Alternative History
Spanish Republic
Republica Española
Timeline: Empire of Forever

OTL equivalent: Spain, Portugal
Flag Coat of Arms
Flag of Spain Coat of Arms of Spain
Location of Spain
Map of Spain
Anthem "Anthem of the Republic"
Capital Madrid
Largest city Madrid
Other cities Barcelona, Lisbon, Valencia, Naples, Macau
  others Catalan, Portuguese, Basque, Italian, Chinese, Sicilian
Ethnic Groups
  others Catalan, Basque, Galician, Portuguese, Italian, Chinese
Demonym Spanish
Government Federal Republic
Prime Minister
Area 958,219 km²
Population 76,324,253 inh.
Established 1931
Currency Euro
Time Zone UTC, +1, +8, -6
Calling Code +34
Internet TLD .es
Organizations European Union, Commonwealth of Spanish Nations

Spain is a European country. It holds domains and territories in four continents (Africa, America, Asia and Europe).


Spain is divided into 5 greater regions, each divided in autonomous communities, and 4 special territories.

Region Capital Area (km²) Population
Aragon Barcelona 108,080 14,853,713
Castilla Madrid 388,471.2 29,559,324
Italia Napoli 88,183 17,850,709
Portugal Lisboa 92,090 10,707,924
Sahara El Aaiun 273,447 2,611,593
Special territory Capital Area (km²) Population
Ceuta Ceuta 19.5 78,320
Galapagos Puerto Natura 7,880 19,184
Macau Macau 29.2 542,200
Melilla Melilla 12.3 72,000