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Kingdom of Spain
Reino de España
Timeline: Great Nuclear War

OTL equivalent: Spain, Gibraltar
Flag Coat of Arms
Flag Coat of Arms
Location of Spain
Location of the Spanish State (In Green)

Non Plus Ultra

Anthem "Marcha Real"
(and largest city)
Other cities Barcelona, Palma de Maiorca Siviglia and Santiago
  others Catalian, Galician, Basque, Portuguese and others
  others Atheism, Judaism and others
Ethnic Groups
  others Basque, Catalian, Portuguese, Arab and others
Demonym Spanish
Government Constitutional and parliamentary monarchy
  legislature Spanish Parliament
King of Spain Philip IV
  Royal house: Borbon
Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy
Area 505.384 km²
Population 46,468,102 
Currency Peseta
Organizations ILON, NATO and EU

Spain, officially the Kingdom of Spain, is a Sovereign Nation in Iberia, Southwestern Europe, as well as territory in Northern Africa. It was formed after the death of Francisco Franco in the 1965 after have nominated Juan Carlos King of Spain.


Great Nuclear War

With the war, Spain wasn't touched, but the Government in Madrid declare martial law and the military law for the Civilians, in the same after a week Franco have invited the Royal Family at Madrid for say when he died Juan Carlos will succeed at Franco as King of Spain.

In the next years Spain have make contact with all the new and old countries in the Mediterranean Sea and in Western Europe, the relations with France, Andorra and Portugal never stopped even with the war and the Franco decide of help Portugal at recover himself with sending of Pesetas, humanitarian aid and help, military troops and other type of help for the government of Porto. Salazar thankful Franco for the help and the relations between Portugal and Spain groe better. 

During the 60s the Spanish economy started slowly to grown, thanks at the commercial traffic with the other European countries and with Portugal, but also with the newly Republic of Rif, a state created during the war again the Canary isles. 

Death of Franco

On the 20th November 1965 Franco died for an infart, after his death the Cortes and the Prime Minister have declared restored the Spanish Monarchy as Franco want. On the 5th October 1965 Spain has returned to the monarchy, and Juan Carlos I was proclaimed King of Spain.

Contact With the United Kingdom

In 1972 contact was created with United Kingdom, when a ship of the Royal Navy docked in Santiago, and then in Gibraltar when the British discover what happened at Gibraltar. While relations were warm at first, Great Britain demanded the return of Gibraltar to them. Spain staunchly defused, and continues to do so. This remains an issue between the two states, and both seek diplomatic solution.

Proposed Re-unification with the Western Sahara and Canaries Isles

Flag of the Federal Republic of Canaries and Paìs del Oro.

In the spring of the 1978 the Spanish Government of Madrid have made the decision of making a expeditionary force for see what remain of the Canaries Isles and Western Sahara, the 15th April of the same year a convoy of Spanish Royal Navy docked at the port of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, the highest officials in command was bring in the Presidential Palace, there they have met the president Alfonso Soriano Benítez de Lugo and the prime minister Mahfoud Ali Beiba, after a long explanation about the situation in Spain and of the return of the Monarchy in Spain and the situation in Europe, Lugo and Beiba have say after the nuclear war the colony of the Canaries and of the Western Sahara was cut out from the Europe, except for some radio broadcast from the Azores, the two colonies have established a provisional government for survive.

After a year of no information or response from Spain it was declare in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria the Federal Republic of Canaries and Paìs del Oro in the Parliament gathered for declare the independence from Spain, it was also created a federal constitution, two federal states, Canaries and Paìs del Oro and a national flag. The republic have bad relations with Morocco because of a war between the republic and Morocco in the first of the 70s, but neutral relations with Algeria and Mauritania.

The government for now have refused the offer of the Kingdom of Spain of united at there, but it will be decided with a referendum the 10th October of the 1992, 400 years from the marriage of Ferdinand II of Aragon and Isabella of Castile.

In the '70s Spain also send a expedition in Equatorial Guinea for see what happened at their, when the Spanish arrived at Boko, the capital city, they have discover that the Colony was disable in the first days of the winter of 1962 by a group of nationalists, most of the settlers remain in Guinea and only some decide to go to South Africa, after this the Spanish officer accept the independence of Guinea as disposed by the government of Madrid, also they have visited the other western African countries, with the return of the ships in Spain all Spanish or European settlers decide to return in Spain.

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