Flag Name Type of Government Capital Head of State Military Size Governing Party
67px-Coat of arms de-bw Karlsruhe.svg Kingdom of Karlsruhe Constitutional Monarchy Karlsruhe King Wilhelm 2 Infantry Battalion, 1 Armoured Battalion SPD
Flag of North Rhine-Westphalia The Ruhr Military Administration Military Administration Aachen General Otto Scharping N/A N/A
Flagge des Landschaftsverbandes Westfalen-Lippe Republic of Westphalia Parliamentry Republic President Hannelore Kraft 1 Infantry Battalion SPD
85px-Blason famille de Nassau.svg Duchy of Nassau Constitutional Monarchy Duke Michel 1 Infantry Battalion, 1 Mechanised Battalion CDU
69px-Wappen der Stadt Landau in der Pfalz Republic of Landau Parliamentry Republic Landau President Hans-Dieter Schlimmer 1 Infantry Battalion SPD
73px-Brasao.svg Kingdom of Kaiserlautern Constitutional Monarchy Kaiserlautern Prince Frederick 5 Infantry Battalions, 1 Mechanised Battalion SPD
67px-Wappen Zweibruecken Duchy of Zweibrücken Constitutional Monarchy Zweibrücken Duke Joseph 2 Infantry Battalions CDU
64px-Wappen Veldenz.svg Republic of Valdenz Parliamentry Republic Valdenz President Norbert Sproß 3 Infantry Battalions SPD
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