Stan Lee
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Stan lee 580x
Portrait of Stan Lee

35th President Of the United States

Predecessor Joseph P. Kennedy
Successor Mel Brooks
Vice President Mel Brooks
Born December 28, 1922
New York City, New York, USA
Died N/A
Political Party Marvel
Profession Writer, Editor, Publisher, Producer, Actor.

Stan Martin Lee is a former comic book writer and producer, who went into politics and joined the Timely Party, which became the Marvel Party, under his control. He was elected president in 1961, and was the first Marvel Party President. He worked for equal rights among all races, and for women. He also had a strong, Anti-Communist stance, and backed many technical projects to give the US the advantage over the USSR. His term as president also saw an escalation in the Vietnam conflict, as US, CSA, and Japanese troops backed the Democratic South Vietnam, against the Soviet and Chinese backed North Vietnam

He officially retired from Politics in 1988.

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