Hello, and welcome to States of America: Northern Defeat!


In this Map Game, the USA made more early gains in Canada, worrying the UK, as they wanted to keep some of their North American colonies, so they committed a larger force, utterly crushing the USA at several battles, the most notable being the Battle of Niagara. After the USA was driven from Canada, vengeful British commanders continued down through the USA, burning many cities to the ground. When Washington was burned down, the USA was destroyed. The Northern States, frustrated with the failure of the US government to defend them, declared independence, and the Southern States declared independence to give them the power to control their own laws. As casualties mounted, the British halted their expansion and withdrew from all but the Ohio Country and parts of Maine, which were annexed.

However, you're probably wondering how this all happened with the British having the available forces, At the [1] in Saxony (16–19 October 1813), also called the "Battle of the Nations", 191,000 French fought more than 300,000 Coalition forces, and in OTL the French won, but in this TL the French were routed after Napoleon was killed by enemy soldiers, allowing the British to end the Napoleonic Wars by the end of 1813 and send a large amount of troops to fight the Americans, allowing this TL's ending to the War of 1812.


The Game starts in 1816.

Turns are in years.

Game will start with just the former American states.

After three turns, the game will expand to include all of North America.

Every day at 5 PM Eastern Standard Time a new turn will start, and anyone may post the new turn.



 DS|Fear the Mutated Dean Sims Bomb, Fear It  and  Mafia (talk

The Map

1830 SOA.png

Changes Needed

1817: New Spain advanced ~100 miles north into OTL Oregon Territory.

OK, will fix it.

Brazil is not part of Portugal any more.

1830: Spain never gave the CRA any land in South America. Please fix.

1831/2: Serbia and Montenegro are in union now. Serbia has annexed Albania.


North America

South America and Caribbean



  • Iranian Republic(formerly Persia): Tpetrie01 (talk) 16:23, July 31, 2013 (UTC - 5)


Kingdom of Algeria: Vassal to Prussia (Feudalplague (talk) 23:08, July 22, 2013 (UTC))

Ethiopia:Rcchang (talk) 12:43, October 1, 2013 (UTC)

Current Alliances

  • East-West Free Trade Organisation (States of America: Northern Defeat Map Game) (Japan, Russia, Spain, Naples, China, and American Union)
  • American Union-German Trade Agreement
  • British-Persian Alliance
  • British-German Alliance and Trade Agreement
  • Chinese-German Trade and Research Agreement
  • Gran Colombian-CRA Alliance
  • Gran Columbian Allegiance to Spain
  •  Japo-Neapolitan Alliance and Trade Agreement
  • Japo-Spanish Alliance and Trade Agreement
  • Neapolitan-Chinese Trade Agreement
  • Ottoman-Persian Alliance
  • Ottoman-Swiss Alliance
  • Persian-Portuguese Alliance
  • Spanish-New Spanish Trade Agreement
  • German-Dutch Trade Agreement
  • German-AU Alliance and Trade Agreement
  • Russo-Chinese Trade Agreement
  • Russo-German Alliance and Trade Agreement
  • Russo-Japanese Alliance and Trade Agreement
  • Russo-Neapolitan Alliance and Trade Agreement
  • Russo-Spanish Alliance and Trade Agreement
  • Rumanian-Serbian-Ottoman-Montenegrin-Bulgarian-Bosnian-Albanian Defensive Alliance
  • Pro-Spanish Allies (Spain, Russia, Naples, Colombia)
  • Pro-English Allies (Britain, France, North Italy, Brazil, Quebec)

The Game






Virginia: Works on developing the military.

': Military, infrastructure and economy are improved.

Pennsylvania: Military develops, a pro-British political party begins to rise in power. New Jersey is asked to unite.

New Jersey Dip: 1-5 yes, 6-10 no: 5, Yes. New Jersey accepts Pennsylvania's offer.

North Carolina: Develops infrastructure. Repairs are made to any damages caused by the war. The economy is repairing. The Governor is declared the President until a constitution can be drafted and election rules made. He reforms the militias into a standing army. Numerous shipyards are built to develop a navy and a trade fleet. South Carolina is asked to unite. 

  • Georgia Diplomacy: If South Carolina refuses, we offer to aid in an invasion in exchange for splitting it 35% Georgia, 65% North Carolina. We offer an alliance.
  • North Carolina Diplomacy: The President agrees to Georgia's offer and accepts their alliance offer.
  • South Carolina Diplomacy: 1-5 Unite, 6-10 independent (RNG Please)

Georgia: Governor is declared president temporarily until an emergency election can be held. Begins to repair infrastructure and raises a small navy. Forts are built off the coast to defend shipping.

Mississippi: The Democratic Republic of Mississippi works on a Declaration of Confederation, in which it invites Louisiana, Tennessee and Kentucky as the Confederate Republics of Southern America. Emphasis is placed upon sovereignty of each individual state, and the ability to allow free-trade between nation-states of the Confederacy. The military is improved, and Colonel Andrew Jackson is elected President of the Democratic Republic.

  • Mississippian Diplomacy: We propose an alliance with Virginia.
  • Mississippian Diplomacy: We ask to buy all of the land south of Mississippi from Spain for $7,500,000. (Louisiana Purchase OTL was $15,000,000, so it a generous offer).
  • If 1-10, one state accepts. If 10-20, two states accept. If 20-30 all states accept. (RNG please)
  • Louisiana was already American. Currently within its lands new nations are forming, but you can expand into it without causing war.
  • RNGs for the states: 1-6 Yes, 7-10 No: Kentucky 8, NO.  Tennessee, 6, YES.
  • I'm playing as Louisiana. What is the name of the nation north of the OTL state?
  • Louisiana Territory.


Kentucky unites with Virginia.

Indiana unites with Ohio.

Chesapeake unites with Pennsylvania, re-organizing it into the Federated States of America.

Massachusetts unites with its allies Connecticut and Rhode Island.

FSA: Continues development, a pro-British political party continues to rise in power and popularity.

North Carolina: North Carolina continues development of the new nation. Roads are built to connect the country. A series of forts are started to be constructed around the borders. North Carolina offers to export cotton to any nation that wants to buy or trade. A constitution similar to the former United States is drafted. The current president will stay in office until elections, next year. The military is built up and several ships are in the process of being built. South Carolina is asked again if they will united with the north. RNG please. 

RNG By Dean: 1-7 Yes, 8-10 No. 2. YES

  • South Carolina Diplomacy: South Carolina accepts North Carolina's offer to Unite into one nation.
  • Just so you know, those territories you're going to invade have been annexed by other players, so it would mean a full scale algorithm for the war. Once the game reaches North America then will be up for sale.

Ohio: The population they unite with Indiana The State Army is seen to be wearing blue versions of the uniform worn by the British Redcoats.

You can't just give yourselves a load of weapons and designs Mafia (talk)

Georgia: A fort is constructed off the coast of Savannah for protection from the British and pirates. Five sloops are built, and armed with ten 8-inch falconet cannons, and 12 20-inch field guns. The capital is moved to the city of Athens temporarily. Construction begins on a new capital named Atlanta. A census is taken with a population of 6.9 million people. The military has 78,000 men in the militia, many operating in small towns.

5.2 million is about right, remember it's 1817, not 2013

A site I looked on said the population of Georgia in 1790 was 6.9 million.

OK, I trust you. I'll make it 6.9.


You control the Canadian troops you can raise, not the British Empire troops, they will be neutral except to defend you if you are attacked. They will also go under the British Empire's command when the whole world is opened up to players.

And you only get Ontario. The western areas are too loose and not enough people for a player. Those will be British direct ruled. You're still quite large, though. DS|Fear the Mutated Dean Sims Bomb, Fear It

New Spain: The governate of New Spain begins mobilizing and training massive amounts of military forces. Asks the governates of Cuba and New Granada to meet with him secretly, to discuss a few things. Inspired by the American Revolutionary War, they secretly discuss independence from Spain. New Spain asks for the allegiance should such an event occur. Expansion northward ~100 miles into OTL Oregon territory occurs. 

  • RNG 1-6 YES, 7-10 NO: New Granada, 3, YES, Cuba, 6, YES
  • New Granada and Cuba agree.
  • Georgia Diplomacy: We would support New Spain seceding from the Spanish Empire, and will provide your military with arms. We ask eventually though to purchase OTL Florida for $10.5 million.
  • North Carolina: We also will support new Spain. We Propose an offer to Georgia, splitting the price for Florida 50/50 for half of Florida. 
  • Georgia Diplomacy: We politely decline, but offer to allow you to construct a base in the Keys region.
  • North Carolina: North Carolina will accept this counteroffer.

Mississippi: With the addition of Tennessee, we rename the nation The Confederate Republics of America (CRA). The Declaration of Confederation is accepted, and finalized by both Mississippi and Tennessee. The "states" will be called Republics, a throwback to the time when each state was independent and sovereign. Mississippi decides to create another Republic, the Republic of Alabama (OTL Alabama). The military is improved, as President Andrew Jackson decides to expand into the Louisiana Territory. Two new regions are declared, the State of Arkansas, and the State of Missouri. (States are like territories OTL, Republics are like states.)

  • Mississippian Diplomacy: We propose an alliance with Virginia.
    • Virginia: Yes
  • Mississippian Diplomacy: We ask to buy all of the land south of Mississippi/Alabama from Spain for $7,500,000. (Louisiana Purchase OTL was $15,000,000, so it a generous offer)
    • Spain: No
  • Mississippian Diplomacy: We offer to Virginia and Kentucky to join the CRA as the Republic of Virginia and the Republic of Kentucky.
    • Virginia: Yes
  • Georgia Diplomacy: We apologize for our threats, there was a misunderstanding in our government. We offer an alliance to your nation.

New York: Unites with Vermont, and takes the name Union of America (UA), and later New Hampshire joins. Offers the FSA and the CRA an alliance. begins to work on making the military well better armed, and to create a healthy economic sphere.

  • Georgia: Asks for an alliance with the UA.
  • UA: accepts





  • The Confederate Republics of America: President Andrew Jackson welcomes the Republics of Virginia and Kentucky into the CRA, and he orders the expansion of the States of Arkansas and Missouri. Enraged by the deaths of some settlers in the expansion, he takes the lead of the military and begins a minor war on the Indians of the Louisiana Territory. Following a grand victory, the States of Arkansas and Missouri grow even more! Slavery and plantations help the economy. We ask to buy parts of the Floridian panhandle for $7.5 million.
  • North Carolina: After the unification of the Carolinas. Congress decides to change the name of the nation to The Carolinian Republic. Representatives from the the former South Carolina lands are admitted as members of congress. Elections are held and John Branch of Halifax is elected President with John Geddes of Charleston as his Vice President. Forts are built on the borders of South Carolina and roads are built as well to connect it with the North. The military is solidified into three parts: A standing army, local militias for national defense and a standing navy.
  • Georgia: The government again offers to purchase . More forts are constructed to defend the borders.
    • I'm sorry, but none of you guys has that kind of money. You guys just collapsed, the only one who really could purchase anything right now is, well, no one. Wait until 1820 then start buying.
    • I can Mafia (talk)
  • ​FSA: Continues to become pro-British, development continues.
  • New England: Two thousand soldiers are drafted from different states. Slavery is abolished, and a president is to be elected by 1820. 
  • AU: Three thousand men are drafted. Guns continue to be produced, and work begins on a navy. economic relations continue to be open. 
  • 'British Colonial Administration We move troops to the border with the former USA.


