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For my Chaos TL, I wrote a number of stories. Excerpts from books, newspapers and websites, but even commercials, comics, caricatures, maps, code listings, blueprints, timetables and chat room logs, and too many other things to mention. But they're definitely worth it. Promise.

The stories are posted in the forum; you have to be logged in there to read them, unfortunately.

About the TL The File (bit longer)
The POD Temujin's death
Mongols 1200-1240 Beginning of a thread in the WWW forum
Muslim world 1200-1250 Excerpt from an Italian 11th grade schoolbook, chapter "Medieval history of the Islamic world"
East Asia 1200-1250 A thread from the WWW forum, which I found in the file (see first story)
Eastern Europe / Russian lands 1200-1250 Another thread from the WWW forum
Western Europe 1250-1300 A newspaper's article from Herzogsberger Allgemeine
Muslim world 1250-1300 From the private notes of a Constantine Notaras
East Asia 1250-1300 Sung China at the eve of Revolution - an analysis
Eastern Europe / Russian lands 1250-1300 An adventurous story (bit longer)
Muslim world 1300-1350 Yet another thread from the WWW forum
Northern / Western Europe 1300-1350 Essay: The Beginning of the rise of the Republics and Oligarchies in 14th century Europe
Central Europe 1300-1350 And yet another thread from the WWW forum
East Asia 1300-1350 The worst time of Chunkvo
Russian lands 1300-1350 Commercial: Märchenwelt Altpreußen
Muslim world 1350-1400 The horrors of the hordes of Ariq-Buqa
Central Europe 1350-1400 Two stories about the famines during 14th century
Northern / Western Europe 1350-1400 Americans, check this out: The story about the discovery of your continent! (longer)
East Asia 1350-1400 The politics under the Hong dynasty
Russian lands 1350-1400 "The three Russias" (historical comment)
Central Europe 1400-1450 Again: A thread from the WWW forum
Muslim world 1400-1450 Elegy of the Seljuk storm
Western Europe / Atlantis 1400-1450 About some Atlantean business
East Asia 1400-1450 Some detail about the Treasure Ships of the Hong
Russian lands 1400-1450 A crazy, but not completely useless idea for the development of Russian civilization
Muslim world 1450-1500 From the various diaries of the de Ibelin family (fleeing from the Seljuks)
Western Europe / Atlantis 1450-1500 Why Africa was explored that late
Central Europe 1450-1500 The list of changes in Germany caused by the Twenty-Year War
Russian lands 1450-1500 Yet again: A thread from the WWW forum
East Asia 1450-1500 How a crisis at the court of the ninth Hong emperor was solved in a pleasing way (bit longer)
Muslim world 1500-1550 The Rise of the Sultanate of Rum - a Summary
Central Europe 1500-1550 The Holy Roman Empire of the German Nation - a swan song
Atlantis 1500-1550 A movie review for "Alexander"
Western Europe 1500-1550 Excerpt from the book "Kingdom of God"
Russian lands 1500-1550 Religious history of Novorossiya
East Asia 1500-1550 History of the Nipponese Trade Empire since the 16th century
Muslim world 1550-1600 A little travelogue
Western Europe 1550-1600 The meeting of two powerful kings (longer)
Atlantis 1550-1600 History of Atlantean Slavery
Central Europe 1550-1600 A funny story from the war
Russian lands 1550-1600 Courses offered at the university of Yenisseisk
East Asia 1550-1600 A "Manhua" review from TTL
Western Europe 1600-1650 About a great author from the Chaos TL
Muslim world 1600-1650 About a remnant of the Seljuks in Europe (from a travel guide)
Atlantis 1600-1650 Analysis of the pre-1700 immigration into Atlantis
Russian lands 1600-1650 About the Novorussian constitution
Central Europe 1600-1650 The Twin Princes of Hungary: François / Ferenc III and Charles / Károly IV
East Asia 1600-1650 The palace of the Hong emperor (from a letter)
World 1650-1675 An essay about king François IV and his reign

South-Eastern Asia - the chessboard of the powers
The transformation of Russia's economy

World 1675-1700 About Frederick of Atlantis

"Christnacht" - a story about a story
A small ad for a wargame

World 1700-1725 And yet again: A thread from the WWW forum

About a famous picture
"Uncle Popov" and the reorganisation of the Novorussian Army

World 1725-1750 City history of Wildenhartburg

The rise of Fort Knox
The New Seljuks

World 1750-1775 France under the estates (Very long story)

The Russian danger
Application for the ban on a movie

World 1775-1800 King Gioacchino of Italy

Chinese Revolution
History of the "Schulzenaufstand"

World 1800-1820 Walter Meier, father of the German unity (bit longer)

Thomas König and the siege of Kingsburgh

World 1820-1840 Emperor Alessandro (bit longer)

A youth in China

World 1840-1860 The decline of France

The little kingdom (of New Albion, that is)
Musings about (Russian) Atlantis

World 1860-1880 Dangerous cults in India

About the reforms in Novorossiya
The "empty circle"
A movie overview

World 1880-1900 A Gold Rush story

A visit in Suez

World 1900-1910 An analysis of the world situation

A review of a scandalous book

World 1910-1920 / World War I A ridicilous and though sad scene

Another scene appropriate for a falling empire
An analysis of the war
An anecdote about a man

World 1920-1930 Some stories about Socialism
World 1930-1940 The agenda of the Technocracy

Story of two German students
Three diplomatic talks

World 1940-1950 / World War II Resistance fighters in the Alps

A joke with (TTL) Stalin
Maybe for the last time: A thread from the WWW forum
More about Sophie Stein and Veritism
A story from the German home front in WW2
What is a Logo?
An adventurous story set in WW2

World 1950-1960 Reading material for Logos:

LJ (Logo Jedermann) tells a tale...
"Theobald der Techniker" (Theobald the technician)
"Ordo": A science-fiction series

World 1960-1970 A religion for life, love and justice
World 1970-1980 Making of and standing to The Rules
World 1980-1990 The boy

A joke
The big guy
A song
The lesbian

World 1990-1993 The current Top 10 charts list in Germany (1993)

Development of the German-Chinese relationship
Various stuff from Chaos TL's popular culture (five texts)
The lesbian, the big guy and the boy are back...

World War III The epilogue: Here are the thoughts of some people while the war happened...
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