Provisional Government of Pennsylvania at State College
State College
Timeline: 1983: Doomsday

OTL equivalent: State College,PA, Pennsylvania Mountains
Flag of Pennsylvania Seal of Pennsylvania
Flag Coat of Arms
PA map Susquehanna
Area claimed by State College in red

Virtue, Liberty and Independence

(and largest city)
State College
Other cities Center Hall, Bellefonte, Boalsburg
Language English
Governor Rick Santorum
Lieutenant Governor Glenn Thompson
Area 28,193 km²
Population 425,000 
Independence July 4th, 1985
Currency American Dollar, Barter




The city of State College, Pennsylvania, along with the immediate area around it was not hit with any nuclear weapons whatsoever. However, the area immediately fell into chaos for several weeks as the town became isolated from the state government (which unbeknownst to them was making their way to State College) and federal government. Eventually the mayor along with the local police and National Guardsman managed to maintain relative control over State College along with the nearby towns of Centre Hall, Pine Grove Mills, Bellefonte, Houserville, Zion and Boalsburg.

In early October of 1983, Pennsylvania Governor Dick Thornburgh, Lieutenant Governor William Scranton III, Attorney General LeRoy S. Zimmerman and a handful of state senators and representatives along with a few other officials who had escaped the destruction of Harrisburg, arrived at State College whereupon control of the area was transferred from the mayor to the state government.

Scouts were sent down US Highways 322 and 220 to investigate reports of another survivor group in Altoona. The scouts were overjoyed when they found Altoona with a functioning government with a fairly successful city-state. The two city-states formed a union declaring themselves the "Provisional Government of Pennsylvania at State College" with the idea that when the federal government returned the area they would be under its jurisdiction as the state of Pennsylvania.

Throughout the late 1980's and 1990's the area was plagued with raids from cannibalistic gangs and rogue army units. The State college militia was able to subdue most of these attackers but at a great cost in lives. State College also attempted to exert it's control over the surrounding areas. While initially successful in persuading many small towns and villages to join their Union including Williamsport and a few Southern New York state counties to the north and Brookville, Punxsutawney and Du Bois to the west, their luck soon came to an end.

A city-state centered around the St. Mary's area violently repulsed an attempt to send scouts, killing 53 of the 56 member team in cold blood. The three survivors were able to stagger back to safe territory and reported the massacre to State College's leaders who were shocked that their "fellow Americans" would commit such a horrid act.

The events in St. Mary also proved that State College could not enforce the rule of law wherever they wish. Many people soon became cynical about trying to reach out to anyone else. A strong isolationist movement began to form in the late 1980's in which State College governed it's own affairs without giving a thought towards helping or attempting to annex any other city states.

In 1995 after almost a decade of isolation State College finally had stable contact with another democratic survivor group in Oil City. Soon the two nations established relations in the form of a mutual assistance pact.

The new-found allies also plotted a joint assault on the St. Marys regime to cripple the operations of the so called "Keystone Raiders", the largest gang in Pennsylvania.

Despite many casualties, the St.Marys city-state was handed a crushing defeat. While it did not end the raider problem it did destroy the raiders' leadership, causing an already uneasy alliance amongst the gangs to fall apart into a bloody power struggle. For next few years the State College/Oil City alliance did not have to send any more troops to fight the gangs because they were already doing a good enough job themselves of tearing each other apart.

In the early 2000's sporadic contact was made with survivors in Allentown and the long rumored "Virginian Republic". It was not until a joint Virginia-Kentucky Military expedition made it to State College to establish formal relations with them and their allies in Oil City.


State Colleges three largest employers are Pennsylvania State University, AccuWeather and the government. Agriculture also provides a decent number of jobs in food production.

Altoona is soon becoming a critical city because of the rail lines that are being restored and extended with the hope of linking Kentucky and Virginia with State College with the possibility of one day linking up to Vermont.

Before Doomsday AccuWeather was the world's largest private weather forecasting service in the world. Their network of stations had been crippled outside of the immediate State College area. However, bureaus have been established in Virginia, Kentucky, Blue Ridge and East Tennessee. By 2012 AccuWeather hopes to expand into Republic of West Texas, Vermont, Canada, Aroostook, Utah and the United States.


Prior to Doomsday the area was heavily Republican and this trend has continued to this day. Both the Governor and Lieutenant Governor are Republicans and the GOP holds decent majorities in the House and Senate. One major difference since the events of Doomsday is the great sense of cooperation felt between citizens across the political spectrum. Both Republicans and Democrats have worked together on a bipartisan basis to pass major legislation into law.

Foreign Relations

State College has only recently had contact with survivors outside of the state of Pennsylvania. However, they have established strong relations with Kentucky, Keene, Vermont and Virginia and have sent an application to the League of Nations. In 2000, the nation came in contact with the Commonwealth of Susquehanna, and currently enjoys positive relations and trade.

The government is currently in talks with the governor of North Pennsylvania and the Commonwealth of Susquehanna to form a political organization, and possibly reunification.


Governor Santorum Announcing a Trade Agreement With Kentucky


The People of State College are highly educated thanks to Penn State University being located right in the heart of their territory near Bellefonte. There are also numerous campuses located throughout the nation offering a variety of programs.


The provisional government's military is composed of the National Guardsmen and volunteers of central Pennsylvania. Over time the troops have become a more mobile force in order to combat marauders coming who occasionally invade from the devastated south. The Dixie Alliance has started supplying State College with weapons and vehicles to help bolster the nation's military.


National Guard On Patrol

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