  • Carolinian Republic: The economy explodes with the invention of the cotton gin. The government keeps a wrap on its design. The nation soon becomes a leading exporter of cotton. The military is expanded and equipped with upgraded weaponry. The government condemns Spain's actions in and their colonies. They call for negotiations between Spain and New Spain for an end to hostilities. 
  • FSA: Troops are placed along the border for defensive tactics only, Buildup continues.
  • New Spain: Forces are rasied from all corners of the country, named the Nuevo Pueri, in order to fight off Spain. They ask New Granada and Cuba for troops, and Cuba to join them in there fight for independence as a member of New Spain. No land will be sold at this time, as we are fighting for independence. 
  • Georgia Diplomacy: We are not taking over Florida, we are removing the Spanish. We also send you 10,000 muskets and 12 cannons.
    • ​Following upon their previous agreement, New Granada declares independence as Gran Colombia, and we offer New Spain an alliance. Cuba revolts and forms the Caribbean Confederation, also allying with New Spain.
  • Brazil: Expands south into unclaimed (or is it part of France or something?). Asks for Portugal to send troops and a military advisor to improve the colonial military.
  • Mod: Portugal sends troops and a military advisor to improve your colonial military

Argentina is the Provinces of Rio de Plata, thus you cannot expand there. G greg e (talk)

Thanks for clearing that up.

  • Georgia: We send 10,000 muskets and 12 cannons to the rebels in New Spain. With Louisiana joining Georgia, there is a vote to name the nation American Federation. A 5000-man militia with 100 cavalrymen, and eight cannons attack the Spanish in Florida.
  • The Confederate Republics of America: President Andrew Jackson, in the last year of his first term, begins to see if Louisiana would be more willing to join the CRA. We show our more extensive trade relations, and alliance network. We also begin settling Oklahoma, and the Indians welcome us since we provide them much desired tobacco and cotton. We talk of vassalization. Arkansas and Missouri grow even more. Slavery and plantations help the economy. We help the New Spaniards.
    • The CRA seeks an alliance with: France, UK, Gran Colombia







Prussia: Following the alliance with Hannover we begin to influence their populace to come into Union to form a Greater Germany, We also begin to influence Bavaria and ask for trade with them in order to begin the formation of a Greater German economy. We also increase our military size to 500,000 active troops with another 1,000,000 in reserve to be called up in case of a major war. We begin the construction of a fleet to sail and establish a possible colony in the Indonesian Islands. mining for resources continues to go up as we begin an infrastructural campaign to make travel across Prussia much faster and easier

FSA: We unite with the Federation of Ohio.

France: Development is given a large boost and people begin to enlist in the French armed forces.

British Empire: Troops move into Zululand, and we invade Florida, (Does this game have an algorithm?). We commission several more ships-of-the-line. We offer an alliance with Prussia. British Privateers prey on American shipping. The Slave Trade abolition movement grows in strength. We colonize the rest of OTL Canada, and give the country that has claimed some of it one year to evacuate, or we will invade that section.

  • Prussia D: We accept alliance and request large scale trade.
    • British D: Agreed.

We border Zululand, and why can't I invade Florida?

You're near them, you don't border them.

Ottoman Empire: We begin modernizing the military and building up the economy, and the Emperor issues a statement saying that the Ottomans will not start any wars or conflicts, and asks the nations of Europe for trade deals. We send settlers to Madagascar. We expand into Africa.
The Confederate Republics of America

Bavaria: Bavaria offers an alliance to UK and promises that if the UK agrees, no war attacks will be launched on either end.

  • British Diplomacy: We agree to the alliance.

Bavaria: Starts modernizing their army and creating mandatory military service for at least two years.

Persia: Starts to build up defenses

  • British D: Offers a military alliance.









  • Ottoman Empire: We build our military and economy as well as start industrializing, with weapons factories as well as other factories being built. The Emperor agrees to appoint a new Council, with one representative from each ethnic group, and although, this Peoples Council doesn't have very much power, it will largely influence the Emperor and his future choices. Madagascar colony expands. We declare war on Oman and invade, and we land troops in their African colony. The Ottomans begin construction of a canal in Suez. We expand into Africa.
    • Persian D: Offers an alliance.
    • Ottoman Diplomacy: We accept.
  • Persia: We build our military and economy and start industrializing, with particular emphasis placed on weapon manufacture. Roads are built across the nation. 
  • France: Continues to develop.
    • Offers an alliance, provided they join up with the Ottoman Empire as well
    • France: However, we decline wish to sign an NAP.
  • Prussia: We colonize West Africa setting up a military colony with a civilian populace of about 8000. The Prussian navy manages to supply them very well and works on expanding the colony over the next few years. More talks of other colonies are being brought up - especially in Indonesia. Prussia begins development of the navy a bit more in an attempt to secure its trading passageways more thoroughly. We offer unification with the weak Bavaria. (RNG 1-4 yes 5 unsued 6-10 no 3 yes. Bavaria agrees to unite with Prussia.) Prussia continues to influence Hannover ''''heavily with our monarch coming into close relations with their own leader. We immediately move troops into Bavaria following the unification and begin large scale integration projects in order to make them more Prussian and Unified Germany oriented. We continue Industrialization. We send military scout ships to the uncolonized North Africa to survey the area for colonization. We officially stake our claim to the area. We use our influence in Hannover to establish 10,000 troops from Hannover loyal to Prussia on the border with Hannover.
    • Algeria: We begin expansion down into the central part of North Africa. We begin economic improvement and establish a small military base for the Prussians in Tunis Harbor. Local troops are sent to trade tactics with Prussian military commanders numbering around 2000 to increase at a later date.
    • Persia: Offers alliance to Prussia.
      • Prussian D: We make an offer to the United Provinces for a trade agreement. We also ask the Kingdom of Algeria in North Africa if they wish to become a protectorate/Vassal of the Kingdom of Prussia
      • MOD: Dutch Diplomacy: We accept.
      • MOD Algeria: We accept.
  • American Union: A rising power.. we ask for trade relations with the old world. asks for an alliance with the CRA. Military and economy are improved.
  • Prussia D: We accept a trade agreement with the American Union 
  • Austrian Empire: In the light of the new shown expansionism of Prussia an alliance is sent to France to form an alliance to keep the Prussians at bay. Kingdom of Naples is given an offer of vassalization to join the Austrian Empire (RNG 1-4 yes 5 unsued 6-10 no answer: 7 no. Just FYI - all RNG's are done by Mods.. no exceptions). Industrialization is started in Austria.
  • Hannover: The Kingdom of Hannover enjoys the close relationship with Prussia, holds off joining Prussia for now.  Meanwhile, the Kingdom of Hannover preps the military to make it a more offensive military. with plans to take over Denmark.
    • Prussia D: We re-iterate - any offensive action on Denmark will result in Hannover's full annexation by Prussia... do not invade them or face the consequences.
    • Hannover D: We will hold off action against Denmark, only if we are allowed to invade the Netherlands. 
    • Prussia Dip: You have a population of less than 300,000 and a small military. Any action will most likely end in your failure and probable destruction by the United Provinces.

Creates a major military base in Tehran..

Prussia D: We accept the alliance offer.

Persia: Begins mobilizing troops for possible military attacks. 

Portugal: We attempt to expand our African colonial borders to inside Africa. Also, we enforce colonial conscription, two years service, to fight natives if things get rough. 

  • Persia: Offers an alliance to Portugal.
  • Portugal: We accept the alliance, as Persia's location guarantees protection of Mozambique if Oman decides to attack.
  • Persia: Sends troops to Portugal, the Ottoman Empire and Prussia for an intended attack on Hanover.
  • Portugal: Starts extra mobilization in Mozambique, in a preparation to seize Omani African lands for the Portuguese realm.
  • Persia: Trains the troops to get ready for the invasion.
  • Portugal: In the last prerequisite for an invasion planned in 1822, Portuguese soldiers kidnap Omani citizens straying across the border into Mozambique.
  • Persia: Offers to try the immigrants in Persia, finding them guilty. They are all detained in a Tehran prison.
  • Portugal: In a colonial race against my larger rival Spain, Brazil is ordered to send more colonists to Tierra del Fuego, in exchange for improved infrastructure in Brazil's major cities.
  • Persia: Sends troops by ship to Portugal to hide them for an attack on Hannover.
  • Portugal: As the last major action before 1822, Portugal decides to colonize 200 miles north of Tierra del Fuego to gain a larger Portuguese-Brazilian foothold in Argentina/Chile. (my last move tonight)
  • Persia: Helps Portugal improve their national economy by manufacturing weapons.
  • American Federation: We offer a military alliance with any nation.
  • British Empire: Begins to build up the military. We ask Persia for an alliance.
  • Persian D: We accept.

Portugal: We decide to invade Oman behind schedule, so they have their military unprepared.  The port of Dar Es Salaam is used because the Omani military can't get there quick enough.

  • Portugal: Also, while the Omani soldiers quickly rush toward Dar Es Salaam, Portugal invades the border. War has officially begun.

The Confederate Republics of America: President Andrew Jackson, during his second term, continues to vassalize Oklahoma, with lots of Americans settling there. We integrate Louisiana into the Confederacy, and Jackson orders a massive survey of all the land in it. He begins asking cartographers to make maps of potential new states, and proposes one idea to Congress. It is under debate. (Map to be made) Slavery and plantations help the economy. We help the New Spaniards, but also fight to take the coast south of Oklahoma, west of Louisiana for our own, if the New Spaniards are OK with it.

  • ​The CRA offers the American Federation to join as the Republics of Carolina and Louisiana. (To Dae- This is the arrangement Local and I had worked out: We are one nation, but each person controls their own states/republics. Overall presidency changes every four years depending on election results. i e, President from Georgia, you control Federal Government.)

'Naples and Sicily:' We begin manufacturing weapons and creating several line infantry units. We ask Spain for a trade agreement and an alliance.

All right guys, attacking Spain is implausible and everything you're doing has to be under one thing. So everything you do to Portugal must be under one sign bolded "Portugal." Same goes for Persia, also as for implausibility. The Pope decreed the separation of the two countries and they won't officially go to war with each other.. wouldn't happen. Also, as powerful as Persia is.. it has no way of getting its troops to Europe.

Persia: Sends its soldiers to Oman to stage a raid of its oil wells.

  • Returns to Persia with an extensive amount of oil. Begins using oil as an economic lever to boost the economy.

China: China solidifies its control over its territories. The Emperor hearing of the events in the Americas realizes the empire needs to modernize. The Emperor asks European nations to send advisors to help modernize the country and allow observers from China to visit said nations. A new agricultural initiative is set into place to make sure that every person in the empire is fed.  






