Timeline: Morgen die ganze Welt

Thursday, January 8 1948

The Max Plank Institute performs a test flight of a scale model of Orion. No nuclear bombs are used but chemical explosives propel a 100 kg model several km into the air. This is a proof of principle. It is also great fun for scientists, combining flight and explosions.

Monday, January 26 1948

Max Planck Institute sponsors research into Thorium reactors. These atomic reactors are expected to be safer and cheaper to maintain than Uranium reactors and also more environmentally friendly. Thorium is also cheaper and more plentiful than Uranium. The environment is important for the Nazi Party which is more concerned about worker's welfare than investor's profits.
In the USA research concentrates on Uranium and Plutonium reactors.

Friday, February 13 1948

Due to demobilization Germany has troubles accommodating large numbers of soldiers entering the labor pool. To remedy this ambitious infrastructure projects are announced. A European highway network will be established. Railways will be upgraded to allow for high-speed trains. Canals will connect the North Sea to the Black Sea. A new magazine is sponsored by the government called "Weltraum:2000" in which wild speculation about colonizing planets is encouraged.
Meanwhile there is a lot of work repairing war-damaged cities and roads. The population's morale is high. Whenever the going gets tough they are reminded "just imagine if we had lost the war." Many soldiers are also willing to turn to agriculture in the new Eastern territories where they can start up a farm with a government subsidy. Ironically there is a labor shortage in the East where there are many depopulated spaces.

Tuesday, March 9 1948

Deutsche Rundfunk releases an announcement. The public radio broadcaster wants every German household to have a Fernsehen (TV) in three years time. They are very enthusiastic about the educational possibilities of TV. The sets will also be useful for promoting physical exercises at home and dispensing news. Obviously news cannot be faked if people can see things with their own eyes, which is a bonus. Only good things will come from TV.

Wednesday, May 26 1948

General Jan Smuts' United Party loses the South African election against NSAPSA, the South African National Socialist Worker's Party. The election was a foregone conclusion as Germany had indicated that it desired a Nazi victory. The new government now has close ties with Germany. To avoid misunderstandings German military advisers attached to the embassy will work closely together with the government. The first advice they produce is to waive visa and work permit requirements for German nationals wishing to settle in the country. South Africa is destined to represent Nazism in the Southern hemisphere.
English speaking South Africans are advised to learn Afrikaans or German or alternatively consider emigrating.
The presence of the Negroid race in South Africa is now frowned upon. It is feared that cheap black labor amounting to slavery will soften the pioneering spirit of the country. Mine directors unanimously complain that cheap black labor is necessary to produce cheap minerals. They backtrack precipitously however when German economic advisers point out that in that case directors could be put to work in the mines. As a preliminary step a minimum wage bill is suggested which will make black labor prohibitively expensive.
By coincidence a first German cargo ship, the Brandenburg is in Cape Town Harbor with a small number of Leopard Tanks and military hardware on board which will be delivered in return for Vanadium, Uranium, diamonds and other raw minerals. Germany also gets a 99 year lease of Simonstad harbor from where cruisers and submarines will operate.

Tuesday, June 22 1948

An unmanned A11 rocket is launched from Peenemunde at 8:45 with a satellite payload. The satellite successfully enters orbit. Von Braun and Saenger's experience was instrumental in the complete success. The satellite called Freiheit orbits in 90 minutes and transmits continuous radio signals. It is proof of German supremacy in space. But much more ambitious projects are in the wings.

Thursday, June 24 1948

Chancellor Hess is quietly going around the bend again, as he did in 1941. He summons various astrologers and clairvoyants to his home in secret and orders them to find Hitler's lost last will and Testament. He got his inspiration in a dream. Mighty revelations are expected from this documents. The Gestapo is also ordered to join in the search.

Wednesday, June 30 1948

Chancellor Hess has a secret meeting with Von Braun. He demands to be the first person to orbit the earth in an A-11 rocket. Von Braun is taken aback and recognizes the presence of insanity. He promises anything Hess demands just to get out quickly. Then he informs Marshal Milch of the crazy demand. Milch organizes a cabinet meeting and Hess is retired and put on medical leave by unanimous decision. Admiral Dönitz will be the new chancellor. Being a known favorite of the deceased Hitler gives him perfect credentials.

Wednesday, July 7 1948

Dönitz was a great admirer of Hitler and after a week as chancellor calls a cabinet meeting do discuss future policies. Points that are considered are the exploitation of space for Nazism, establishment of central Africa as a large nature reserve, welfare of workers, relations with the USA block. This is only the beginning. It seems everything was simpler in the war.

Thursday, July 8 1948

President Truman announces the annexation of Canada. This is for Canada's protection as Germany could demand Canadian territory as part of the United Kingdom. American troops are already widely deployed in the country so there can be no misunderstanding.

Thursday, August 12 1948

Members of the German commission for nature preservation arrive in Pretoria, South Africa. They will brief South African military forces on the peaceful takeover of previously English colonies like Rhodesia, Kenya and more. All equatorial countries will be consolidated into a giant nature reserve. Locals will be encouraged to live in balance with nature. The "Kraft durch Freude" organization will build hotels to accommodate workers coming for a well-deserved holiday. All Central African countries will become South African protectorates. Local English forces will be employed for security provided they can learn to speak German.

Friday, August 13 1948
Los Alamos

American scientist start concentrating in Los Alamos to study the implementation of nuclear fusion. This could in theory produce a bomb that would make an atom bomb look like a firecracker. The most inventive scientists are Edward Teller and Stanislaw Ulam. Some scientists decline to participate in this dangerous activity but others reason that the Axis is probably working on it anyway.

Monday, September 6 1948

The European Space Agency is founded. It will be based in Peenemunde. The aim is to consolidate all spaceship research. All Axis countries and vassal states are expected to contribute financially. The ultimate aim is to design a nuclear spaceship and colonize planets and the moons of Jupiter. Exotic propulsion methods will be researched, too: anti-gravity, impulse engines, quantum engines, fusion engines. Results are far away and uncertain but one can dream.

Monday, October 3 1948

Esa releases a first draft of a plan to launch a 300,000 tonnes nuclear spaceship, Orion. The spaceship will be built in the Kiel dockyards. It will then be towed to an artificial island in the North Sea. 500 Atom bombs will be used to kick it in high Earth orbit where it will be commissioned. If all goes well an expedition will be launched towards the moon in one year to establish a base there.

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