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States of the Confederate States (Two Americas)

States of the Confederate States.

The Confederate States of America is a nation made up of 20 federated states. Because of this shared sovereignty, a Confederate citizen is both a citizen of the federal entity and of his or her state of domicile. State citizenship is flexible and no government approval is required to move between states (with the exception of convicts on parole).

Out of the 20 states, only thirteen were originally states of the United States, two were former territories of the US, while the remaining were never part of the US (either being former states of Mexico or former Spanish colonies).

List of states[]

Flag State ISO Capital Area (sq mi) Population OTL equivalent
Alabama 1861 Obverse Alabama AL Montgomery 52,419 4,779,736 Alabama
JP Gillis Flag Arizona AZ Mesilla 103,225 6,224,910 Arizona Territory
Proposed Arkansas flag (1910) Arkansas AR Little Rock 53,179 2,926,229 Arkansas
Bandera de Chihuahua Sin Escudo Chihuahua CH Chihuahua City 95,543 3,406,465 Chihuahua
Naval Jack of Cuba Cuba CU Havana 42,427 11,239,363 Cuba
Flag of Georgia non official Georgia GA Atlanta 59,425 9,687,653 Georgia
Florida 1861 Florida FL Tallahassee 65,755 18,801,310 Florida
Flag of Kentucky (Two Americas) Kentucky KY Frankfort 40,409 4,339,367 Kentucky
Louisiana Feb 11 1861 Louisiana LA Baton Rouge 51,843 4,533,372 Louisiana
Mississippi 1861 Mississippi MS Jackson 48,430 2,967,297 Mississippi
Flag of Missouri (Two Americas) Missouri MO Neosho 45,675 4,515,186 Southern Missouri[1]
Flag of North Carolina (Two Americas) North Carolina NC Raleigh 53,819 9,535,483 North Carolina
Flag of Lares Puerto Rico PR San Juan 3,708 3,862,539 Puerto Rico and Virgin Islands
Flag of Sequoyah (Two Americas) Sequoyah SQ Tahlequah 58,494 3,675,058 Oklahoma[2]
Flag of the Republic of the Rio Grande Sierra Madre SM Monterrey 114,270 10,670,403 Republic of the Rio Grande[3]
Flag of Sonora (Two Americas) Sonora SO Hermosillo 69,306 2,662,480 Sonora
Flag of South Carolina South Carolina SC Columbia 32,020 4,625,384 South Carlina
Flag of Tennessee Tennessee TN Nashville 42,143 6,346,105 Tennessee
Flag of Texas Texas TX Austin 280,061 25,221,854 Texas[2]
Flag of Virginia Virginia VI Richmond 40,700 7,955,471 Virgina[4]


  1. As part of the Treaty of London, Missouri was required to relinquish all counties north of the Missouri River to the United States.
  2. 2.0 2.1 Because Texas was one of the founding states of the CSA, the Confederate Congress was more lenient on Texas and its "claims" in surrounding regions. Because of which, Texas' claim on Greer County would become official. With the Missouri Compromise line no longer relevant for the CS, the Neutral Strip would also be reintegrated into Texas. The Indian Territory showed no problem with the border changes, on the condition that they gain statehood.
  3. Sierra Madre (formerly called Rio Grande) includes the Mexican states of Coahuila, Nuevo León, and Tamaulipas
  4. The Confederate State of Virginia (just as in OTL) does not include the western counties that make up the Union state of West Virginia. Virginia also does not include Accomack County and Northampton County, while the independent city of Richmond is its own federal district within the CSA.