Prussia: We begin more development of the countries infrastructure and large amounts of supplies are sent to the New West African Colony along with 5000 troops to facilitate growth of the Colony. Using out Client/Vassal state of Algeria we have continually moved into northern Africa. Two More Colony fleets are sent out another to North Western Africa, and Another to the Indonesian islands to begin construction of another Colony. We completely annex the vastly inferior Hannover and incorporate them into the Kingdom to prevent them from attacking someone. Their own Prussian leaning troops lead to the capture. Some small resistance is expected to remain. The military begins construction of artillery forts along the Austrian Border.

  • Algeria: Algerians continue securing more land for the Prussians aiming at giving them a new grouping of colonies to prevent Algeria from being turned into a colony. More soldiers are sent to study in Prussian schools while the current ones have returned and begin a Prussian influence on the Algerian population.

Persia: We continue to develop our nation to become more industrious. We place emphasis on military enlistment and continue to improve the infrastructure of the nation. Offers to buy part of the Prussian territory in Algeria for $5,000,000.

Naples and Sicily: We continue to upgrade the military, issuing standard weapons and uniforms. We build Indiamen to go east and expand trade. A fleet with settlers and soldiers set out to colonise OTL Angola.  'Diplomacy': We once again ask His Most Catholic Majesty of Spain, our own King Ferdinand's dear brother, for an alliance and trade agreement.


Highly implausible. Brazil didn't have the ability to have that many men at arms during this time period... please research your history Feudalplague (talk) 02:09, July 24, 2013 (UTC)

Persia: We start to develop our national security and continue to improve the industry in the nation. Emphasis is placed on oil wells and fossil fuels become a priority.

CRA: Early in the year, Oklahoma is vassalized and annexed into the CRA. This is after years of great relations between the people of Louisiana (and by extension Oklahoma), and the CRA. Andrew Jackson continues to pursue his options in the American Federation, and the Federation decides to join the CRA as the Republic of Carolina, the Republic of Georgia and the Republic of Louisiana. The surveyors and cartographers reach a conclusion about the new map of the CRA, and it includes the states of Minnesota, Dakota, Montana, Kansas, Oklahoma. The Republics are Mississippi, Alabama, Tennessee, Virginia, Kentucky, Carolina, Georgia, and Louisiana. Vassalization of the Caribbean Confederation and Gran Colombia begins. We point out the great deal of autonomy, as well as out acceptance of multi-culturalism. We point out our loosely organized system of government is very similar to theirs.

The CRA asks New Spain and the UK if we may begin negotiations for land formerly held by those two great nations. (Oregon/Washington, Texas from Spain; Michigan/Illinois, Florida, from the UK)
  • American Federation Diplomacy: We agree to join in a union with the CRA as the American Federation, but refuse to allow our nation to be divided.

Northern Italy: National Guards are placed in the national border. Industry is starting to be improved, with Turin being the main center of the Improvement program.

  • Neapolitan Diplomacy: We ask for an alliance.
  • North Italian Diplomacy: We accept the request.

UK: We invade Zululand (Algo pending)

China: China continues with its agricultural program to feed its inhabitants. The Emperor requests help from either European nations or American nations in help modernizing the country. We wish to send and receive advisors to said helping nation/nations. In return, we will set up trade with them. 

Prussia D: We will provide assistance to you in exchange for trade.

China D: We accept. 

Portugal: We declare a full scale war on Oman, despite Mozambican draft evaders (which we caught). We also ask for an alliance with Prussia.

Gran Colombia: The military is built up. While this, the federation begins pleading their government to not let itself fall under American influence, nor under influence of New Spain. While this, settlers are sent to the amazons to found small cities such as San Juan del Rio Grande.

Persia: Decides to assist Portugal in the war against Oman. Intends to help Portugal overthrow the government and establish a joint Portuguese-Persian democracy.

Portugal: Spain is offered a deal in South America. We will give Paraguay and half of Mato Grosso in exchange for a coastline to connect Brazil with uncolonized Argentina.

Persia and Portugal.. everything you do needs to be under ONE POST this will be the last time I tell you. Feudalplague (talk) 19:44, July 24, 2013 (UTC)

Ottoman Empire: We modernize and work on our military and industry. We offer Germany an alliance. Also, we accept the Swiss alliance offer. We see the potential of New Spain, and we offer a trade deal and send weapons and money to help them. We expand our Madagascar colony. We take a majority of the Omani African colony.

New Spain: Continues to draft forces to drive out the Spanish. Begins to create provincial governments. New Spain continues to develop trade. Forces continue to drive out Spanish forces.







Prussia/German Empire: Out of the Leading state of Prussia and its annexations the Empire of Germany is formed and begins nationalization of all three territories into a single Unified State. Hannover and Munich, however, remain provincial capitals - Hannover and Bavaria respectively as does Königsberg for Prussia. However, Brandenburg/ is named the capital of the Empire. With Colonial expansion in West Africa thanks to Hannover quite the surprise many people from Prussia proper are sent with Bavarians as well to the North West African Colony as well as the Indonesian Colony. The West African colony is named Arguin, while the Northwestern colony is named Groß Friedrichsburg. The colony in Indonesia is simply named Guinea. A small group of colonists - mostly people recruited as failed farmers or miners - are sent to the Northwestern Coast of Africa establishing a small colonial outpost in OTL Mauritania. The population reaches 200 civilian colonists as well as about 300 soldiers to defend them from natives with a constructed wall with some cannon emplacements. Taking a hint from the British Empires' previous rebellion in their thirteen colonies, a colonial council is created to hear the voice of the colonies of the German empire and to prevent the total exploitation of the colonies by an incompetent ruler in the future. The Monarch Frederick William III rules as the monarch of the new Germany.

  • China Diplomacy: The Emperor accepts the German's offer, and sends a trade fleet to Germany and picks up and drops off advisors. 
  • Algeria: The Expansion into the Desert links up with the large Saharan trade routes bringing in a large scale gold trade. Algerians begin to think more like Germans due to the lack of racial issues the Germans seem to have with them as well as the Algerian troops being trained in German military schools.

Portugal: We colonize an area called "Mahajanga" in northern Madagascar, and the Omani war continues.

New Spain: Celebrates their independence! Sends aid to the Republic of Panama. Province lines will be drawn up over the next year and plan to consists of Florida, Tejas, California, Baja California, Sonora, Baja Sonora, Mexico, Guadalajara, Deseret, Santa Fe, Alto California, Monterrey, Yucatan, Guatemala, and some others. New Spain, begins considering new names for the nation. 

China: With help from German advisors the empire starts to modernize. German military advisors start to inspect the army and naval forces. Advisors from different walks of modern society including industry, military, economy, etc. meet with the Emperor and his ministers to discuss modernization points and areas for improvement. In return for their help, China starts a continuous stream of trade ships to the German Empire laden with rice, tea, silk, spices and gunpowder. A particularly popular item for the German people are sets of pottery from Chinese craftsmen.

Colombia: The Republic movement is protected from the crisis as many rebellious leaders seek refuge in Cali where they launch the biggest and most successful plan in the last year, in which Bolivar successfully expels the Spanish from Santa Fe de Bogota and forcing them to withdraw to the extreme north of the country. However, the victory is far, and New Spain is asked for aid, and Panama is asked to rejoin the nation, as Spain would not give up on them caring not if they are or not with the Caribbeans. Francisco de Paula Santander expels the Spanish from Santander and securing Cucuta taken and the Flag of Colombia is raised, and the words "Oh Endless glory, Oh Unperishing Joy!", the Motto of the Great Nation.

Persia: Continues to co-operate the democratic government in Oman to appease the angered residents. Continues to increase oil production. Decides to build more factories around the country to increase industry even further. Military service is now made mandatory for all residents for at least five years. Starts to raise the prices of groceries and general goods and services.

An invasion of Spain by the Persians or Portuguese is implausible, period.. stop it.

Naples and Sicily: The military upgrading is finished. We begin to build sloops and third rates for our navy. The colonists and soldiers sent to OTL Angola reach their destination and establish the settlement of San Gennaro.

  • Spanish D: Accepts alliance and trade agreement.

*Diplomacy: The Indiamen reach China and ask for a trade agreement. We ask Spain for an alliance and trade agreement again, and if Portugal does decide to make good on their pointless threats, we shall be there to aid in pacifying them.

Chinese Diplomacy: The Emperor agree to a trade agreement with Naples. *Neapolitan Diplomacy: 'I'm not India, I'm Naples. An Indiaman is a trade ship. So Naples is asking for trade.''''''

My bad

It's all K.

  • Ottoman Empire: We work on our military and economy and expand into Africa. We also expand our Madagascar colony and establish a colony in Australia. We modernize and industrialize as well. We take Arabian Oman, leaving only some troops in Africa to fight.

Russian Empire: Builds numerous factories, and researches better industrial techniques, taking hints from Britain. Uses some of said factories to improve quality of military, arming the soldiers with higher quality weapons. Begins to build up and outfit a more competent navy, improving the Admiralty Shipyard in specific with more supplies and space. Sends envoys to request greater trade with China, for, "We growing nations must work together, so mutual greatness may be attained.". Sends requests for alliance and trade agreement with Germany and Naples to, "Mutually benefit and strengthen these neighbor nations, that they may become greater and more prosperous.". Also begins to work on building influence on Sweden-Norway with a trade agreement and an alliance. Also sends an Alliance request and trade agreement to Spain and Japan. Sends out weapons, supplies and military units to Alaskan Colonies and the Three Russian forts in Hawaii. Government gains control of the Russian Academy of Sciences, and gives it greater funding, inviting scientists from around the world to Saint Petersburg to enjoy the funding. Major work is done on an algorithm machine and research in chemistry. Government gains control of the Russian-American company and all holdings, gaining all profits from Alaskan fur trade previously earned by the company.

  • Neapolitan D: King Ferdinand accepts the offer of an alliance.
  • Persian D: Offers a trade of oil to Russia.
  • Russian D: Accepts offer.
  • Spanish D: Accepts offer.
  • Chinese Diplomacy:The Emperor accepts Russia's offer for greater trade. We start sending trade caravans over the border.
  • Japanese D: Accepts offer.
  • German Dip: We accept.

Spain:We move troops to the border with Portugal. We send more troops to the South American colonies. We begin building factories.

  • Russian D: Proposes advanced trade networks through Japan, Russia, Spain, and Naples.
  • Neapolitan D: Agrees.
  • Spanish D: Agrees.
  • Japanese D: Agrees.

Japan:Increases power of central government and improves industry. Also works on modernizing military. Sends alliance and trade agreement to Naples and Spain.

  • Spanish D: Accepts alliance and trade agreement.
  • Neapolitan D: We accept the offers of trade and military alliance.

France: Continues development.


forgot to add Naples colony in Africa

 Russian expansionism/colonialism continues. Regardless of the economic situation of Russia much food does not reach the general populace due to corrupt lords hoarding food for themselves, or just failed crops in certain areas due to bad conditions.

