole year and both sides are considering to launch nukes at each other

1989 by now the war between east and west has continued for five years a peace treaty is offered by the soviets but the rosicrucians continue and so does the war WWIII has been going on for years now and both sides were exhausted

1990 the rosicrucians invade western America and reconquer the whole country because the soviet union is failing and crumbling it's economy has crashed millions of russians are starving and they cannot afford a proper military anymore the soviet union is poor and powerless it cannot support itself or the nations its conquered

1991 with this crisis in the USSR other nations resist the soviets many other countries declare independence and the world becomes free again capitalism becomes a mass movement again countries become right wing and nationalist nations become anti communist and non socialist

1992 both the western and eastern blocs resist and become independent conflict consumes the world the soviet union is losing it's grip on the world

1993 free nations are put under the rule of the rosicrucians and the soviet union only has a few satellite states left who ant independence

1994 the soviet union is the only soviet controlled nation left all the other satellites and conquered territories have become independent and even the soviet union is falling apart

1995 the start of the soviet civil war the soviet union has declared war on itself the republics want independence but the russians wouldn't let them the baltic states declare war on russia the caucasus republics declare independence the central asian nations like kazakhstan are thinking of freedom and even some people in moldova, ukraine and even belarus wanted to be there own country fierce fighting raged on for a year in this civil war

1996 the peoples of the soviet union were finally set free the new nation are lithuania, latvia, estonia, belarus, ukraine, moldova, georgia, azerbaijan, armenia, kazakhstan, uzbekistan, kyrgyzstan, tajikistan, turkmenistan and russia

1997 but freedom was short lived new regimes become dictatorships both right wing and left wing even though the world was set free there was new problems to face there was still the problem of the rosicrucians they had got extremely powerful they soon infiltrated governments, economies and societies

1998 the rosicrucians were supported and financed by every single resistance group in the world they have infiltrated everything and control the world in secret behind the curtains in the shadows

1999 the rosicrucians control media, government, money, finance, power, nukes, weapons they control everything they have implemented a new world order and one world government they also have only one world bank

2010 the rosicrucian regime still stands strong and all the other secret societies have been reopened the Bilderberg group, the illuminati, the free masons, the golden dawn, the knights templar or templi, the jesuits and other secret societies but all of them under rosicrucian control but one day freedom fighters and rebels shall stand up against the rosicrucians and their control of the world