Alternative History

China decides to accept Western influence and adopts Western industrialization hence becoming the dominant power in the 21st century. They become technologically more advanced than the USA and swell to a third of the world's population. China then installs a new type of monarchy- A constitutional monarchy to preside over a democratic government.

Early Beginnings[]

In 1800 A.D. during the Qing Dynasty, the population of China became the largest in the world. A terrible famine and economic fall hit China and Emperor Lu Zhang of China needed aid from USA. Zhang in response made a treaty which allowed the US trade with China. With it, Mathew Perry came to control an important trade route- The Far East and US Trade Route.

Industrial Buildup[]

Zhang then made a new code of law based on the US Congress laws. He also eliminated the old-fashioned systems of the military, agriculture industry, government, and technological development. The old Chinese navy and army were replaced with modern soldiers and invented the first modern artillery with futuristic war robots. Cavalry was banned and the navy was replaced with huge modern battleships, submarines, and futuristic air and spacecraft. Zhang then built factories which didn't use the steam engine but instead used the Oxy-engine, a robotic machine that manufactured products.

Conquests and Expansion[]

Zhang then adopted every Western custom, and set his sights towards conquest. He conquered Central Asia, Russia, Scandinavia, Eastern Europe, Greece, The Ottoman Empire (excluding their East African provinces), Egypt, The Middle East, East Asia, South Asia, Australia, The Pacific Islands, and Alaska. China then becomes a  major world power.