Mod: The spelling was off so the event was edited to be a little less weird looking. not sure how the spelling thing happened Feudalplague (talk) 06:57, July 26, 2013 (UTC)

Thank you! That was driving me crazy. Eronoc (talk) 06:59, July 26, 2013 (UTC)

German Colonies continue expansion. However, racial tension between Algerians and Germans regardless of the influence has cropped up as many see Germany as utilizing Algeria as a colony and not a vassal state. However, the leadership as well as many civilian traders are seeing massive profits from the venture.. the country is dividing without further German action

America remains relatively stable as war has died down.

I never sold Florida to anyone. While they may have invaded...the citizens are still citizens of New Spain and loyal to Nueva Spain, so all they are going to get are uprisings, especially Britain. G greg e (talk)

Don't underestimate the placebo effect, Greg. Now that we have destroyed the USA, no nation has successfully rebelled from the British Mafia (talk)

They are still are not British...expect a rebellion there. G greg e (talk)

Russian Empire:  sends more troops, settlers and supplies to strengthen Alaska. Experiences an economic boom on account of the new East-West Free Trade Agreement with Japan, Spain and Naples, giving larger and cheaper quantities of rice, silk, gold, silver, sugar cane, slaves, which are given the rank of serfs, wine, textiles and much more, and money from exporting furs, lumber and more with no tariff to those countries. Uses the new-found money to bolster industry and science. From the Russian Academy of Sciences, aluminum and its uses are discovered, and soon, the bauxite deposits in the Urals are being mined, and the aluminum is being turned into useful things, and the secrets shared with Japan, Spain and Naples, but jealously guarded from others. Work on the Algorithm Machine continues and is modified, to utilize this new material. Tsar forces nobles to ration food to citizens in their demesne, sending out men to go from demesne to demesne, making sure food is distributed. Continues influencing Sweden-Norway with trade and diplomacy, planning to build educational buildings near the borders.

Russia in no way had any interests in Africa or anything other than North America and even that was light. Russia focused a lot on its internals, it had no need to expand and hence, didn't have people willing to go anywhere.

However, in this TL, Russia is now part of an international trading organisation. Wouldn't that expand its horizons a bit? This is alternate history.

  • China Diplomacy: China asks to join the East-West Free Trade Organization 
  • Russian D: Put an application on the page, I don't control the Organisation myself. 

Quebec: We ask that Napoleon to come as Quebec's official monarch kind of like Canada. We send colonists to part of the cape. 

Germany: Germany begins to work with Algerians helping them see long term benefits of being a German client/vassal. More colonists are sent to the colonies in Northwestern and Western Africa while another fleet bringing supplies and another 1000 colonists arrived in Indonesia expanding the colony. Trade with China has prompted a huge economic increase as well as Germany being the sole European provider of Chinese finery called "Fine China" The dishes grow very popular with nobles across Europe and Germany agrees to allow sale of it for a steep price. Military units do firing drills near the Austrian border including using the artillery forts for cannon support. The cannon fire in some cases crosses the border into Austria frightening many of their civilians. The Naval Fleet expands due to the patronage of the new War Minister adding many ships such as Second Rates and two First Rates officially gathering the power only long time Colonial powers have enjoyed. We begin to influence Austria's Northern areas attempting to have civilian allies if conflict ever occurs. German Population in its colonies reaches 4500. A German Fleet made up of one First rate, two Second Rates and four Fifth Rate Ships are deployed to Asia utilizing the Colony and its active port to turn the Minor Colony into a Major naval base for Germany.

Nueva Espana: Begins to raise a fleet.  We look to sell of the Rights to the Philippines to the highest bidder. However, we also look to reclaim Florida which was forcibly taken by the British and other nations, during our war of independence with Spain. The citizens there are Nueva Spaniards, and not loyal to any other nation. Discussion of a railway begins. Sends small amounts of secret aid to Colombia. 

  • German Imperial Diplomacy: Germany extends our utmost greetings to the nation of New Spain as well as congratulations in winning its War of Independence. We offer to buy the Philippines.
  • Nueva Spain Diplomacy: We wish to have a dollar amount/idea of what you're offering in exchange for the Philippines. 
  • German D: We offer 1.5 million marks worth in gold.
  • China D:  The Emperor offers two million and a trade agreement for the Philippines.
  • German D: We offer four million in gold as well as a trade agreement for top notch German weapons
  • Ottoman Empire: We offer ten million in gold and offer you to still maintain military bases in the Philippines
  • Germany D: 12 million in gold as well as state of the art weaponry to prevent any other powers from being able to pick on you thoroughly.
  • New Spain D: A decision will be announced next turn, please continue to make offers though. 

You can't control other nations regardless of the trade organization or not. Feudalplague (talk) 23:59, July 25, 2013 (UTC)

We are discussing it on our page.

It must fall under the sovereignty of a single nation. Feudalplague (talk) 00:12, July 26, 2013 (UTC)

That's fine. We'll split the land once we buy it. That's allowed, right? We're thinking of making the capital of the Organisation there, since we can't decide who should have it. Eronoc (talk) 00:15, July 26, 2013 (UTC)

If you buy it.. there are other offers haha Feudalplague (talk) 00:16, July 26, 2013 (UTC)

Naples and Sicily: We organize the Knights of St. John into elite military units. We have an economics boom from the East-West Free Trade Agreement. We send more supplies to the San Geranno African colony and make pacts with the native tribes.

China: China continues to modernize. Guns and artillery are starting to be researched and prototyped for distribution to the military. Westernized naval vessels are also looked into. We request Germany to sell a naval vessel of theirs as well as some guns and artillery for models of Chinese versions. The Emperor builds The Imperial Science Institute in Peking in order to develop new technologies and weapons.

Spain: Spain continues to improve economy with help of East West Free Trade Organization. Spain also continues to mine for silver and gold. Begins to rebuild military after great loss during the war. Sends embassies to Neuva Espana.

Persia: Continues to improve economy with heavy emphasis still placed on oil welling. Starts mining for precious ores to additionally boost the economy. Offers to help the Ottoman Empire fight off any potential threats, as well as offering to create a trans-territory wagon railway.

Brazil: declares independence military is increased to 300,000.

 Japan:   Requests firearms from fellow members of the East-West Free Trade Organization and begins more intense training of military to improve combat skills.  Begins focusing on improving navy.

The Emperor had no way of doing that.. it was spurred by the need of Japan to westernize following Japan's forced integration into the global economy by the treaty the US made them sign.. not plausible. Limited trade is still allowed but you can't do that sort of thing yet Feudalplague (talk) 02:58, July 26, 2013 (UTC)

  • Russian D: Sends shipments of firearms.
  • Neapolitan D: Sends in firearms.

Colombia: We ask Spain for Independence and the end of the war, and their aid along with Mexican aid to retake the territories of Colombia that joined the Caribbean federation. While this, the troops hope to get an armistice with Spain.

Why did Colombia lose Northern Colombia? If it was Panama which is the isthmus? The rest is faithful Colombian territory. Sine dei gloriem (talk) 02:22, July 26, 2013 (UTC)

no that went with Panama sine. 

Portugal: We improve the economy.

AU: Continues to build up the military, and establish economic relations with nations in Europe.

  • British Diplomacy: Offer to sell Florida to the AU. However, we will retain a naval base in Florida, to thwart any attempt by the Nuevo Spanish to reclaim Florida. We also offer to sell them Ohio County.
  • AU D: Yay! We accept, thanks

Ottoman Empire: We move all Australian settlers to the Omani Africa colony, giving up any claim on Australia and instead focusing on Hawaii. The Sultan orders more settlers to Madagascar and former Oman Africa. The military is built up and we modernize and industrialize. Also, the Ottoman navy establishes several bases in the Madagascar Colony and begins building industry and roads across the colony. Ottoman forces continue to expand in Africa. 

France: We accept Quebec's deal. Development continues.


Soa 1825.png






AU: We welcome North Louisiana and Florida with open arms. We allow them both to keep their culture so long as they stayed under our rule. This is to prevent rebellion. Florida is given semi-autonomy. Military continues to enlarge, and the AU becomes more economically involved in Europe. War is declared on the CRA

German D:We offer an Alliance and Trade Agreement to the AU.

AU D: Accepts.

Ottoman Empire: We expand into Africa and we expand Omani Africa and Madagascar. The Omani Africa connects with the main part of Ottoman Africa, and construction of a road begins. We are also influenced by the Ethiopians and may people in our African lands convert to Christianity, making the Sultan agree to grant the Advisory Council actual legislative powers. We industrialize and modernize, and we begin raising camels and exotic animals for sale, helping diversify the economy. Farming along the River Nile begins as well as by other rivers, which helps produce grain and other food. We send some troops and a naval squadron to aid the American Union. To compensate for our massive flush of colonists into Africa, the nations of Serbia, Bosnia, Albania, Bulgaria, Montenegro, and Rumania are formed as free nations, and the rest of the world is told to leave them alone. The six nations agree to sign a defensive alliance, but are not obliged to fight in any offensive wars.

Germany: Even though Prussia has successfully united into the German Empire, The combined Imperial Court agrees that More integration of the provinces are needed, a large scale conference is set up to further unite the Germanies into a single identity and culture more so than they already are. The Colonies in Northwestern and Western Africa are both expanded as the Larger colony boasts a population of almost 9000, while the smaller has a population of 3000. To further integrate Algeria into the German Economy we begin large scale trade from Algiers into all the Mediterranean nations and the Saharan trade route. The Colony in New Guinea is expanded as the population reaches 1200 with a military force of 3000 naval/army forces in the area. The population of Germany reaches 25 million. The population of the colonies reaches 13,200. Making good on our alliance with the AU we send 15,000 troops to Florida to help the AU. A fleet consisting of two new First Rates, three Second rates, seven Fifth Rate Frigates and three rocket artillery ships (they were unguided and they existed) is sent to North America off the coast of the CRA. The Emperor seeing the usage of factories in other nations like the British empire adopts their usage and has several primitive steam powered facilities are brought forward and built and allow for the manufacture of certain goods much faster. The Industrialization undertaken by other European powers has officially come to Germany and Germany uses the opportunity to begin building Railways across its country importing some of the technology to do this from Britain. A Gunsmith begins research into a new type of gun.

  • Algeria: The Algerians continue expansion south into the Desert solidifying the hold on their portion of the Saharan trade route. This allows for massive profits as Weapons and European made materials are a rarity in Africa.

France: Begins late colonization of West Africa. Sends some support to those against the AU. Development continues.

Russian Empire: Sends colonists into the unclaimed parts of Siberia to establish settlements that might later become ports. Begins tapping into the abundant natural resources of Russia, finding huge quantities of metals such as iron, tin, copper, and nickel, and non-metallic ores such as salt, amber, precious stones, and even diamonds. The biggest resource beginning to be tapped is oil, and as such, Russia thanks Persia for the Oil Trade Agreement, but decides to cancel it, as it is no longer needed. With the new industrialism, the people are beginning to feel annoyance at the, they feel, unneeded noblemen, wanting a shift in power to the worker. The Tsar, seeing this, makes sure to show himself as a man of the people, and begins to gradually and discretely meet their demands in further lessening the importance of the nobles. The Algorithm machine is complete, making complex calculations easier and more efficient. Aluminum is used to improve the military, and laws are made requiring every able-bodied man above 18 years of age to serve in the military for two years. Scientific research is focused on aluminum, looking for more ways it can improve the military, industry and transportation, exploiting its lightness and relative abundance. One way already being implemented is in packaging. Work begins on a railway crossing from the points China and Japan send trade goods to all the way to Moscow and Saint Petersburg. Begins to look at schematics of the steam-powered locomotives of Richard Trevithick, modifying for aluminum and more modern technology. Continues to influence Sweden-Norway.

