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There have been growing calls over the past few years for there to be sporting links between the various survivor nations of the former United Kingdom. It is felt that such links would do much to engender fraternal feelings between the nations. Football and cricket teams from Woodbridge and Essex play each other on a regular basis but that is simpler because those two nations are immediate neighbours. A number of suggestions have been made for such competitions

  • The champions of each nation's domestic football League could compete in a post-season Competion
  • There could also be a competition between each nation's national team in the manner of the old British Home Championship
  • Similar competitions could take place between cricket teams
  • Horse Racing - both flat and jumps
  • Rugby - both Union and League
  • Motorsport - motorbikes, powered by bio-ethanol - Speedway, 125cc, 250cc, off-roading, motocross, trails biking.
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