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Stillwater is a city-state that controls much of Payne County, Oklahoma. It was part of the Oklahoma City Metropolitan Area. With a current population of 37,000, it is home to Oklahoma State University, and is considered to be the successor state to the original government as the Lieutenant Governor, Spencer Bernard, fled to Stillwater shortly after Doomsday. It was discovered in 1990 by Texan and Mexican Air Force Jets, but has only recently opened itself up to the world.

Confederacy of Stillwater
Timeline: timeline

OTL equivalent: Stillwater, Oklahoma
No flag No coa
Flag Coat of Arms
Capital Stillwater
Largest city Stillwater
Other cities Perkins, Yale
  others French, Native American Dialects,
Governor Mayor
Area area1,591 km²
Population 37,942 
Independence 1990
Currency American Dollar


The city was home to Oklahoma State University. Apart from that it was like any other mid-west town, quiet but happy.

However, in September of 1983, the town saw the nearby bursts on the capital city of Oklahoma City, and soon afterwards a convoy led by Lt. Governor Bernard of around 5,000 survivors came into the area. Not knowing what to do with these people, they had a policy of only helping those who were moderately or lightly wounded, and leaving the dying to their fate. This action was controversial but also helped save medical supplies and other things.

The town came into contact with Antlers in the late 80's, and the two maintained a trade relationship, but due to a troublesome gang roaming the area they were forced to become self-contained.

However around 1990, the city was discovered by Mexico and its small cousin West Texas when a flyover found the town, since then they learned of the American Provisional Administration and received aid and such. The town, however, chose to remain in quasi-isolation for many years to come.


The economy, while still in the most basic forms, is centered around agricultural products such as corn feed, wheat, and fur trapping. The university remains open to those who are willing to pay for it, and the graduates are constantly creating new opportunities for the people of Stillwater.

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