  • China Diplomacy: If Russian scientists help Chinese scientists, the Emperor will gladly build railway lines all over the empire, so Russia can trade resources from all over the empire easier. 
  • Russian D: Russia gladly sends scientists to aid their Chinese neighbors.
  • China D: The Emperor thanks you. Research begins immediately.

Portugal: We cancel the invasion of Oman. However, we set up a colony in what is now Gabon.

Republic of Bulgaria: George Anastas is elected President of Bulgaria. He immediately order a massive upgrade of the armed forces. Research into building a national railroad line begins Industrialism begins to increase, in attempt to revive the slipped Bulgarian economy, urbanization begins as factories open more. Bulgaria reaches out to the British in hopes they can aid in railroading the nation.

  • Bulgaria D: What are the major alliances in my area?

China: China keeps on modernizing the country. Scientists at the Imperial Science Institute develop their own version of a rifle and pistol. After a demonstration of these, the Emperor is greatly impressed and orders the production of these guns. To fit this production, several factories of European design are built. With European designs, a sample artillery piece and a more Chinese traditional rocket launcher (these are unguided and are on cannon carriage)  are tested. They also impress the Emperor and are produced in the factories alongside the rifles and pistols. 

  • Naples D: We would like to know if China would like to offer a candidate for the capital city of EWFTA and vote, or just vote.

Naples:  Our economy continues to improve because of the EWFTO. We recruit units in the colonial militia in San Geranno, and send more colonists to expand it. We begin to build cannons in factories. We also start researching the idea of a railway to improve trade and commerce, and ask our  friend and ally, Russia, to share their ideas with us.

  • Russian D: Sends scientists to spread their ideas.

Persia: Orders Oman to officially become a part of Persia, or be invaded and bombed.

Spain:  We recruit more men into the military. We build several 3rd rates for the navy. The economy continues to improve due to the EWFTO. We build some forts on the border with Portugal. We send supplies and send military units and navy to the Philippines, and recruit colonial militia units. We recruit colonial units in Colombia(not the nation, but the territory), and Argentina/Peru, etc. Diplomacy: We ask for a trade agreement with New Spain, in order to improve relations. We ask Russia to send their friend scientists for research into railways.

  • Russian D: Sends scientists to aid research.

New Spain owns the Philippines - not Spain.. Hence why new Spain was selling them. Feudalplague (talk) 04:45, July 27, 2013 (UTC)

On the updated map Spain still owns them. Guess it was never changed that will be fixed tomorrow.

Oh ok.

Japan:  Economic boost because of EWFTO. Begins recruiting European style line infantry units, and train men to use muskets and rifles, though being a Samurai is still more popular due to the conservative shogunate. Diplomacy: We do accept Hawaii's request for a trade agreement, but we will consider the alliance offer some more

Sweden-Norway: We ask Denmark for a dynastic union and we wish to join the EWFTO. Our nation begins sending scientists and merchants to the industrialised nations of France, Prussia, Britain and USA. Industrialisation begins swiftly and the process of turning Sweden and Norway from an agrarian society to an industrialised one begins. Textile factories are built in Sweden, as well as major fisheries built in Norway. Asks China for an alliance and trade agreement, as well as one with Prussia.

German D: We accept the trade agreement.

  • To Join EWFTO you must submit an application on our page and wait for it to be ratified. The link to page is up top in alliances.
  • China D: China agrees to trade with your nation, an alliance will, too.
  • American Union D: We accept, but ask for help in the war against the CRA.

CRA is being invaded! President, and acting General Andrew Jackson asks all freedom loving nations, step in on behalf of the CRA. Our peaceful states only want to exist in a confederacy, but the American Union wants to force a union upon them! Please, your help is needed immensely. (We ask Gran Colombia, Spain, Naples, Portugal, and Russia to intercede on our behalf)

 Naples D: We request that you make your case to the EWFTO to consider it, as you have asked several of us to aid you.

German D: As Germany is part of the EWFTO as of now until hostilities halt the EWFTO can not be involved as it would be in direct contradiction of the rules of not declaring war (including proxy war) on a member nation, as for the CRA their claims to AU territory must cease and they must not declare any open hostilities against the AU. Then will the EWFTO allow you and the AU to join

AU D: The AU states that they will halt the invasion if you stop claiming northern Louisiana and keep threatening us. we also ask for help in the war from nations in case they don't stop. We also ask Spain, Naples, Portugal, and Russia.

UKOS: We have banned together in order to resist European imperialism. As such, we follow the footsteps of China and begin modernizing. Agricultural technology is improved and there is a food boom. Plans of further modernization is discussed with the King and his council.  

Nueva Spain: Continues to build up defenses. Residents in Florida begin to rise up against non-Nueva Spain people and cultures, claiming neither Britain, AU or CRA have any right to the land and they are part of Nueva Spain completely. Nueva Spain Sells the Philippines to Germany for their gold and accepts Spain's trade agreements. Nueva Spain continues to upgrade transportation. 

We (AU) gave them semi-autonomy and allowed them to keep their Spanish culture. What else can they ask for?

To be part of the nation that they feel they belong to. Because also, Britain never had control of them in the first place, so they can't sell them, as I stated much earlier. So your autonomy means nothing to them, as it's similar to OTL colonies that got bought and traded and sold again over and over where they are culturally part of a greater nation and have no wishes to be overseen by someone who clearly doesn't share that culture whatsoever. All of Florida (1819 borders and all) will continue to revolt. You as the AU, and previous status as a British Colony should understand that more than ever. OOC: It was ASB Britain got it in the first place..only have 3% of it on the algo, I protested this as soon I returned. Nevertheless, parts of it were eaten up. If this is not reverted it will work itself out in the gameplay. 

Bosnia: Bosnia's new president, Marko Joksimovic, starts his five-year plan beginning with the improvement of the military. He also is combating the economic woes by improving the nation's roads and he is trying to get a railroad from Sarajevo to Tuzla. Bosnia asks other nations for assistance in this project.



North America: The AU and CRA are engaged in open conflict with the AU openly proclaiming unification while the CRA's government secretly wishes for this. However, so far, the AU has secured a major ally in Germany preventing the assistance of many possible nations

South America: Brazil officially declares independence and proclaims an Emperor under Dom Pedro who openly defies Portugal in a show of force with a conflict all over the former colony

Europe:  The British are officially the world's up-and-coming industrial nation outshining any other nation with the possibility. People leave in droves for colonization to escape persecution and economic or personal issues. Russia's famine continues. However, it is alleviated by cheap food brought in from neighboring nations. However, it does take a while for the food to arrive from these areas. The Tsar sees no issue with his nobles and lords and refuses to hear as such leaving many peasants in the same bad situation as before.

Africa: Africa continues to be colonized by European powers and the Ottomans have expanded into the area as well. However, the Ottoman empire suffers a funding shortage from the modernization attempts of its military and its funding of expansion. Many in the Sultan's court believe a much smaller front, just bordering the coast instead of wide swaths of land in Africa, would benefit a financially troubled empire.

Asia: German and British colonies continuously expand in the area in Australia and New Guinea as well. The combination of powers in the area all decently powerful and with more modern technology keep any would-be Asian powers out of the area. The Chinese and Japanese attempts at industrialization do not catch on as much of the technology used to do this is barely understood and extremely complicated limiting the amount of factories that can be built by these powers. Also, isolationists in Japan show open distaste for the Western culture attempting to permeate their society resulting in many Samurai daimyos in Japan starting to pull their support for the Emperor alongside the Shogunate. 

Why is Bulgaria not on the map?

Portugal: We send our army to attack Brazil's shores and seize major cities, and supply the AU with money and supplies. We also set up a colony in Tiera del Fuego (not part of Brazil).

German Empire: The colonies in Northwestern and Western Africa are expanded as the Emperor sets up large scale programs to give land to new settlers. A second colony is established on the other end of New Guinea. The German Elite 10th Division is deployed alongside the 13 Regulars in the AU to provide support to the AU. The Germans begin high training of the Algerians into a modern force providing weapons and modern training. Germany uses the already set up infrastructure of the Philippines as well as the large whole the Exchange has created in housing development to settle near 4000 people on the islands many - making the jump from New Guinea. The Philippinos are unsure of the new settlers but the lack of hostility and light military presence seems to prove that the new rulers are not there to be oppressive. The resources of the Philippines are readily exploited under a work program which actually end up paying all who work it a livable wage. This is set up under a new mining business which promises to provide new opportunity and wealth for the people it employs as well as the empire. The less fortunate and failed people are encouraged to leave to start a new life in the colonies with major benefits such as rights to land among a few other things. Two wealthy nobles take it upon the Emperor's request to go to Arguin and Greater Frederickburg to help expand the colony and promote a sense of worth. With each lord go thousands of his followers and persons paid for by the lords themselves. This adds even more people leaving Germany for the colonies with over 30,000 deciding to leave this year alone moving along with the chartered companies or government sponsored colonies. This is due in part to the huge civil disturbance in the Americas preventing many would be new life seekers to attempt to do it elsewhere by making their lives up in another place most notably the German colonies. The German colonies population soars to 30,000 with the remaining 15,000 colonists supposed to arrive the next year.

Quebec: The cape colony expands to 3000 people. We ask to have a trade deal with an American successor state. We will help the American state that responds first. We ask to ally with Germany.

The AU accepts your offer of help.

China: China continues modernization. Many of the new guns and artillery are in production, small parts of the army are being equipped with the new weapons and are being trained by foreign advisors on modern styles of fighting, while others yet to be equipped are practicing on dummy versions of the weapons and will be fully trained once the proper amount have been produced. 

Please read the mod events. China is having trouble modernizing because a lot of the things are complicated and you have no real way to figure some of these things out. So pretty much, most of your people are peasants that don't know how it all works


Yes, perfect. Just know that in OTL with most Asian countries their population resisted foreign influence to the highest degree. That doesn't just go away.

Got it, it's just challenging to do this.

Republic of Bulgaria: The government is officially set up, with a bicameral Republican legislature. President Anastas meets with with Bosnian diplomats in an effort to establish trade agreements, and perhaps a mutual technology pact. Bulgaria begins to try to influence the government of Rumania (I am allowed to vassalize like PM II, or do I just invade?) The military expands greatly. The President appoints Georg Runmas as Head of Industry. Runmas orders more factories to be constructed. Alliance requests are sent to Germany.

Bosnia Diplomacy: Bosnia welcomes the Bulgarian diplomats in Sarajevo.

