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Duchy of Swabia
Herzogtum Schwaben
Ducatus Allemaniæ
Timeline: Principia Moderni III (Map Game)
OTL equivalent: Archbishopric of Salzburg
c. 1475 - 1655
Coat of arms
Official languages Swabian German
Religion Roman Catholic
Government Feudal Monarchy
Establishmentcirca 1475
 -  Bavarian Vassalization June 1, 1578 
 -  Annexation into Bavaria November 13, 1655 

The Duchy of Swabia was a German state existing in southwest Germany. Initially a series of counties, duchies, and bishoprics in the Holy Roman Empire, the Duchy underwent largescale centralization after it came under Habsburg rule in the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries.

With its new capital in Stuttgart, the Duchy proved to be a powerful force within Germany, surviving mostly intact when the Habsburg-dominated Empire was struck with war in the 1560s. After 1578, the Duchy of Swabia changed hands to the Bavarian Wittelsbachs, becoming a vassal state under the Bavarian Kingdom until the mid-seventeenth century.

Upon acquisition of the Duchy by Bavaria, it was demoted to a County, and renamed to Swabia-Württemberg, under direct personal control of the Bavarian crown. Upon the death of Bavarian Queen Catherine I in 1591, a Duke was appointed.

Rulers of Swabia

Bavarian Counts of Swabia-Württemburg (1578 - 1594)

  • Queen Catherine I von Wittelsbach (1578 - 1591)
    • Duke Friedrich von Hamburg
    • Governor: Markus Shafburg
  • King Albert III von Wittelsbach (1591-1592)
    • Ingrid of Sweden
    • Governor: Markus Shafburg, Heinrich von Augustin
  • King Franz-Albert II von Wittelsbach (1592 - 1594)
    • Never Married
    • Governor: Ferdinand-Klara von Hoff

Bavarian Dukes of Swabia (1594 - 1655)

  • King Franz-Albert II von Wittelsbach (1594 - 1633)
    • Never Married
    • Governor: Ferdinand-Klara von Hoff, Johann von Jeunacht, Maria Ingelmar
  • King Franz-Heinrich I von Wittelsbach (1633 - 1644)
    • Adelheid of Saxony
    • Governor: Maria Ingelmar, Frederick von Habsburg-Wittelsbach
  • King Leopold I von Wittelsbach (1644 - 1652)
    • Maria of Wurzburg
    • Governor: Frederick von Habsburg-Wittelsbach
  • King Leopold II von Wittelsbach (1652 - 1655)
    • Klara von Eggenburg
    • Governor: Frederick von Habsburg-Wittelsbach, Isabell von Andechs
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