Alternative History
Rukwani Republic Under Spanish Rule (1684-1700)
Spanish East Africa (1700-1779/1815-1921)
Preceded by March 28th 1684 - January 19th 1779/April 11th 1815 - June 7th 1921 Succeeded by

Sulungai Republic Spanish East Africa Company 1815: Dutch East Africa (⛔️Coming Soon)


Dutch East Africa (⛔️Coming Soon) 1921: Kingdom of Tanganyika Province of Zanzibar and Pemba

Flag Coat of Arms
Flag Coat of Arms
Anthem "Marcha Real"
Capital New Madrid (Dar es Salaam)
Largest city Dodoma
Language Spanish (Official)

Afrikaans (Until 1815) Portuguese Latin Swahili Kikongo Kirundi Kinyarwanda Zanzibarian Persian

Religion Catholic Church
Ethnic Group 81.4% Spaniards

64.8% Portuguese 1.12% Indigenous 0.4% Other

Government Military occupation (1684-1700)

Colony of Spain (1700-1779/1815-1921)

Monarch Alfredo VI of Spain (1684-1741) (First)

Ferdinand III of Spain (1741-1763)

Henry V of Spain (1763-1785)

Alfonso XIII (1886–1921) (Last)

  Royal house: House of Trastámara-Grimaldi (1684-1763)

House of Trastámara (1763-1779/1815-1830) House of Bourbon (1830-1921)

Prime Minister José Luyando (1815-1822) (First)

Eduardo Dato (1913-1921) (Last)

Population 61.512% 
Established ◾️Established By SEAC (1684)

◾️Spanish Discoveries Medieval Gold & Iron Mining That Second Persian Empire Created a Medieval Mine In East Africa After Medieval Settlement In Africa (Early 1685)

◾️End of Occupation (1700)

◾️Theatre Build (1701)

◾️Kikongo-Spanish War (1711-1779)

◾️Seven Years War (1754-1763)

◾️Trastámara-Grimaldi Split & Assassination of Ferdinand Grimaldi III of Spain (1763)

◾️Watermill Build (1771)

◾️Exchanged with Netherlands & Peace Treaty with Kikongo Empire (1779)

◾️Sold Back to Spain & Second Spanish Revolution (1815)

◾️Spanish Meteorology Study About Weather In Tanganyikan Colonial Town If He Decided To Make Windmill With Metal Measuring Spoon & Reported The Mystery Weather Called Cyclone Nearly Indian Ocean (1851)

◾️Rail transport Build (1863)

◾️Long Depression (1874)

◾️Russian Flu (1880-1890)

◾️Spanish Chef Created A Special Meal Called Rice & Crab Arms (1887)

◾️World War 1 (1915)

◾️Russian Empire Victory (1917)

◾️Spanish Flu (1918-1920)

◾️Independence with Spanish Realm (1921) (1921)

Annexation to Sulungai Republic
  date March 28th 1684
Currency Spanish peseta

Spanish colonial real (1700-1785)

Organizations Ibero-Benelux Commonwealth (Until 1908)