Alternative History


PoD: Operation Downfall is put into effect, no nuclear weapons are actually used in World War II.


October 22nd 1945: Operation Downfall begins, within the first few days casualties are massive for both sides.

October 27th 1945: U.S.S.R. invades Manchuria.

October 29th 1945: American forces are on the verge of taking Tokyo.

October 31st 1945: The Halloween Slaughter: remaining Japanese forces attempt to scare the Allies into a treaty by dealing extensive damage to China, large death toll and loss of buildings in China.

November 2nd 1945: Hirohito surrenders, WW-II ends.

November 4th 1945: China declares national bankruptcy, world powers donate large sums of money, with limited success in its usage.

November 28th 1945: Chinese citizen Yet Yori gains power among the poor and makes friends with a few government officials in China.

December 12th 1945: Yet Yori declares himself leader of China. The government fails to arrest him and civil revolts begin in all major cities.

December 14th 1945: Yet Yori becomes leader of China.

December 20th 1945: The 6 Blade Alliance between China, U.S.S.R., Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, and Korea is formed.


January 10th 1946: China declares war on Tibet, claiming they are holding plans from Japan to allow Japanese Soldiers passage into West China, this is fabricated.

January 15th 1946: Yet Yori hires assassin Itra "Ice" Altsen to assassinate Emperor Hirohito. This fails, Hirohito takes one bullet to his left arm.

January 16th 1946: The eight man day: eight Japanese assassins enter China and kill several members of the Chinese government. Yori is severally injured.

March 5th 1946: Tibet War won by China, Yori is still hospitalized.

April 9th 1946: Contracts of assassins are exposed for both sides. Hirohito, already knowing this, now calls for an organized attack on China.

April 12th 1946: U.S.S.R. leaves 6 blade alliance, making it the 5 blade alliance, declares neutrality.

April 20th 1946: The U.K, Canada and the U.S.A. declare they are allied with Japan. Yet Yori is released from hospital.

April 26th 1946: Yet Yori commits suicide, China is without a leader. Tibet found innocent of all accused crimes.

May 1st 1946: Chinese drug lord Ohem Gran assumes power and attacks Japan while sinking UK, Canada and U.S.A. vessels, U.S.S.R. declares war on China.

May 14th 1946: Ohem Gran sends troops into Siberian U.S.S.R.

May 15th 1946: The French Scandal: Majority of the French government resigns after a plan to Bomb Beijing and baiting China into betraying Vietnam is leaked.

May 21st 1946: Adam Tosunne, a French Socialist, kills 2000 French citizens in one day.

May 30th 1946: The French death toll raises to 45000, Tosunne now controls an army of around 400.

May 31st 1946: Tosunnit becomes an independent country, and becomes a close ally of Russia.

June 10th 1946: China bombed by Russia and Japan, Tosunnit refuses to attack China but gives supplies to Russia, Charles De Gaulle becomes Presidential Monarch of France.

June 20th 1946: Ohem Gran Killed in the Third Bombing of Beijing, China Surrenders, Korea, Vietnam, Laos, and Cambodia send tribute to China as the Treaty of Hong Kong says they must, Korean Economy declines, Tibet becomes a free state again, the five year peace begins.

August 22nd 1946: Cambodia secedes from the 5 blade alliance, now 4 blade alliance.

December 1st 1946: Stalin appoints Cambodian Exile Pol Pot as leader of China with international approval.

December 14th 1946: Secret plans to annex Cambodia are cancelled. Pol Pot instead sends a tribute of gold to the Cambodian government, in exchange asking them to rejoin the alliance and only allow people of his choosing to stay in Cambodia. He also tells the rest of the alliance to be prepared to exile large amounts of their population.

December 16th 1946: Cambodia returns to 5 Blade alliance, 20% of the population of every country in the alliance with the exception of China are forced to move to Siam, anything they left behind was used to restore the economies of the countries.

December 18th 1946: Tonsunne admires the work of Pol Pot, Stalin does not. An argument between the governments of Russia and Tosunne causes political problems. Pol Pot starts talks with Tosunne.

December 30th 1946: The 5 Blade Alliance becomes The United Socialist Republic of Megachina (USRM).


January 1st 1947: Fascist Revolution (non-violent protest) begins in Persia

January 4th 1947: UN signs International Independence Act. UN works with areas of Imperialism to form strong countries.

January 15th 1947: The Day of Big Change: II A set into effect. Countries formed: India, Grand Arabia, East African Union, Democratic Union of Central Africa, United African Territories, Numidia, Chad, Oceania. Singapore refuses to join Oceania. Latin American Fair Divide Treaty established and set into effect immediately after. Countries formed: Incan Republic, Venezuela Union, Brazil, Southerner, and Panama Superior. Fascist Leader Ahmeddan Ark takes control of Persia. Pol Pot assassinated by Ohem Gran's former bodyguards.