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The Kingdom of Spain
El reino de españa
Timeline: The 1800's
OTL equivalent: Kingdom of Spain
Flag Coat of arms
Praeterea Supra
Real marcha española
Official languages Spanish, Latin
Demonym Spanish
Government Composite monarchy
 -  King Ferdinand VII
Currency Spanish peseta

The Kingdom of Spain or commonly known as Spain, is a nation in Europe that borders France and Portugal. The nation is a Composite monarchy under Ferdinand VII. From the 1800's, Spain was a superpower in Europe because of the economic reforms and the military expansion. The nation encompasses six overseas territories, which are Canary Islands, Cape-Verde islands, Balearic Islands, and others. The nation borders the Mediterranean Sea to the south, and the Atlantic Ocean to the west.

The nation is ruled by Ferdinand VII, which is a Spanish monarch that introduced Composite monarchy into the nation of Spain. Spain is one of the oldest monarchies in Europe, introducing the monarchy in 1492 and continuing to expand influence across Europe.

Culturally, Spain is one of the traditional cultural influential nations in Europe, as the culture consists of traditional Spanish culture, like holidays, castles, and other traditional stuff.

The military of Spain is consistent of the Spanish Navy and Spanish Ground Forces. Each help the nation in wars and interventions.


For history prior to 1800, see History of Spain

Kingdom of Spain

Ferdinand Era