German D: We accept the alliance.

Yes. We can vassalize it. It will just take a while for your influence to take control considering the Balkans are ridiculously ethnically diverse. I will also add all the Balkan nations to the map I keep forgetting. Feudalplague (talk) 01:17, July 28, 2013 (UTC)

Colombia: as a last resource, Spain is asked for Colombia's independence and the new nation would swear allegiance and solidarity to Spain as its mother nation. While this, Cartagena and the Caribbean continental territories including Panama are asked if the Federation is recognized as independent, to join back the federation as member nations due to the cultural ties that Panama, and Cartagena held with the rest of Colombia. Military and navy are built up

*Spanish D: Spain hereby recognizes the independence of Gran Columbia, and accepts their allegiance. We wish to end all hostilities and ask for a trade agreement.

Colombia D: Joyous at the event, accepts the agreement and offers the King of Spain to take the title of Don Protector de la Gran Colombia = Lord protector of the Great Columbia. It now asks Cartagena, the Atlantic Coast and Panama to rejoin now with full freedom due to their cultural ties.

Brazil:begins a naval clash in the South Atlantic which we win and with 10,000 men we take the colony of Tiera del Fuego.

Bosnia: Bosnia begins their project to get the railroad from Sarajevo to Tuzla. Bosnia also improves their military solely for defense. They also begin using Ottoman weaponry left from the occupation. Bosnia declares themselves neutral in all world affairs. Many Bosnians are being employed in the railroad project. Also, small protests are occurring in Zenica due to a labor dispute. Bosnia wants to extend trading and diplomatic relations with their neighbors.

German Dip: We offer trade and an alliance with Bosnia.

Naples and Sicily: Economy continues to flourish. We begin to work on a railroad. Several bomb ketches are manufactured for the navy. Military drills are held in Malta, led by the Knights of St. John. Supplies are sent to San Gerrano, as well as more colonists, and some native African units are recruited in the army there. We begin to influence North Italy. Diplomacy: We see that both American nations have asked for our assistance in their conflict, and we are obligated to remain neutral until the EWFTO makes a decision. We request that both nations make a case to the EWFTO so that we may decide. Also, tells Japan that if there is a civil war the Kingdom of the Two Sicilies will fully support the Emperor.

Mod here, where is your colony again?Feudalplague (talk) 03:40, July 28, 2013 (UTC)

It's on the map. It's the red place above Portuguese Angola in Africa.Likenhaufen (talk) 03:47, July 28, 2013 (UTC)

Spain:  Economy continues to improve. More men are recruited in South America. We expand the navy. We build cannons to fortify the forts bordering Portugal.  We will support the Emperor in Japan if civil war breaks out.

AU: Seems to have an upper hand of the war. The military is still increased, and Europenization continues.

Ottoman Empire: We replace religious law with secular law, homosexuality is no longer punishable by death. We continue to modernize and industrialize and we continue trading with the Balkan nations we recently gave independence.  We build roads across the country and weapon factories while the economy continues to diversify. We continue to Christianize slowly.


Fixed Columbia

North America: Conflict between the two North American powers continues with the AU achieving a decisive advantage

South America: Brazil's independence is met with jubilation from the nation's indigenous and the Emperor leads a series of successful raids and small battles gaining the confidence of the people that their attempt will be successful.

Europe: The situation in Europe remains relatively peaceful. However, tensions between Austria and Germany remain high.

Africa: Colonial expansion continues. However, Tribal Raiders in Africa begin to harass the Germans, Neapolitans and the Ottomans due to their recent expansion encroaching on their territories. The Ottomans suffer as they maintain a wide front in Eastern Africa opening them up to trade caravans. The German colonies also suffer to some degree as a few hundred people have been killed in Greater Fredericksburg prompting the colonial administration to request help from the Fatherland. The UK's Colony in South Africa expands much in the way by itself.

Asia: Modernization continues slowly as the complexity of the European technology still baffles many Chinese. However, notable progress is made in small scale of Chinese military units as they are able to use German and British imported rifles. However, the demands of the European powers' militaries continually drain the possibility of getting reliable shipments.

With the Colombian independence recognition the Spanish Columbia was given back and Panama and Cartagena should come back as they are culturally closer to Nueva Granada than Cuba. Sine dei gloriem (talk) 21:21, July 28, 2013 (UTC)

Sine. No. Panama is part of the Caribbean. You may not edit the map. DS|Fear the Mutated Dean Sims Bomb, Fear It 17:55, July 29, 2013 (UTC)

China: China continues modernization efforts. The technologies presented by the Europeans still baffle most Chinese, but a growing number of scholars, engineers and scientists are starting to understand the technologies and figure out a way to reverse engineer them and find a way to produce their own so as not to rely on shipments from trade partners. The steam engines that engineers have built so far are flimsy and prone to breakdowns, improvements are trying to be made. In order to test the new weapons and to expand territory the Emperor orders several units armed with guns alongside traditional units and march into Nepal and capture the country in the name of the Emperor. 

Quebec: The South African Cape Colony expands. We warn the British to stay off our land. We send troops to help the AU. We ask that France and Quebec create the French commonwealth alliance. We recurte 5,000 French Citzens to move to the cape and 3,000 to Quebec.

  • France accepts.

Naples and Sicily: We send one regiment of infantry and one of cavalry to San Gerrano, as well as cannons and supplies. More colonists continue to settle there, and the influx of colonists expands the colony farther up the coast. We recruit native guides and translators to help us make peace with the native tribes. An exploration party is sent inland to see if it would be good for expansion of the settlement, with a military escort. Economy continues to strengthen, and we decide to put aluminum to use in similar ways as Russia. We continue to influence North Italy, inciting its people for unification. Diplomacy: We decide to send military aid and supplies to the AU, and we would like to cooperate with the EWFTO to make a trans-continental railway.

German Empire: The Empire expands its colonies in Africa and both of its colonies in New Guinea. A stable birth rate begins to develop in all of the colonies allowing for a few thousand people to be born outside of Germany. The colonial administrations of every colony meet for the second time to discuss the issues facing them. The Administration agrees that supplies need to be sent to the relatively peaceful colonies in Oceania, and that military units are to be sent to Greater Fredericksburg and Anguin to deal with native raids and the mounting casualties. The colonies, despite the natives, are expanded due to the new major opportunities in the area and are now escorted military units. An expeditionary force of about 1500 is sent to Anguin and another colonial expeditionary force of 5000 is sent to Greater Fredericksburg. This is done to try to greatly expand the colonies landholdings as well as protect from the tribal native attacks. The colony in the Philippines is expanded into a large scale trading port as well as a semi shipyard to construct ships for the German navy in Asia. Germany begins to influence Morocco. The Colonies in New Guinea expand as well to accommodate farmers who has established themselves

  • Algeria: Algeria continues to expand the colony with its populace being greatly influenced by the Germans now with the lack of Racial tension allowing the Algerians to they themselves feel as German Citizens even though it isn't official. The Military reaches a Respectable 50,000 modern trained Army while the remaining troops are downsized or modernized.Algeria uses its shared culture to begin influencing Morocco on behalf of Germany.
  • Brazil: continues to fight Portugal and we secretly ask for help from the UK.

Republic of Bugaria: The nation expands the military. Bulgaria continues to influence Rumania. The economy continues to expand rapidly. The nation's factories draw more and more people to the cities, rising the size of the cities. Bulgaria's population begins to grow rapidly. Old Ottoman weapons are re-issued and engineered to help boost the military.

Russia: Economy is continually bolstered to EWFTO. Research begins on an improved locomotive based on the designs of Richard Trevithik, using aluminum. More colonists are sent to Alaska and Siberia, and the Czar continues to force the nobles to give food to the people in their desmesnes. The army continues to rise in numbers, and ports are built in Siberia and Alaska. Diplomacy: We agree with Naples on the idea of a trans-continental railway to enhance trade, commerce and communication.

Nueva Spain: Mass riots begin in 1819TL Florida burning down any AU, CRA, British government buildings and forcing settlers out. NS begins to train troops using German arms, and builds a reserve somewhere in the middle of the NS territory. Missionaires are sent to Hawaii and other Pacific Isles to finish what the French had started. NS continues to train and raise troops, as well as begin construction of ships. 

AU D: we propose joint rule of the area, because it gives me an advantage against the CRA in the world, and we can both benefit from the area.

  • Florida does not want to be part of the AU, CRA, or any other nation that is not New Spain. It was never actually taken by the British (the 3% in the algo confirms this) in the first place and thus should not have been able to be sold nor divided to anyone. All of Florida will rebell and will attack any culture that is not New Spain. The only way to relieve this is to turn over Florida back to its rightful owner anyway. Britain's capture and CRA's acquisition was not only implausible but impossible based on the algo. 

Ottoman Empire: We begin to crush the tribal raiders, and when captured, we offer them amnesty and their old lands as autonomous sections of the Ottoman Empire. Most accept it, while those that don't are crushed. We continue to modernize and industrialize. We also recognize the new nations of Latin America.

Portugal: We continue to fight Brazil. We also expand our colonies in Africa.

France: Continues development. Support is sent to the British.

United Kingdom: Declares war on Spain to obtain all of their resources. Summons France to help out in the situation. Begins to mass produce weapons to aid in the battle.

  • North Italy joins the Anglo-French side of the war.
  • Kingdom of the Two Sicilies D:We declare war on Britain.
  • Russia: Declares war on Britain.

North Italy: By passing a law that replaces religious power with secular power, the Clergy starts to get off from Political power. Industry is still getting improved.

*Kingdom of the Two Sicilies D: We officially dissolve the alliance between our two nations.

Colombia:It ask Spain to receive back the territories of Venezuela, and it sides with the Spanish, in the war it ask New Spain to help Spain to fight off the British and to secure Mexican rule in Florida and the Caribbean.



North America: The AU maintains a distinct advantage over the CRA as the population advantage has caused large scale problems for maintaining any solid front in the invaded areas. Florida riots and declares itself once again part of New Spain. The CRA collapses with the Republics of Georgia, Sequoya and the Confederate States of America being formed with the rest being occupied by the AU.

Florida should go all the way to Louisiana just north of New Orleans, by its 1819 borders. G greg e (talk) gracias for the updated map

South America: The Brazilians drive out the Portuguese northern force and focus on the Greater Southern armies now. 

Europe: The Anglo-Spanish war comes about and consumes news in Europe as Spain, its colonies, and possibly some of its newly independent colonies have looked at supporting Spain in its time of need. The German populace, focused on other matters, remains decisively neutral on the war. German cities begin to come about in a wave of urbanization that was unexpected.

Africa: Tribal raids continue against the untamed southern lands of the Ottoman empire. Many British colonies regardless of the British Empire's obvious dominance refuse to mobilize troops as the drain of wars over the years has caused major financial drain on the colonies

Asia: Minor industrialization has occurred but massive cultural resistance to it is seen in the streets as many think it's a corruption from the west and will cause their downfall. This happens in Japan and China. 

