Alternative History

Sport in Cygnia is an important part of Cygnian culture dating back to the early colonial period. Football is the most played and the most popular outdoor team sport in Cygnia by participation. Cricket, rugby union and horse racing are among the earliest organised sports in Cygnia. Sport has shaped the Cygnian national identity through events such as the Ashes and the Melbourne Cup.

There are a number of professional sport leagues in Cygnia, including the Premier League (football), the Big Bash League (BBL) and Sheffield Shield (cricket), the National Basketball League and the Women's National Basketball League, the Cygnian Baseball Championship (CBC), the National Rugby League (rugby league), Super Rugby (rugby union), and the International V8 Supercars Championship (touring car racing). Attendance for the Premier League, BBL and CBC over the course of a single season tops 86 million.

Major professional sports leagues in Cygnia do not practise promotion and relegation, unlike sports leagues in Europe.

The media plays an important part in Cygnia's sporting landscape, with many sporting events televised or broadcast on radio. The government has anti-siphoning laws to protect free-to-air stations. Beyond televising live events, there are many sport-related television and radio programs, as well as several magazine publications dedicated to sport.

As a nation, Cygnia has competed in many international events, including the Olympics and Paralympics. The country has also twice hosted the Summer Olympics in Melbourne (1956) and Sydney (2000).

The city of Melbourne is famous for its major sport events and is often considered the 'sporting capital'.