Sverker II
King of Gothenland
Reign April? 1178 - March, 1210
Predecessor Karl I
Successor Karl II
Born c. 1154
Jönköping, Gothenland
Died March, 1210
Ellös, Gothenland
Spouse Sigrid Johansdotter
Issue Karl II
Full name
Sverker Karlsson
House Sverker
Father Karl I
Mother Margrete Asserdotter

Sverker II was king of Gothenland at the turn of the 13th century. He would also be recognised by the papacy as the rightful king of Svealand but would not get the chance to claim this kingdom.

Sverker's early reign is little commented on by Gothenlandic sources and he appears more as a presence in Danish and Svealandic texts. His sister Helena was married to Magnus II of Denmark and it appears the two kings were friendly, building a united front against the new Erik dynasty in Svealand. It was probably Magnus's urgings which would push the church to support Sverker's claim to Svealand.

Sverker played his part too and is recorded in making significant donations of land to the church, particularly to the Bishopric of Skara and Växjö, presumably to shore up these border areas.

In 1208 the papacy finally chose to support Sverker's claims. Cnut I was deemed a usurper and his son John I a illegitimate king. John I had long expected this eventuality however, and had prepared Svealand's forces well. The two kings would meet at the Battle of Lena with John proving victorious. Sverker would spend the remainder of his reign preparing a new invasion however this duty would fall to his son Karl when he died in early 1210.

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