Ottoman EMpire: We begin resettling the overcrowded cities and moving them into the border area of our new African lands, and several major settlements are established by the large amount of people. Troops come with them to defend them and we begin settling the border lands, helping to stop the raids and help the empire. We modernize and industrialize. 

Siam:We declare support for the United Kingdom in the Anglo-Spanish war and send 5000 soldiers and supplies. Modernization continues.

  • Naples and Sicily D: Why do you side with the British if you wish to free yourself from foreign influence?

United Kingdom:Establishes a mandatory draft to increase the amount of soldiers. Continues to mass produce weapons to fulfill the wartime needs. Creates the "Demand of Spain" which states that if Spain wants to live in peaceful harmony, it must declare itself a semi-autonomous state of the UK. We send naval ships to the main ports in Spain to severely weaken their economy. Stops the Spanish invaders in the Falkland Islands by shooting down their ships and caputring the living rebels. In a desperate effort to weaken the Spanish, we send tuberculosis-riddled goods to the Spanish through our fleet.

German Empire: The Empire continues its large scale expansion of Anguin and Greater Fredericksburg as well as the New Guinea colonies. A trade route is established between the two Guinea colonies. The German military mobilizes on the French border and conducts large scale drills. Almost 150,000 Troops are on the border with France. The newly emergent navy begins escorting many of its high priced convoys to protect from pirates or privateers. Thousands of Germans leave for the colonies putting the Population nearing 80,000 across all the colonies excluding natives. In the Philippines natives are now included into the existing infrastructure and social structure of the Colony. A new colony is established in South West Africa OTL Namibia. The Germans continue influencing Morocco using continuing common ancestry and existing trade.

  • Algeria: We continue to expand through German industrialization and urbanization as well as expanding influence into Morocco

Naples: The Royal Army of His Majesty the King of the Two Sicilies is prepped for war. The border with North Italy is fortified and the Knights of St. John are sent there, which are five regiments of elite infantry, two of cavalry, and two regiments of artillery are sent. Two regiments of infantry and one of artillery are sent to Spain. Ten Third rates, 20 sloops, five bomb ketches, and three Second rates are the navy. In San Geranno, the three regiments of artillery, infantry and cavalry are on guard, and five regiments of colonial militia are raised. Native diplomats are sent out to get the local tribes on our side. The exploration party comes back and some settlers head more inland to settle. The citizens of North Italy who wish to create a unified, greater Italian state are asked to help us. Diplomacy: We decry the British as worse than the Corsican tyrant for their unnecessary declaration of war on Spain. We ask France why they wish to fight against their Bourbon brothers and sisters in Spain and Sicily. We ask the nations of the EWFTO to aid in this war. We congratulate the American Union on being accepted into the East-West Free Trade Organization.

​China: China continues modernization and industrialzation. The Emperor ensures the people that this is no attempt of western corruption and the industrialzation will only benefit the nation. In an attempt to calm the populace, the emperor sends a caravan with some of the technology with scientists and soldiers around the empire to show their usefulness. In Nepal, after a lengthy siege, the army captures Kathmandu and captures the king. The king is kept alive in order to calm the people of Nepal, but is imprisoned. After the fall of the capitol and capture of the king, the rest of the nation starts to buckle and soon falls. Nepal is absorbed into the empire.

Algo? ^^^

How do I do the algorithm? I'm not sure how. 

Brazil: Keeps fighting Portugal by pushing their forces back.

Spain We draft more soldiers in our colonies and send four regiments of artillery to the border of France along with three regiments of cavalry and six regiments of infantry. We also send troops to our borders to protect our citizens. We start to build up a navy. We then invade the Falklands by sending several regiments by ship.

Nueva Espana: Continues building up the navy battle ships and training armed forces with European weaponry. More soldiers are combat ready and are prepared to be shipped to Florida (OTL 1819 Territory). Further missionaries are sent to Hawaii, French Polynesia, Johnston Island Chain, and the Pitcairns. 

  • Floria: Mass rioting increases as they gain momentum. AU and CRA buildings are burned and destroyed alike. Settlers from those nations begin to leave fearing violence. N. Espana settlers call for the forces of Nueva Espana to protected them, and thus some forces arrive, purely in a defensive capacity. 

Portugal: Offers a truce with Brazil. They may gain their independence, but we want areas 50 miles south of the proposed Brazilian capital Brasilia.

Brazil D: accepts the truce but Brazil will be completely independent

France: Continues supporting the British. Development continues. Establishes colonies in West Africa. Sends ships to blockade ports of spain.

Quebec: With more French people convinced to move to Quebec's Africa colony it increases to 20,000 people. An invasion of North Carolina commences. Algo please. 

For the last time - Quebec doesn't have a colony ... you don't have the people for it ... stop trying to make an impossible colony happen

Yeah, it does. FRENCH RECRUITS and what about the invasion?

You don't control France. As for the invasion, it's also implausible ... you have no way of reaching them.

Sweden-Norway: We ask Denmark to merge with our nation and create a Greater Scandinavian Empire. Our nation begins sending scientists and merchants to the industrialised nations of France, Prussia, Britain and AU. Industrialisation begins swiftly and the process of turning Sweden and Norway from an agrarian society to an industrialised one begins. Textile factories are built in Sweden, as well as major fisheries built in Norway. Asks Germany for an alliance and Great Britain for a trade agreement and alliance. The soldiers begin to be trained vigorously, using the methods by the Great Swedish King Gustavus Adolphus. The navy sails to the Eastern part of Australia, known from some British maps bought from sailors, and claims it for Sweden. Ask for a meeting with Britain in Stockholm and ask for a secret summit with Germany and China in Oslo.

Bosnia: Bosnia continues their advancements in military and transportation. Bosnia is utilizing the old Ottoman weapons found around Bosnia. Bosnia also accepts the German Alliance. Bosnia also asks for military aid in case of an Austrian attack.  



North America: Following a brutal conflict and the Government of the CRA fleeing the country to South America (OTL's Southern Argentina) the CRA has collapsed and the transitional governments which integration into the AU. Many AU scholars despite the American movement failing all those years ago wishes to Transform the AU into the United States of America that couldve been. This is brought up to many in the AU government. However, the CSA having been established last year admits Georgia as a member, and the CSA signs a defensive alliance with Spain.

Europe: A border issue between France and Germany causes a few issues when French cavalry accidentally cross the border to graze their horses. It is unsure how either side will take this. The sending of disease to Spain fails completely as the British trade ships carrying the disease are destroyed. A stunning Spanish Victory off the Coast of Spain greatly harms the morale of the UK at home over a war many people did not want to commit too. German Tensions with Austria increase.

Africa: Colonialism continues the British South African Colonies Link up. The Ottoman settlements are semi successfuly but still suffer from sporadic raiding.

Asia: Not much has happened semi-modernization in China and colonial expansion.

United Kingdom: 'SECRET' After the failure of the disease tactic, we decide to send in a British lieutenant who is suffering from tuberculosis disguised as a peace ambassador. He spreads the illness to some Spanish soldiers.

German Empire: The Empire continues to Urbanize at home while it continues to expand heavily at its colonies utilizing the exploited resources to build up the navy as well as the resources used to build up the colonial infrastructure. plans are made to link Anguin, and Greater Fredericksburg together with an outpost in the middle. Co-incidentally, this will block off the growing French colony. The colonies in New Guinea are also expanded. The German military deploys elite units of line infantry in the forts along the Austrian border. The Germans refuse to start any hostilities with the French and allow them to leave German land peacefully after a cavalry squadron flying the white flag talks about the issue and escorts the French away with no hard feeling or issues.  Germany continues to influence Morocco.

  • Algeria: Algeria continues to influence Morocco. We continue economic improvement and many continue to think much like German populace due to racial tensions between the Germans and the Algerians nearly non-existent.

Sweden-Norway: We ask Denmark to merge with our nation and create a Greater Scandinavian Empire. Our nation begins sending scientists and merchants to the industrialised nations of France, Prussia, Britain and AU. Industrialisation begins swiftly and the process of turning Sweden and Norway from an agrarian society to an industrialised one begins. Textile factories are built in Sweden, as well as major fisheries built in Norway. Asks Germany for an alliance and Great Britain for a trade agreement and alliance. The soldiers begin to be trained vigorously, using the methods by the Great Swedish King Gustavus Adolphus. The navy sails to the Eastern part of Australia, known from some British maps bought from sailors, and claims it for Sweden. Ask for a meeting with Britain in Stockholm and ask for a secret summit with Germany and China in Oslo.  Industrialization continues and Norwegian legends are being organized and written into books.

Brazil:begin to a guerrilla war against Spain by raiding military targets and ambushing Spanish troops on patrol.

'Naples:  'North Italy is invaded by the Knights of St. John in Lazio and Abruzzo, and they make a push for taking Rome. The navy attacks French ships blockading ports in eastern Spain. The troops in San Geranno are on guard for British. The troops in Spain are on duty on the coast. Diplomacy: We ask that Portugal join the Anglo-Spanish War, because of Brazil attacking Spanish troops.

Portugal: We are neutral in the Anglo-Spanish War, as we are expanding Angola. We ask for diplomatic relations with both sides (even Brazil).

Russia: The new model of the locomotive is still coming along. Five regiments of infantry and five of artillery are sent to Alaska, and the invasion of British Canada begins, with the troops invading the Yukon Territory. The navy is raised. Diplomacy: We ask Sweden-Norway not to join the British side.

Colombia: The military is built up and begins a small invasion attempt at British Guyana and Jamaica, responding to the British war against the Spanish.

Bosnia: Bosnia improves their military and railroads, work is almost complete on the railroad from Sarajevo to Tuzla. Bosnia also asks Germany for economic aid. Bosnia's economy improves by the building of the railroad. Bosnia also begins to work on their agriculture methods.

German Empire D: We will support Bosnia's economy as long as we are paid back in full starting five years after you have been funded.

Ottoman Empire: We continue to establish settlements throughout the border area, and we also begin construction of a wall along the border, helping the border be controlled. We modernize and indsutrialize and continue to Christianize.

Persian Empire: The Persian Empire strengthens its military and begins to invade Afghanistan.

Spain Because of Britain's earlier attempt at weakening our troops, we have given our troops vaccinations for all known illnesses. We also continue to draft more soldiers in Spain and our other colonies. We fight off all attempts of guerrilla warfare from Brazil.

China: China continues modernization.


1830 SOA.png

Florida should still extend into OTL Louisiana and over OTL New Orleans G greg e (talk)

No, that's American. DS|Fear the Mutated Dean Sims Bomb, Fear It

North America: The AU secures the rest of the CRA while thousands get on as many boats as they can to try and go to the CRA remnant in South America. British Canada manages to repel the first Russian assault back into Alaska. Quebec declares independence from Great Britain and peacefully establishes its freedom. The remaining parts of Canada, mainly British Colombia and parts of Manitoba, begin independence movements, with British Colombia declaring independence as the Republic of British Colombia while the Indian tribes of Manitoba declare the United Tribes of Manitoba. Both assert their freedom and agree to remain at peace with Britain.

South America: Spain, in order to help the CRA, its ally, gives it the land in OTL Chile and Argentina. The CRA establishes itself in South America officially and is neutral in all affairs just in an attempt to secure its future. However it retains strong ties with the CSA and begins talks with them.

Europe: The UK continues to Fight the Spanish despite the continued failure of their force disease upon the Spanish. The British and Spanish navy continue to fight across the Atlantic with the Spanish putting up a formidable defense. The German tensions with Austria continue to mount. 

Africa: Continued Colonial Expansion, Some Tribes begin to band together in an attempt to resist the Expansionism from the powers.

Asia: Continued modernization, Chinese Anti-Imperialists protest in the Forbidden city.

Naples and Sicily: The North Italian home guard is defeated in Latium and Abruzzo, and the Knights of St. John are nearing Rome. The navy sends support to the Spanish fleet fighting the British. In San Geranno, all units are still on high alert for British, French, or raiding natives.

Algo?? ^^Feudalplague (talk) 03:42, August 1, 2013 (UTC)

Yes, yes, yes. I did it in my head and I might have made an error, so I'll redo it and put it on the talk page.Likenhaufen (talk) 03:50, August 1, 2013 (UTC)

Wait, does that mean I only do me, or do I do North Italy as well? And he also doesn't have a specified amount of men.Likenhaufen (talk) 04:05, August 1, 2013 (UTC)

Done. See the talk page, though, to check my side. I also put a question regarding it under it.Likenhaufen (talk) 04:21, August 1, 2013 (UTC)

Russia: Two more regiments of infantry and two of artillery are sent to Alaska, and another assault is launched on Canada. Seven regiments of infantry and five of artillery are sent to the border with Sweden, should they make the error of joining the British. The new locomotive model is still being built. Military aid and supplies are sent to Spain and Naples.

Bosnia: Bosnia accepts Germany's offer and will pay them in full. Bosnia uses the money to begin expanding their railroad project across the nation. They also improve their agriculture and education. Bosnia also begins to fund Sergej Rajovic, the head of a pro-Bosnian rebel group in Montenegro. Bosnian influence increases in Montenegro. 

German Empire: Following increased tensions with Austria troops are moved from the German border so that almost 200,000 troops are on the German-Austrian border with the other 100,000 from France's border being demobilized and put near the center of the country with forts remaining as is normal. The German colonies continue expansion at an unprecedented rate but many fear this growth will eventually be stunted by a lack of Germans wishing to go to the colonies. The Emperor continues to push for the urbanization of Germany but the primitive state that certain technologies are at present much of this from happening on a large scale as wanted until at least 1845 to 1850. The German forces on the Austrian border stand off with their Austrian counterparts with war seeming likely. We continue to influence Morocco along with the continued influence of German ways on Algeria

  • Algeria: Algerian/German influence over Morocco continues. The German navy in Algeria is seen to be put on high alert over the Austrian issue as many troops prepare for the possibility of war with the Austrians.

Sweden-Norway: We ask Denmark to merge with our nation and create a Greater Scandinavian Empire. Our nation begins sending scientists and merchants to the industrialised nations of France, Prussia, Britain and AU. Industrialisation begins swiftly and the process of turning Sweden and Norway from an agrarian society to an industrialised one begins. Textile factories are built in Sweden, as well as major fisheries built in Norway. Asks Germany for an alliance and Great Britain for a trade agreement and alliance. The soldiers continue to be trained vigorously, using the methods by the Great Swedish King Gustavus Adolphus. The navy sails to the Eastern part of Australia, known from some British maps bought from sailors, and claims it for Sweden. The army is trained even more vigorously, and those who didn't reach the targets were sent for factory work. The navy is builtup and sent to the Baltic Sea near Denmark.

*Neapolitan D: Monsieur Bernadotte, tear down the wall!

AU: There is a military parade in Richmond, Birmingham and New York. Continues its Europeanisation. the military and economy improves

  • Quebec: We ask to buy Louisiana because of its French population. 
  • Quebec, that's implausible, you don't have enough money to do so.

    The CSA (Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Georgia) is independent and is NOT the CRA.

    Portugal: We secretly aid Britain because we still have our 500 Year alliance (OTL). Though we don't join the fight, Britain is being aided with money, supplies and tech exchanges.

    Brazil: continues its guerrilla war against Spain. An alliance is offered to Portugal.

    United Kingdom: We shoot down and sink five Spanish fighter vessels and proceed to invade Spain's Western coast.

    Nueva Espana: We support the movement for the Republic of British Colombia and send them supplies. We continue to build up our navy and train with European weapons. Furthermore, we begin rebuilding Florida and integrating it as a NE state. We continue our missionary efforts in Hawaii and the other Pacific Islands.

    Quebec: We invade Spain.

    Persia: Due to government corruption, the Persian people revolt against their leaders and form the previous Persian Empire into the democratic Iranian Republic. Though strapped for cash after the collapse of the former government, the Iranian Republic is quick to make good impressions on its neighbors, and proposes a military alliance with Russia. 

  • Russian D:  We accept the offer. 
  • Colombia: The invasion of the Guyana continues as the British are driven out of South America while they are focusing on taking the Spanish kingdom down. While this, the small remaining fleet from Colombia in Venezuela departs to Jamaica and prepares the invasion of the island. However, the main campaign continues focusing on the Guyanas realizing that this is the more likely place that Colombia needs to focus on. It continues asking the Confederation on ceding the coast back including Panama, and military is built up
  • Ottoman Empire: We continue construction of a wall along the frontier border as well as increasing settlement of the region, and this begins to greatly reduce raids as militia constantly guard the wall, although it will take several years to complete fully. We modernize and industrialize and continue to Christianize.
  • China: China continues to modernize and continues to try to sway its people there is nothing to worry about. A small group of citizens are realizing this, but there are still large numbers that aren't. The anti-imperialist protest is shut down when army troops and the imperial guard clear the area. A propaganda campaign is started to sway the people to support the modernization and industrialization going on and to support the expansion of the empire. The conquest of Nepal is finished and the former nation is integrated into the empire (algo on talk page).

    Spain (He asked me to do the turn):  Troops are kept at the coast and on the borders. The navy destroys several British "fighter vessels" in turn. 

        • United Kingdom: We shoot down more Spanish fighter vessels.
  • 1831

    Do we have to wait for the description or what?Likenhaufen (talk) 16:46, August 4, 2013 (UTC)

    Japan: Sends settlers to the parts of Papua New Guinea that have not yet been colonized.

    Naples and Sicily: Rome is taken. Colonists spread out a little in San Geranno, settling farther inland.

    Serbia: Sends diplomats to reach out to Bosnia, in hope of a future friendship. They also enter a union with Montenegro and expand their army and navy, purely in aid of defense.

    Colombia: The military and navy are built up. The war with England continues and the invasion of Guyana continues successfully. The attempts to take British Jamaica, however, remain unsuccessful.

    Portugal: We ask for alliances with France, North Italy, Quebec, and Brazil. We continue to supply Britain and entry into the war is being discussed with politicians voting on it. (We ask for randomizing from the mods)

    China: We continue to modernize and try to convince the people that the change is not bad and we are no way under the influence of foreign nations. Nepal is integrated into the empire. Repairs are made to fix any damaged buildings or roads from the fight. 

    Spain: We shoot down many more British ships and continue to build up our army during the battle. We continue to fight off the other small attacks from Britain's allies. (We ask that the mods read the 'Changes Needed' Section on the page).

    Russia: The new locomotive model is nearing completion. The invasion of British Canada continues with advances. Sweden is strongly advised not to join the British side.

    Sweden-Norway: We are infuriated of Denmark, who refuses to increase the power of the Scandinavians. People walk in streets shouting "Scandinavia for the Scandinavians, and not for those un-collaboratives (Denmark). Our nation begins sending scientists and merchants to the industrialised nations of France, Prussia, Britain and AU. Industrialisation begins swiftly and the process of turning Sweden and Norway from an agrarian society to an industrialised one begins. Textile factories are built in Sweden, as well as major fisheries built in Norway. Asks Germany for an alliance and Great Britain for a trade agreement and alliance. The soldiers continue to be trained vigorously, using the methods by the Great Swedish King Gustavus Adolphus. The navy sails to the Eastern part of Australia, known from some British maps bought from sailors, and claims it for Sweden. The army grows to 100,000 people trained vigorously and armed to the teeth. They are sent to the Swedish-Russian border in fear of a Russian invasion. The army is trained even more vigorously, and those who didn't reach the targets were sent for factory work. Strong people are given a choice to join the army and have a better salary. The first colonization fleets go to Australia and establishes New Stockholm (Perth) and New Oslo (Darwin).


    • Serbia: Annexes Albania. We also begin upgrading the ports of Budva and Bar in Montenegro. An embassy is also set up in Sarajevo. Work continues on our army and navy while our economy is strengthening through agriculture, factories around urban areas such as Belgrade, Tirane and Podgorica and through the early development of a transport system in the form of newer roads being built through rural areas and the construction of a railway linking Belgrade with Bar via Podgorica. Serbia also offers Bosnia a trade deal.

    Portugal: We accept the Brazilian alliance (We forgot to see it in 1830). Angola is expanded, against wishes of the natives living there.

    Spain We send troops to the Portuguese border. We then begin to finish off the British navy. (Secret: We send one of our soldiers, disguised as a lieutenant, carrying a disease, to Portugal to "ask for peace"). We continue to build up our army.

    Sweden-Norway: We are infuriated of Denmark, who refuses to increase the power of the Scandinavians. More people walk in streets shouting "Scandinavia for the Scandinavians, and not for those un-collaboratives (Denmark). Our nation begins sending scientists and merchants to the industrialised nations of France, Prussia, Britain and AU. Industrialisation begins swiftly and the process of turning Sweden and Norway from an agrarian society to an industrialised one begins. The first steam factories are built, as well as fairly modern ship-building industries. We ask if we are accepted into the East West Trade Organization. The soldiers continue to be trained vigorously, using the methods by the Great Swedish King Gustavus Adolphus. The army grows to 100,000 people trained vigorously and armed to the teeth. Canned food is first utilized and was used as supplies for the Swedish army. The first army-funded can factory is built, although it makes canned food at a very slow rate (500 a week). A third of the navy is sent to Australia to protect the recently claimed land. The army is trained even more vigorously, and those who didn't reach the targets were sent for factory work. Strong people are given a choice to join the army and have a better salary. The first colonization fleets now go to New Stockholm becomes the capital of Swedish Australia, named Australien. New Oslo becomes a minor port due to it connecting India, Australia, Europe, Africa with Asia.

    * Naples D: Voting has been postponed because of your current offer to join the war against Spain, and being at war with other members of the organization is prohibited.

    Naples:  Advances in Italy are being made, with Perugia and Ancona being taken. San Geranno continues to expand more inland.

    Caribbean Confederation/United States of the Caribbean: The Caribbean wishes to open talks of trade with the Western Hemisphere such as: The American Union, both Confederate States of America, and Columbia.

    Ethiopia: We see the Europeans as role models and begin the process of industrialization and westernization. We also ask the Ottoman Empire for an alliance and Trade Agreement.

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